Friday, August 24, 2012

Operation Green Hunt and Cobra Propaganda Videos

Several propaganda videos about the COBRA battalions, their training and operations have appeared on-line over the last few weeks. Two of them are posted below.

Embedded with commandos of Operation Green Hunt

Link :

It's only recently that the Indian government has started to appreciate the scale and complexity of the Naxal problem. More than Pakistan, its Naxal guerillas who keep the government on the edge these days -- because following on Mao's footsteps, these rebels want to overthrow the Indian government - and they are pretty serious about the task.

Till recently considered as mare security nuisance, (who occasionally indulged in violence) Naxals over the last five years have grown dramatically in numbers and strength-- and so have the killings.

After many security personnel were butchered across the nation -- the government decided to crack the whip and launch 'Operation Green Hunt' as a decisive push against the left wing ultras. 'Inside the Red Bastion' takes a rare peek into how anti -- naxal operations are conducted by the Indian Government in the dense and dangerous forests of Dantewada in Central India. How men, machinery and training is woefully short to tackle the Naxals, who are getting better by the day -- in handling weapons and war strategy.

Headlines Today (in a first for a TV channel) managed to embed itself with a crack team of commandos and venture into the Chhattisgarh forests -- the same area where hundreds of security force personnel have been butchered in the past months (Infact the team itself missed being attacked by a whisker)

The documentary compares the training of security forces and Naxlas, exposes the terrain advantage that the Naxals have and suggests what India can do to win this war within -- a war its fighting against its own peole.

Interview with N C Asthana - IG CRPF Cobra

COBRA Battalion

Link :

Special Show of COBRA's Operation X-95. COBRA (Acronym for Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) is a specialized unit of the CRPF created to counter the Naxalite problem in India.

This specialized CRPF unit is one of the only units of the Central Armed Police Forces in the country who are specifically trained in guerilla warfare. This elite fighting unit has been trained to track, hunt and eliminate small Naxalite groups.

Cobra has been set up with a grant of 1300 crore (13 billion) rupees from the Central government. They have been armed as a regular infantry platoon with INSAS rifles, AK rifles, X-95, Browning Hi-Power and Glock pistols, Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns and Carl Gustav recoilless rifle..

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