Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Shameless Home Minister R R Patil admits arming the masses is the only solution

Chairman Mao once said

Power flows from the barrel of the gun

Since then the maoists/naxalites in India have been pursuing an
armed struggle after realising that only after arming the oppressed
masses can they truly liberate themselves from this inhuman
capitalist economic system and barbarian social order.

Recently, none other than the home minister of Maharashtra
R. R Patil himself was forced to admit that arming
the dalits and other oppressed masses is the only solution.

After the Kherlanji Massacre the shameless Maharashtra
government has been forced to admit that arming the dalits
is the only long term solution to persecution of dalits.

On the one hand they preach that arming the dalits is the only
solution, and on the other hand they kill Maoists in fake encounters,
who are only organizing the oppressed masses and distributing
arms among them for self protection !

This is nothing but pure hypocrisy on part of the Maharashtra
government and even now it continues to murder people
in several districts of maharashtra after branding them
as naxalites and criminals.

Shameless Maharashtra Minister R R Patil shopping for guns to be distributed to
dalits in Maharashtra.

If the Maharashtra Government is serious about liberation of dalits
then we strongly recommends that heavily subsidized
automatic and semi automatic rifles be distributed in PDS shops all
over maharashtra and dalits along with other oppressed minorites
be issued special ration cards with which they can recieve a monthly
ration of bullets and explosives.

Along with guns the government can also consider distributing
grenades by the kilo's and rocket launchers by the dozen.

Considering that most government responsibilities are today
being outsourced to private contractors the government can
also approach the Maoists and use their superior network to
ensure the arms reach the people for whom it was intended.

Some people believe that the Maoists are running out of Arms
and are not able to meet the strong demand for
arms even though all their arms factories are supposed
to be working at full capacity.

In this scenario the Maharashtra Government's decision
will surely provide some reprieve to the Maoists and take
some pressure of them.

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