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Video of Mass Rally of CPI(M-L)Liberation in New Delhi , 23 rd March ,2007

Given below is the video of the Mass Rally of CPI(M-L)Liberation
held in New Delhi on the 23 rd March which is the day that Bhagat
Singh one of the greatest revolutionaries of India was hanged.
The rally was also organised to protest against SEZ's and
anti-people policies of the ruling class combine.

The CPI(M-L)Liberation is a legal overground political party
which has its origin in the original CPI(M-L) of the 1970's.
They are that faction which split into the anti-Lin Biao camp
and gave up armed struggle in the mid 1980's and now only
contest parliamentary elections.They are often labeled as
revisionists by the Armed Maoist groups and in turn they
label the armed maoists as anarchists..

It is important that I mention that this entire rally was
boycotted from start to finish by the corporate controlled
media.Not a single word was written by the any of the so called
national newspapers.. not a single minute of this rally
was broadcast on any of the dozen news channels that telecast
news which could rival any Saas Bahu serial.(Maybe thats why
this rally did not fit into their progamming ?)

This is the response of the media when this was one of the biggest political
rallies held in New Delhi in the last 10 years !

Amit Sengupta
a popular coloumnist who was present at this rally
summed it up beautifully

They came in disciplined, non-violent, totally committed and organised groups led by the CPI-ML (Liberation): from Giridih in Jharkhand and Arwal in Jehanabad, to Singur in Bengal, Sonebhadra in UP, Karbi Anglong in Assam, Mansa in Punjab and interiors of South India. They came in waves of red, the people of India, the invisible majority; there were no traffic jams, no violence, not a moment of metropolitan disruption. This was perhaps the biggest rally in years in the capital and the topical backdrop was the Nandigram massacre.

Next day, not a word was reported in any of the big papers in Delhi. Not one word. As if, this India, this massive protest, does not exist.

But this India exists, in affirmation and hope, in sacrifice and struggle, in dissent and resistance. Because revolutions don’t happen in Lakme fashion shows or in the big bucks of schizophrenic cricket, when the entire media lost it. People learn from history, from mistakes of the past. Revolutions move relentlessly in invisible spirals, of quiet, volcanic, unseen social unrest, in the daily struggles of survival and despair, when the radical turning point is waiting in the next bylane of an unknown village. Like Naxalbari, Nandigram and Kalinganagar.

Video of the Massive Rally

Link to Video

Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working men of all countries, unite!

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