Saturday, July 12, 2008

40th Anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising - A Video

This year the 25th of May, 2008 was the 41st anniversary of great Naxalbari uprising, on this occasion I would like to post a video that I had intended to release last year on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Naxalbari uprising but couldn't because by the time I had completed the video I had stopped posting on this blog.

Anyways I am adding it now for I think it will be a good addition to this archive.

Red Barricade had an article on the occasion of the 41st Anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising

Credits -
All the images used in the video are taken from and and it has been compiled using Windows Movie Maker.

Video -

Link to Video


40th Anniversary of Naxalbari Uprising - A Video(.wmv) - 28 MB

Naxalite - Asian Dub Foundation (.mp3) - 3 MB

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  1. good source and collection of information. Pl keep up the good work


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