Friday, November 14, 2008

Documentary on Naxalites , Maoists of Gadhchiroli,Maharashtra - Documentary NewsX

Caught in the Crossfire - A documentary by News X

Trailer of the Documentary

Link to video

A very well made documentary despite the many factual errors and biases...
News X is one of the few news channels in the country that is still involved
in reporting news unlike most other news channels who are mainly into

A very tragic documentary... especially in the 3rd part towards
the end which showcases the real life tragedy of a naxalite and cop.

Documentary description:
In the Naxal infested district of Gadchiroli, whether it is the naxalite or the policeman who gets killed it is actually the adivasi who gets killed.

Caught in the Crossfire - A documentary on the naxalites/maoists
of Gadhchiroli,Maharashtra.
Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


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  1. why is that the maoist belt/region in india has to be the same as the region populated by adivasis? it is just the symptom of regional economic,educational,and developmental imbalance


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