Friday, November 21, 2008

Meeting with CRPF Intelligence Officer in Tamil Nadu

Recently I bumped into a CRPF Intelligence Officer while in Tamil
Nadu under some very strange circumstances. And he wasn't just
any intelligence officer but claimed to be be involved in countering
Left Wing Extremism.

But before we get to that , I think I should apprise you of some
background details.

It so happens that sometime towards the end of last year,
I took the decision to enroll in a post graduate course.

I wasn't interested in a full time course so after going through
all the Universities that offered distance learning courses zeroed
down on what I thought was the best of the lot which was based
in a city in Tamil Nadu .

The course that I finally chose for various reasons was a masters
in psychology.

Its a 2 year course and all one has to do is write 5 annual exams in a
year and attend 10 days of practicals. So basically I am spared the
torture that most full time students have to endure in the four
walls of a class room.

It is in this psychology practical lab which took place last week in a
city in Tamil Nadu, that I bumped into CRPF
Intelligence officer Pragadeeshwaran G , a tamilian
formerly with the Q Branch of Tamil Nadu but now posted in the
Uttarpradesh - Chhattisgarh Border as an Intelligence Officer in
Counter Insurgency Operations with the CRPF.

Strangely my class had more than a 100 people from diverse
backgrounds and out of the half dozen people or so with
whom I cared to interact with , I happened to meet this officer.
It seems opposites indeed attract..

It seems that he was fresh cadre and had only recently completed
his training and was on study leave from his unit which is currently
posted near the U.P-CG border.. he gave the name of the town
too but it was an unfamiliar term and I seem to have forgotten it.

While some of you may be familiar with the abuses I have hurled
at the CRPF on this blog and even rechristened them as
the Central Rakshas(Demon) Police Force in light of their great
achievements . I do not have anything against them on a personal level.

While for ten days we were in the same practical batch consisting
of 20 members , we hardly spoke again after the first meeting.
I wasn't too enthusiastic about talking to him , while he too
kept to himself.

While I was not able to observe any overt criminal tendencies or mental
illnesses which could have prompted him to enroll in the CRPF , I think
the main reason he could have joined it is for financial reasons.
So this basically classifies him as a mercenary.

While I seem to have finished flirting with the Maoist Movement and
have moved on in life , Pragadeeshwaran G is going to waste his time
engaged in the futile task of countering the Maoist movement.

The same movement which couldn't be finished off by the
combined might of the Indian Army,Police and Paramilitary
forces in the 1970's that too when the naxalite cadre were
armed with pipe guns and fire crackers for self defense.

That now in 2008 when the Maoists have AK-47's and IED's people
indeed believe that the Maoist movement can be countered shows
how cut off the ruling powers in Delhi are from reality.

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