Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blady Indian Dogs

Anti India sentiments are running very high in Nepal currently
Nuff said

More pictures from nepal rally


  1. Okie! who ever is doing this, please keep your soul and give us you body! If Nepal is Indian Crown or Head, India is the body. Where is the difference? Are you not part of us(India)? Chelo, I will be in Nepal soon, let me see what will be done to me. Will you kill me? Lynch me? GP, Hyderabad.

  2. these nepali s bite the hand that feed them.
    they r worse than a dog.

  3. indian expensionism has done it.
    allmost all the neighbouring countries have the same feeling for india.
    its the failure of indian foreign policy.
    abusive massages are welcome if u dont have a logic.

  4. what about thousands of bahadurs working in india as gatekeeper?


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