Saturday, September 13, 2008

The End

I am done with publishing news and articles about Maoists .

It can get a little monotonous, copy pasting information about
two groups of people who have been killing each other for the last
40 years.

As I have previously mentioned on this blog , I am no Maoist.

I do not agree with their current methods and neither would I recommend
this path to anyone as of now , even though I had different views when I
had started this blog way back in 2006.

I do not want to bore you all with another post as to why I am not a Maoist
for I have made some of the reasons clear in my previous posts.

One of the reasons why I had restarted this blog was to publish
some pending articles which has now been accomplished.

It would be extremely hypocritical on my part to continue
with this pro-maoist blog.

Also there are hundreds of pro-maoist blogs now so the necessity of
this blog has diminished considerably.

The home page of Naxalrevolution shall henceforth carry an index
of important articles which I will compile in the coming days and
there will be no more regular posts.

I thank all bloggers and readers for their co-operation
and encouragement over the last two years.

As for my future course of action, it looks like I am going
to enroll for my masters in one of the social sciences.

In today's world, irrespective of which field one is working in or
studying in, it is imperative to maintain an online presence,
if they wish to be at the cutting edge of their chosen field.
So if I feel the necessity to start another blog , a non political one
I will post about it here.



For Team Naxalrevolution

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