Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Dear comrades

Sorry for abruptly stopping postings on the blog.

Like I said in the earlier posts, the main reasons being
that I differ with the direction that India's largest
maoist party is taking, and that I am right now
associated informally and might work part time with
a non-political, non violent organisation which
does not make it conductive to continue with this blog
for now.

Also I have started studying and working fulltime
which leaves little time to blog.
And whatever time I spend online I spend it for studying.

Posting may be resumed at some point of time
in the future depending on how things shape up in the present
till then please visit maoistresistance.


Team Naxalrevolution


  1. I see. Well, thank yor for what you have done till no. It was useful for me.

    Oleg Torbasow
    (Russian Maoist journalist)

  2. dear comrade, i am also experiencing problems with the existing political and military line. and i also find cultural backwardness. i want to discuss with you.can you contact me


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