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Is The FARC A terrorist organisation ?

Are the FARC terrorist?

Por: Allende La Paz/ ANNCOL

The FARC gains more credibility every day at the national and international level. Uribélez on the contrary reveals his perverse soul. He does not answer for the actions he orders. Who is responsible for the victims of State Terrorism? Are the FARC 'terrorists'? What would be a 'beneficial' form of Europe's meddling in the Colombian internal conflict? Allende La Paz writes.

In spite of the attempts by the narco-paramilitary regime of Alvaro Uribe Vélez to take away credibility from the FARC, every day that goes by the Colombian insurgent organization gains more respect and receptivity in wide spaces of what is known as the 'international community' and even more so at the national level.

This has been more than evident in what Alfonso Lopez Michelsen calls 'the crisis of crisis', that is to say, the recent and terrible death of the 11 deputies of the Valley of Cauca, fallen due to 'cross fire' between the FARC and an unidentified military group, but that everything points to highly specialized groups of the military forces with advisers from the USA, who pretend to 'rescue' the prisoners in control of the FARC, which is the same as killing them in those 'attempts'.

The international opinion received the announcement of the Occidental Joint Command of the FARC as a show of the seriousness of the Colombian guerrilla organization and gave the news a meriting credibility. For that reason the statement of the President of France and the Foreign Affairs Office of that country could not have been clearer: France declared its total opposition to the order of 'military rescue', in that undiplomatically but necessary way at the time.

The predominant note in international publications was one of condemnation to the rescue combat operations, all of them alleging that the responsibility fell - and falls on the Colombian president. How very true, as it has already been said by other analysts from different media.

Uribélez and his politics of war

Would it be necessary for the oligarchy to be 'touched' by the war to be able to engage in a Peace dialogue?

These almost five years that Alva-raco Uribélez has been the tenant of the House of Nariño (presidential palace), have done nothing but deepening the war in Colombia and flooding the rural areas and Colombian cities with innocent blood. His howls declaring war to the FARC while at the same time vehemently denying there is a war are repeated over and over. The strident call to the generals to 'rescue' the prisoners in control of the FARC is a common place in the daily broadcastings of the different media in Colombia.

There is no stage where Uribe does not do the same. In Cali - where he suspiciously travelled two months before 'to govern' from there – he came up with the litany of the 'military rescue'. In Buenaventura he ordered the rescue of Ingrid Betancourt with 'drool on his face'. Why did he do this in the Valley? Later the Occidental Joint Command of the FARC-EP stated in a public communiqué published in ANNCOL that every day there were combats in the zone. The military operations being carried out in the Valley, Cauca and Nariño are almost equal to the ones being carried out in the south-east with 'Plan Patriota'.

The hysterical shrillness are a daily thing telling the army - because he is incapable of doing it himself – that 'we have already done away with half of the FARC, now lets go for the other half', a story that not even he believes. Why Alva-raco Uribélez does hate the FARC that much? Why his demential obsession for this guerrilla organization? What mental disease affects the Colombian president who seems obsessive-compulsive with the FARC?

Nevertheless, when due to his policy of war - ordered by the gringos- those who fall are members of the 'Colombian political class', he does not assume the responsibility, as it would correspond to a true statesman, or as it is done every day by the common Colombians in the exercise of their daily activities. But instead we see the newspaper El Tiempo declaring that Colombia is in mourning, as if we were not in mourning since 1948, or will it be that for El Tiempo the dead that count are those of the oligarchs?

But Alva-raco Uribélez is a coward, he does not take responsibility for the 11,282 'out of combat' assassinated by his narco-paramilitary forces. He says nothing about these murders. Nothing, absolutely nothing. And now he tries to vindicate the death of the deputies as his triumph when blaming the FARC for it. Could such a criminal and ill mind be conceived?

Until when will the oligarchy and the governors in turn persist with their policies of war against the people? Or will it be necessary for the war in Colombia 'to touch' the leadership of the 'political class', the business class, the military leadership, that is to say, to the Colombian oligarchy, for the war to be seriously considered by the tenant of the House of Nariño, so that he starts to seriously engaging in a dialogue for a political exit to the Colombian internal conflict and for reaching peace?

Who believes the Colombian army?

The Colombian army have always killed and have never answered for their crimes.

The Colombian army - as Alva-raco Uribélez- does not assume their responsibility when their plans fail. The declarations of general Freddy Padilla are cynical and contradictory. We just need to go through the web-page of the Colombian military forces to see the magnitude of the operative that they develop in the zone of influence of the Occidental Joint Command.

We should remember the civilian massacre at the Palace of Justice. There, still today, they try to hide their crimes, like 'cats'. Let us remember that from 1964 the Colombian military forces have committed massacres against the civilian population in the application of the pro-gringo Doctrine of National Security, attempting 'to take away the water from the fish'.

This dreadful application has produced almost 100,000 dead, innocent unarmed civilians, and has produced the obscene conspiracy of the military forces with the narco-traffickers bands, called narco-paramilitary. Mancuso is responsible for the murder of 6,000 peasants. "Jorge 40" of 2,500 murders. "Don Antonio", lieutenant of "Jorge 40", acknowledges 533 murders! Isaza 'only remembers 73! And none of the mass media has showed 'horror' for these unmerciful massacres. Of course, it is that the dead are from the people!

How many massacres have been perpetrated by the narco-paramilitary forces in Colombia since 1964? Since Virgilio Barco (1986-1990) to Alvaro Uribe Vélez (2002 -...) they have perpetrated 3,726 massacres! In that same period 6,525 Colombians have disappeared – incomplete data - (kidnapped, tortured and executed without contemplation); extra judicially executed (not in massacres, but individual cases) 28,245 Colombians; there are forced displaced (denounced and silenced cases) 5' 440.000 Colombians.

They exterminated the Patriotic Union (5,000 leaders), a left party founded after the agreements of the Uribe between the FARC and the government of Belisario Betancourt, in application of the DSN. They have assassinated 4,500 union leaders - according to numbers of the unionists themselves - to favour the multinationals and the national companies and to impose neo-liberalism.

And who takes responsibility for these crimes? The army? NO! The governors in turn? NO! Who hurts for them? The oligarchic mass media? NO, because as the doctors say, "the easiest pain to stand is the other people's pain". It is the people who cry them.

Are the Farc terrorist?

The FARC do not apply terror individually or collectively.

At these particular times it is a necessity that the international community analyzes the qualification of the FARC as a 'terrorist' organization. The inclusion in this 'list' was done by pressure of the first terrorist state of the world, the United States. And this does not agree with reality.

The European Union, specially, must look at this objectively - to reconsider its position with respect to the FARC. The facts of the FARC are serious and are at the scrutiny of the entire world.

The FARC were born in 1964 as a response to the violence unleashed by the Colombian state in the application of Plan LASO (Latin American Security Operation) - a plan similar to the Plan Colombia - and since then its first flag has been peace among Colombians. Its seriousness with respect to the Humanitarian Exchange or Exchange of Prisoner of War - one more real meaning - has been clear, transparent and categorical.

In a country in war - war of the State against the people -, the people develop their forms of resistance - among them the guerrilla of the FARC - and in that fratricide and imposed war, there have been, there is and there will be dead from side and side. That is painful reality. In that war against the people the whole state participates: the executive authority (orders the war every day), the legislative power (legislates for the war, creates taxes for the war) and the judicial (penalizes and conceals the political crime).

They are all actors of the war involved in one of the parts: the State. The state intends to continue applying its war doctrines so that they can continue governing and applying policies that only favour their interests (to see the living conditions in the communities in Colombia: extreme poverty, poverty, misery, lack of health, education, public services, etc, while the oligarchy gets wealthier: during the three first years of Alvaro Uribélez administration, the two greatest oligarchs of Colombia, Julio Mario Santodomingo and Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, tripled their fortunes! ).

The people, on their part, develop their forms of resistance, including the creation of armed forms, the guerrillas. The FARC has a program that establishes as its objective the "taking of power" and a structure of leadership that responds to the directions of the National Secretariat. Their military actions always have political consideration and their execution depends on political considerations.

The FARC is not a terrorist group because it does not apply terror individually or collectively. If it did apply terror individually it would had killed who knows how many traditional 'politiqueros' (liberal and conservative) that have oriented the massacre of the opposition and of the popular fighters through the military-narcoparamilitaries. If the FARC were terrorists, be sure that, the oligarchy would have already felt in their flesh the lead bite of the insurgency.

But loyal to their Marxist-Leninists principles, the FARC condemns terror as a form of political-military actioning and they do not apply it against the oligarchy. Their actions are directed to strike the military-narcopara military forces and, forced by the circumstances of the war, sometimes they capture members of the 'political class', some state civil functionaries. But, we need to always have in mind, that this is not their main form of actioning.

The Exchange of Prisoners and Peace

If before the death of the deputies, the Exchange was a necessity in the Colombian life, now it comes about as vital. The Colombian president cannot continue playing with the life of the prisoners.

It has already been said by many countries of the international community, especially France, Switzerland and Spain. The demand of the Exchange from these governments to the government of Alvaro Uribe Vélez is a beneficial meddling for peace in Colombia. That will oppose the warmongering plans of the United States that by means of these plans intends to seize ALL our natural wealth with the minimum effort (Plan Colombia is defrayed 93.5% by Colombia) and which will logically affect the interests of other countries, specially the European.

In the direction of the beneficial meddling of Europe, the recognition of the FARC as a belligerent force is fundamental, as it is well indicated by the insurgent organization itself, since the demential blindness of Alvaro Uribe Vélez only allows him to listen to the warmongering 'siren songs' of the United States, which at the same time satisfy his morbid obsession.

Our Liberator Simón Bolívar said to General Heres, on July 25 of 1825:

«Against the swine one can use the same weapons they use».

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