Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I will expose govt in court - Kadilal Shammana

Monday July 2 2007 12:04 IST

MYSORE: “They can’t threaten or prevent me from raising my voice against injustice, just by including my name in the list of Naxal sympathisers. I will fight to prove my innocence,” said socialist and Raitha Sangha leader Kadidal Shamanna, who figures among the list of 33 Naxal sympathisers.

In an interview to this website’s newspaper, Shamanna clarified that he was thankful to the police for according him star value.

However, he saw a larger conspiracy behind the inclusion of his name, as leaders of the ruling party in Shimoga and Chikmagalur wanted to snub him for raising his voice against the government and for leading the farmers’ movement.

“They wanted me to be inactive, but I will carry on my crusade,” he said. He said that 33 alleged Naxal sympathisers have decided to file separate affidavits challenging the government to exhibit the file and prove the charges.

Sounding unsure about the assurance given by his close friend and Home Minister M P Prakash, Shamanna is of the opinion that keeping mum over the controversial list will give scope to future governments to build up the file or settle political scores.

He questioned the rationale of police terming them Naxal sympathisers for having attended a tribal marriage with MLA Mahima Patel and Chandrashekar Patil.

“Is it not strange to term me a Naxalist simply because I attended a function to pay tribute to late rationalist Ramdas,” he asked.


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