Friday, September 09, 2011

Life in an Indian Maoist jungle camp - BBC Video Report

The BBC's Suvojit Bagchi, who was granted unprecedented access to a Maoist camp in the depths of the Chhattisgarh jungle, describes the rebels' precarious life.

After eight hours of walking in dense forest, in the early evening we entered a narrow, barren stretch of land hemmed in by hillocks.

At the far end stood a few blue and yellow tents.

Somji, one of the men who collected me between a small town in south Chhattisgarh and the thick central Indian forest, picked up speed as we approached.

A tall man standing guard with a rifle flung over his shoulder whistled and people started rushing towards us.

In under a minute, the camp members stood in formation and began singing a welcome song.

Each member in the queue raised their fist to whisper "lal salaam" - "red salute".

Mostly aged between 15 and 30 years old, the men and women in the camp wore rubber sandals, olive green battle fatigues and carried guns of various makes.

India's Maoist rebels say they are fighting for the rights of indigenous tribespeople and the rural poor.


  1. When Time magazine rights about the revolutionaries in the US and, BBC sends reporters like this, probably sooner or later National Geographic will do as well.
    Please everybody, whatever ideology you have, go and tell people of the world who brings medicine to the depth of forests to care for people who are treated as less than a human being of the urban lifestyle and, as low if not lower than the Dalits.
    Condemn the Green Hunting
    Long Live Naxal Revolution!

  2. I guess it would have been more fair to post the whole article brother but anyhow, for those who would like to see the whole thing, go to
    and read the whole thing.

    Laal Salam 2 all pro Naxal humanbeings.

  3. Why are you killing poor people in villages who are opposing them...Are are anti poor...Why are are destrying poor people's school, hospitals, roads, even mobile access...Do you want the poor people to lick their boots and not have any freedom??? Last I heard you are even opposing poor people livlihood as well (NRLM programme). If you want to fight injustice learn from Anna Hazare...

  4. Who kills the Village Peoples? Who displaces the Adivasis? Who plans making the new highways? Who makes the so called "Memos of understanding" rubbish deals under the table and plans to turn peoples living whereabouts into the damned special economical zones?

    And by the way who R U? Mr/s. Anonymous? tell us about how much stocks, properties you have? are you affectionate toward Shark Loaners? please elaborate.

    Sincerely standing for Peoples Democratic State and real democracy,

    Green Red

  5. I want to contact with you directly.
    Paresh Parida,

  6. Please indicate whom you are talking to brother Paresh Parida and, if it is me, indicate it since, i guess to communicate we may have to appeal to site host to aid us communicate without having our e mails written here.

    B N


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