Sunday, August 12, 2007

Police hacked a Maoists website ?

HYDERABAD : The State intelligence agencies working on anti-Naxal front have allegedly hacked a Maoist web site, which is publishing press releases and Maoist literature on-line। The blogger, on condition of anonymity, claimed that unidentified persons had stolen their password and said that they had lost the ownership of the blog.

The blogger has asked the ‘secret’ writers to send mails to an alternative ID, hushmail, to prevent spying on the net। Intelligence agencies see this as a threat as Maoists and their sympathisers and revolutionary writers are communicating through "The sniffer software helps track the mails. It is difficult to decode the encrypted mails. Hushmail is a big security threat," said a senior police official, working on anti naxal front.

The website also published interviews of Maoist leaders and developments on Maoist front in Andhra Pradesh। Earlier the police officially stopped the extremists’ web site, but it resurfaced again on google pages.

The blogger said, "We lost the ownership of the blog as somebody hacked our blogger password। We have decided to move to another blog." He asked the writers not to respond to the gmail account and to contact only through hushmail.

Hushmail is a web based e-mail service offering PGP-encrypted e-mail and instant hush messaging. "It has many added security features like hidden IP addresses in e mail headers," said a cyber forensic expert. However, state police intelligence agencies said that the blogspot was not hacked by them.


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