Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rising poverty fuels Maoist movement?

20 crore families live below the poverty line in India. That's just one of the shocking figures in a new report that has left the government red in the face. This comes at a time when India faces its biggest internal threat from the growing Maoist movement... And it begs the question - is the government's denial of growing impoverishment and food scarcity actually feeding the Maoist movement.

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  2. Incredible! I am doing my bit too. Pls have a look:


  4. Rising poverty does not fuel Maoist movement. Rather Maoist movements fuel rising poverty.

    When people are in poverty, they dont have the time or energy to kill others. Whereas if there are 100 of maoist dacoits in a village, they will not work but instead create problems for others by kidnapping and killing general public.

    The Naxalite movement has no justification in a country like india where the govt allows peaceful demonstrations. What is the need to kill general public.

    Naxalite are the worst kind of beggars. They cannot work for their food and instead demand that others give them free food.

    Naxalites are Psychotic and metally retarded animals who do not understand the value of life and the need the work hard for living.

    Naxalites have no direction in life and are selfish sadists. They understand only their own goals and kill others on the pretext of supporting poor people. If they were poor, how do they get weapons.

    Naxalites are closest to the darkest hour of life, and have the option either to go forward and come to daylight or to stay back and live in darkness for ever. We hope they will choose the former.

    Naxalites do not understand the value of what they are born for and how someone is waiting for them. They do not understand that they would do better to feed a young child one days food rather than spending 25 years killing others.

    Naxalite are mentally weak and do not have the ability to fight on the basis of hardwork. They only want everything free.

    Worse than naxalites are half baked cookies like you trying to potray that they are good people.

    I have no doubt that every life in the earth is divine. But do not approve that you can harass others for free food.

  5. Poverty accompanied with illiteracy is one among causes of people being associated with Naxal movements. However I would not like to take sides, when a hungry man is left to die, the resources he lived on being taken away with out proper compensation and even when there are few measures , owing to red tapism of the system he fails to get any help. He would die either way. Some of these become rebels and are labeled terrorists wat they are not. They are as equal citizen of the nation as I am , they should get equal opportunity, social justice. But most of educated people are unaware of their cause or who they are. I tried my bit telling that Maoists should not be deemed terrorists , however I do loathe the violent aspect.
    following is my blog on Maoists in India


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