Sunday, January 25, 2009

CPI(Maoist) Information Bulletin -

Recently I was reading and found these new issues the information bulletin.


CPI(Maoist) Information Bulletin

— A New Revolutionary Publication Banned in India

Up until December 2007 the magazine People’s March provided information about the Maoist movement and developing revolution in India, which was of value to both supporters of this revolution and also to many who just wanted to follow what was happening there. But the Indian government banned and suppressed People’s March at that time, and an information void developed.

In the spring of 2008 revolutionaries in India began publishing a new journal to fill this void, the CPI(Maoist) Information Bulletin. While the precise legal status of this new bulletin is unknown to us at this time, it seems almost certain that the Indian government must consider it to be an “illegal publication” and seeks to suppress it. Because we support the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, and the right of the people to openly express their ideas—even if reactionary governments don’t approve and resort to fascist-like methods to try to stop it—we at BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET are also making issues of this new bulletin available here.

This bulletin is in PDF format, and the newest issues are listed first.


Issue #5 (Winter 2008-2009) (Posted 01/15/09.) Preliminary version in MS Word format. (The finalized PDF version will be posted when it becomes available.)
Issue #4 (September 10, 2008) [PDF: 266 KB] (Posted 01/11/09.)
Issue #3 (July 20, 2008) [PDF: 385 KB] (Posted 01/11/09.)
Issue #2 (May 10, 2008) [PDF: 2,384 KB] (Posted 11/24/08.)
Issue #1 (March 31, 2008) [PDF: 2,750 KB]


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