Wednesday, July 11, 2007

As rebellions break out all over the world - ruling class tyrants bring in robot police

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Slideshow - G8 riots

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The above video is that of a Group of Eight G8 Demonstration which turned into
a Riot in Rostoc Germany. 2 june 2007. The growing intensity of peoples’ struggles all over the world and the losses suffered by the imperialists is hastening the introduction of robots to police the masses.

While we saw human policemen in the above video in the near future they will
be replaced by robotic policemen.Already in several western countries robots have deployed in small numbers on a test basis.

It might take a long time for it be introduced here in India but if some day it is introduced then the trigger happy barbaric cops will find an easy scape goat and will probably blame all their fake encounters on robots.

Though one thing must be mentioned... It can’t rape people like how the barbaric

police forces /paramilitaries do.

The Hindu 30th June 2007

Robot-maker to marry stun gun technology with military robot

BOSTON: Robot soldiers got a little closer to reality on Thursday as a maker of floor-cleaning automatons teamed up with a stun-gun manufacturer to arm robots for the police and the U.S. Department of Defence.

By adding Tasers to robots it already makes for the military, iRobot Corporation says it hopes to give soldiers and law enforcement a defensive, non-lethal tool.

But some observers fear such developments ultimately could lead to robots capable of deciding on their own when to shoot and kill. “It’s one more step in that direction,” said John Pike, director of, a military research organisation.

The Taser, used by thousands of law enforcement agencies, is an electric stun gun designed to help officers subdue violent suspects without nightsticks or guns.

“It is not the first step in that direction, but I think at some point toward the end of the next decade, you’re going to start seeing RoboCops, or a Terminator,” Mr. Pike said, referring to a pair of 1980s robot-themed science-fiction films. “We may see autonomous robots capable of inflicting lethal force.”

The vice-president for business development at iRobot said notions of armed robots acting on their own are far beyond what the company envisions for the partnership announced with Taser International. “Right now, we have no plans to take any robot with a lethal-weapon approach to the market. For this system, and all systems we have looked at, there is a human in the loop making the decisions. This in no way is giving the robot the capability to use force on its own.” — AP

The Hindu

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