Monday, August 13, 2007

CPI(Maoist) Karnataka State committee press release on occasion of Independence Day

Source : Recieved via email

Our beloved India is passing its 60th year of continuation of imperialist hegemony and control after the transfer of power in August 1947. The great Indian masses are continuing their fight- in various ways and means- against Indian ruling classes and imperialism.

In this occasion-ruling classes projecting this as great- common people are losing all their gained rights including right to live. They are being thrown out of their ancestral land pieces. Peasants were losing their lands and lives for SEZS, SAZS, big dams, larger roads.mines etc. Workers are losing all their rights and jobs whatever earned by the struggles earlier. They were treating with guns, murders, false cases, disappearances and so on. Adivasis and daliths were still not known what freedom is in reality. They were losing their lives by forceful implementation of imperialist sponsored projects. Shopping malls; retail chains like reliance fresh are spreading vastly and occupying life and livelihood of petty, small and medium retail business people.

Education particularly higher education is becoming out of reach of poor and middle class people. All fields of education opened for imperialist globalization.

Imperialist cultural invasion is infusing reactionary thoughts and practices among youths and intelligentia.

Communalism is spreading vastly to divert attention of the people from their real enemies and their acts. Ruling classes and imperialists needs such fascist thoughts and forms to retain and intensify their loot and exploitation. Ayodhya, Gujarath,Mumbai communal massacres and sangh parivaar organizations are glaring among them.

Creamy layered democracy of our country is losing its cream and showing its real face of fascism nakedly. Murdering people who are waging just struggles and harassing democrats who are voicing in support of poor and common people are increasing all over India. This is nothing but the continuation of British policies and rules. Most of the rules and policies are not changed -still now- from the British period.

Regulating every thing from talking, assembling, struggling, voicing, writing etc is increasing.
Ruling classes and their political parties are striving for maintaining this exploitative order of the society and providing their best service to imperialist masters by all their means. By that they are coming with coalition governments, alliances and periodical governments like Karnataka etc. This is because of people's revolts all over India.

In reality our country is going into further grip of imperialists through their local stooges. They are occupying our thousands and lakhs of acres lands to their full grip and forming their own colony there through SEZS,townships,EPZS etc where their own rules prevails.

People's revolutionary war spreading to nook and corners of the country under our party leadership and under the national liberation movements.

Vast masses of india is not felt independence from imperialism,comrador buerocratic capitalists and fuedalism in these 60 years of so called independence.StiLl they are all under the clutches of these enemies.
We are calling people observe august 15 as blackday and protest against ruling class sponsered fake independence day programmes.Expose hollowness and duplicity of independence of india.
Fight back fuedalism,comrador capitalists and imperialists like America,Britain etc.

Support and participate with all might in people's armed struggle to throw away fuedalism, comrador capitalists and imperialism for protecting people and country and building real democracy and getting real freedom.

With revolutionary greetings
For the state committee
CPI (Maoist)
10/08/07 Karnataka

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