Monday, June 18, 2007

Hyena Gill retreats from Chhattisgarh

KPS Gill no longer in Chattisgarh

Gill might have successfully led the fight against the Khalistani challenge in Punjab, but in taming the Naxalite terror in Chattisgarh he did not make any headway

Over a year ago the Chhattisgarh Government announced with great fanfare that it had hired the services of the ace cop K.P.S. Gill as an adviser to help it tackle the ever-growing menace of Naxalite violence in the State.
But now that they have dispensed with the services of the controversial cop, not a word is being let out. Why? Because both sides may have reasons to feel embarrassed by the one-year stint the former Punjab cop did in Chattisgarh. Gill might have successfully led the fight against Khalistani challenge in the Punjab, but in taming the Naxalite terror in Chattisgarh he did not make any headway.

Besides, the BJP Government of Chief Minister Raman Singh was put off by his extravagant demands. Enjoying the perks and privileges of a special secretary to the Government, Gill was put up in a bungalow in Raipur where he would often entertain his friends from outside. His unconventional private life itself was the subject matter of much gossip in the political and bureaucratic circles in the State.

All this would have been ignored by an indulgent state government but for his failure to register tangible gains in blunting the threat from the armed guerrillas of the Peoples’ War Group. As a result, his one-year contract has not been renewed. The controversial cop will no longer enjoy the facility of a second home in Raipur.


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  1. KPS Gill is very hardcore anti-communist. He doesn't even believe democratic transformation into communism (parliamentary road to communism).


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