Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saathi Tumko Lal Salaam - Red Salute to the Heroic Martyrs of India's Revolution

Source : Some random images taken from Peoplesmarch Archives

Listen to Saathi Tumko Lal Salaam ! (Red Salute to you my friend )
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Heroic Martyrs of the India's Revolution ( Random Images )

Com Charu Mazumdhar

Com. Vempatapu Sathyam

Com. Panchadi Nirmala

Com. Panchadi Krisha Murthy

Puli Anjanna (Sagar) APSCS
October 1993

Com. Saroj Dutta

Hari Bhushan

Swarupa (Jyothi)
Seernaplli 5-2-92

Kongala Sudhakar Reddy

Muralidhara Raju

I.V. Sambasiva Rao (Master), CCM
28 Feb. 1997

Seetha (Nagulakonda)

Chintala Venkata Swamy
(Suryam) APSCM

Sneha Latha

Madhava Reddy

Gaddar at a Martyrs column

Naxalbari Lal Salaam !


  1. As the revolutionary little black fish said in that children's story before battling ruthless fish killing reactionary bird...

    "Death could come upon me very easily now. But as long as I'm able to live, I shouldn't go out to meet death. Of course, if someday I should be forced to face death-as I shall-it doesn't matter. What does matter is the influence that my life or death will have on the lives of others . . ."

    And these martyrs never died. They are the Shining Star whose memory and road leads to something worth living for, more than a landlord's inslut or loaner making you evade living.

  2. I have translated The Little Black Fish into English. The ISBN numebr is: 978-1-4389-1399-5.
    You will find so many amazing quotes here than anyone can imagine from a children's book...


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