Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Naxal plans for Bombay at nascent stage

It's propaganda by the mainstream media that naxalite works in the forests and speaks for the tribal cause only, but the some recent news reveals some different truth

Interrogations of a senior captured Naxalite indicate that the gang is taking preliminary steps to establish a presence in the city.Senior police officers believe that the Naxals are attempting to gain a foothold in the city. The officers formed
this opinion in the wake of the arrest of two Naxalites in Bombay.

"Sridhar Krishnan alias Vishnu was incharge of the Naxalite movement in the state. He was also among the top 10 Naxalite policy makers at the central level in the country. We are now investigating to try to understand their method of operations. During the preliminary stage of our investigations we have not come across any dangerous and any major movements. Thus it can be assumed that they were at the very preliminary stage of their operations in the city," a top official from the ATS informed this paper.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh Police along with the ATS arrested K.D. Rao, a lawyer of the Bombay High Court outside the YMCA Hostel near Colaba on Monday night. He was charged under several cases including some where Naxalites were involved. The ATS produced Rao before the Additional Magistrate's court at Mazgaon, who later handed over Rao to the Andhra Pradesh police.

Andhra police officials informed that the advocate, K. D. Rao, was arrested for a case involving a policeman's murder at Vijaynagar. In September 2001, Rao along with other Naxals had killed
police Inspector Gandhi, informed police officials.

Shahid Azmi, Rao's advocate said, "There are allegations against Rao that he had murdered an officer and led a mob of 30 Naxals in the court." When he was produced before the Additional Magistrate's court, Rao said that he feared that the Andhra Police wanted his custody to kill him en route to Andhra Pradesh.
His lawyer also expressed similar fears. Shahid Azmi said, "The Andhra Pradesh police has a history of not producing the accused in the court. They are normally killed enroute to Andhra Pradesh."

The court took note of Rao's apprehension and asked police inspector V. Vijaykumar of the Vijaynagar rural police station to ensure the safety of the accused. The court also directed Vijaykumar to present Rao before the Vijaynagar District Court on August 24.

Azmi said that the Andhra Pradesh Police have given an undertaking to the court that they will not misbehave with Rao. Rao's case is expected to come up for hearing in the Vijaynagar Court on August 24. Azmi informed that Rao used to practice as a lawyer in Andhra Pradesh during the 1980s. He moved to Bombay some five years back, becoming a member of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa about two years ago

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