Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shringeri: 'Those Killed are Not Naxals, but Locals ' - Say Angry Locals

It is now believed that the Anti-naxal force has deliberately murdered Rame Gowda, Kaveri, and Subrahmanya who were residents of the house, where alleged naxalites had taken shelter to send a clear message to the people that those who will dare to break down their chains and refuse to be slaves to the ruling class tyrants will find their bodies filled with bullets !

House in which 3 civilians and 2 alleged naxal supporters were murdered by barbaric trigger happy anti-naxal force of Karnataka.

The locals here said that, the persons who died in the encounter were not Naxals, but they were locals. The locasl are furious regarding the inhuman act by anti-Naxal squad and Police personnel. They vented their anger by burning a police vehicle stationed there.

Angry villagers abuse barbaric cops stationed at murder site

Villagers demand arrest of criminals involved in murder

During the encounter a cow also became the victim and a house near the vicinity was badly damaged the sources said

Kalkulli Vittal Hegade, the progressive thinker of the town, has condemned this encounter and expressed his dissatisfaction and shock over the killing of innocent locals. He said that, innocent people who reside within the jurisdiction of Kudremukh National Park have been killed mistaking them being Naxals. The incident was tragic as it claimed the lives of guiltless poor people. he opined


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  1. police, this was a barbaric act.
    shameless, inhuman, beastly.

    himanshu damle


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