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Anti-Tribal politician Mahendra Karma Dead - Citizens congratulate Maoists

The assassination of Mahendra Karma , an anti-tribal politician and the face of Salwa Judum has sparked wide spread jubilation and celebration among netizens.

Netizens celebrate assassination of the Monster of Bastar.

Given below is a small sample of comments that have appeared online from ordinary citizens celebrating the death  of Mahendra Karma.
Keep Fighting  Keep Fighting About time the Exploited and Abused peoples of India wake up and do Justice because the Corrupt Upper class will Never ever allow any.. I Salute these people

ss (india) At least now the naxals are on the right track. 
Prince (Patna)This is something which I found better done at part of Naxal, as instead of killing the innocent common men, they have rightfully started attacking the corrupt politicians....the real meance and reason behid our sorrow. Anyone who today attacks the politicians of this naiton is unofficially declared real national hero. 
manoj jha  (nowhere) Good, Naxalite instead of targeting CRPF perosnnel settle there score with political class and let political class get the message what you reap is what you sow. 
zen world (Delhi) I wonder how Maoists have eventually recognized the right people! 
Vettrivel Tamil (Tamilnadu) First time i am noticing one thing 99 percent of the people feel happy one corrupted politician has been killed.. I feel sad how much these congressmen have tortured the tribals. so that they were forced to attack the corrupted politicians. My heart goes to all the Tribal people Brutalised and oppressed by congress politicians. 
Raj (Bangalore) Good news. Well done Maoists. Eliminate all these corrupt politicians. Death to the landlords and capitalists! Long live communism! Long live the working class! 
Prince (Patna) Well Done! Some burdens over this country is reduced. 
john.s (kolkata) politicians getting killed is a happy news . whichever way it comes 
Deepak (Bangalore) Even though anyone's killing should be condemned in the strongest of words but this is a good lesson to the political class who dont care for the common peoples suffering!. They will understand only when the problem comes to their doorsteps!. In that sense I welcome this move of naxalites to target the political class! 
Vineet (Trichy)The Maoists seem to be on the right track! For a change they're choosing their targets carefully and being effective at it! This should soften the hatred of the common people; as long as they don't harbour dreams of coming to power. 
Amit (Ranchi) Some one is saying very sad news!! How?? First time they recognized whom to attack and kill and they successfully did it. Hope they will continue with this tactics and stop killing common people and CRPF guys!! 
sourav0612 Roy (Dubai) At last God gave them the proper targets, only 2 is not enough there are thousands of such goons..nyway very good job done.. Perhaps this is the only way left to wipe out those b@$t@rd$.... They will never bring Jan lok pal.. neither they will do any good for 125Cr.. I salute those brave men 
K.parameshwar (Mysore) For once the maoists have done a good job. It is in national interest. Hats off to them.. 
Hushar_manus (Mumbai) Dear Naxalites - ' Why don't you target bigger white collar day light robbers like Kalmadi, A Raja, Bansal and others..." I am sure people of this country will appreciate your actions what they could not do the same in last 50 years to this bl00dy Congress... 
Notes Of A Madman (HINDU Republic Of INDIA) For the first time in these 50 Years, Maoist did something GOOD in their life. Hail it. 
deva (pune) naxlaite please go to delhi, lot many congressi will be there..they are looting motherland left right and center.not supporting of killing but dont mind if these congressi will be cleaned 
das (bangalore) Its not an attack on democracy but attack on corrupt criminal politicians. Maoists should get rid of all corrupt politicians. They are on the right track. 
Rakesh Goel (Lucknow) I think that the people in general would not care much if netas are killed. The naxalites should not target the policemen but the real culprits who are destroying the country. 
Santa Singh (Patiala) Forget Kejriwal, we all should join the Maoist. Great service to the nation. Moji aap aage badho, hum kapde samhalte hai.
Prathiba the (New Delhi) Indian People. You have the right to live in India. India is your country. Eliminate the corrupted terrorists from the earth. 
Prathiba the (New Delhi) People woke up. Good. Let the people take action against the terrorist group like Salwa Judum!! Notorious Congress Killer gang should be eliminated. 
Deba (Bangalore) well.. i would say good riddence. I read some of the comments posted here and most of the people are happy that these congress guys got killed, i am sure most of the nation will be happy today. But some are blaming the Maoists. Let me tell you about my experience that i had. I am sure most of the people who are commenting over here do not even know who the maoists are. Do you think that they are the mafia, goondas?? You are wrong. I have visited maoists stronghold in Odisha, Andhra. I have actually spoken to them, i have seen their way of life. The maoists are actually tribals, they are the poorest of the poor people of india. These tribals have lived a simple life based on forests for time immemorial. But suddenly, after independence when the govt, the politicians were supposed to work towards the betterment of these people, they were forgotten. Before independence the naxals, maoists were a part of the freedom struggle, They were a part of the govt till about the 70s when they decided to part ways, they were just not able to take the dirty politics and the corruption that had crept into the govt. even today, if you visit the villages of these tribals you will be amazed to see the conditions in which they live. Electricity is not there, their houses are made of sticks and mud, one kick and the entire house falls apart. and they live in those houses amongst tigers, elephants, bears. when they go to sleep in the night, they do not know if they will be alive the next morning or will they see their loved ones the next morning. That is the reality. the govt. employees, the police and now the soldiers are all bent on exploiting them to the fullest. A juniro engineer comes to the village to give approval for a tube well and sanction funds, to do that he will demand Rs.30000 as bribe and also will demand sex with the women folks of the villages. Tell me in all probability if you are a self respecting man in such a situation what will you do? What is wrong in picking up an axe, knife and killing that junior engineer? What is the harm in killing a police officer who exploits you and your family? The truth is far removed from what the corrupt congress govt. is trying to potray. Chidambaram is the biggest terrorist of this country, he alone is responsible for killing many tribals, infact so many that you can term it as genocide, and it is happening right infront of our eyes. Do not blame the maoists, naxals without knowing as to what is their motivation. One man can be wrong, even two, three can be wrong, but not lakhs and lakhs. There has to be fire for smoke to come out. 
vivek (bbsr) Blow up all those greedy politician. Only then they will fear to enter into ruling. Hats off naxalist. I think this is what all the public really wished in their mind to these politician. 
nicks (india) Dear maoists, please put one more name in your diary to eliminate... Its Mr. Sharad Pawar... Kindly do d needful as soon as possible... Thanking you, True Indian 
shailendra (delhi) Kill the corrupt congresis intea of innocent ccrpf jawans 
Dhirendra Singh (mumbai)After a long time such a good news is coming out..well done naxalites, Please do not target innocent peoples instead continue to do such kind of great job by eliminating greedy and corrupt looters (so called leaders). 
Dhirendra Singh (mumbai)A good job indeed by naxalites..wash out them...'A BIG CHANGE IN CHHATTISGARH'. Jogi must also have been killed.... 
Anjaan (USA) replies to jyotirmoyYou mo**er fu**er, have you ever asked yourself why these poor aboriginal people have taken up arms .....?? ....... these are brave people that do not accept the current corrupt system of looting the nation in the name of democracy ...... they can not wait another 100 years for social justice ...... the Indian army need to learn from these brave people ...... stop taking instructions from political leadership ......... 

All the above comments are taken from the below article published on the TOI.

Update : 29/05/2013

There has been a flood of positive responses from the general public to the assassination of political leaders in Chhattisgarh. Government controlled media outlets have now embarked on a campaign to stifle public opinion. The comments section in newly published articles are no longer open ,as a reader has pointed out...
Anand  : I find it most amazing that the comments section is closed on almost all articles dealing with this naxal act barely withen an our of the posting. There is a definitely a tilt towards the ruling elite in the First post policy. 
Let me first mention that I am absolutely aganist any such acts of murder no matter what the reason may be. They should be condemned with the strongest words possible.
But still the fact remains that all govts irrespective of their political affliations are to be blamed for this. 
They have to realise that the Indian public has for too long tolerated their corrupt ways. One the day a backlash is going to happen. 
Today it is in the form of naxal actions, but if the politicians do not change their ways it will definitely spread to the rest of the country. Police or military action aganist naxals is not going to be the solution but will soon become a part of the problem. 
The only solution is that govt. policy must change. Corruption must stop. Economic benefits must be made available to the poorer section of the society. 
This is a country which has a amazingly vast chasm between the rich and poor - between the all powerful political elite and the common man. 
The politicians are completely out of touch with reality at the grass roots levels. They are living in a dream world of their own making. And until they accept the reality of the Indian masses such incidents will continue. 
Let's pray they come to their senses soon and avoid plunging this great country into the destructive cauldron of a revolution.
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  1. today is my happiest day I will celebrate this day where and when this leader speak /visit of democracy when poor original people are left dying on there own land .

  2. basteds Indian force will finish you.get ready to die

  3. Y ur killing innocent police officer.son has lost his,a women had widowed,parents would have lost their son please stop killing the innocent people.

  4. What ever might be your reason for this audacious attack, the fact is that you guys are nothing but cold blooded killers. You deserve no sympathy, in fact strongest of the force should be used against you to annihilate every single Maoist killers. The people whom you claim to be fighting for support you because of the gun & not your cause. Guys in which world are you living in? The world has moved or progressed a lot & you bloody killers are still struck in old 50's & 60's Chinese Maoist ideology. In fact China has dumped his ideology, but sadly you stupid's are still stuck in that god damned ideology. The hard truth is that you enjoy killing people & nothing else. You bloody blood thirsty killers are the biggest bolt to the idea of India.

  5. Maoists be warned that you are challenging the might of Indian State the Idea of India that is so dear to Indians.. You shall be challenged fought and decimated at the ground level with bullets and you shall be challenged fought and decimated at ideological level.. You shall be decimated in Bastar region and you shall be decimated in the cyber space.. I have seen the lot of you in the villages in the small towns, you are nothing but bunch of goonda with Klasnikoves..

  6. To the author of this blog:
    I believe you are ideologically thousand times better equipped than me. You must have noticed that there is hardly any politics in these comments. These stray comments are not threat for the state. State is ready to acknowledge the fact that one guy may be the odd bad one. They do not have a problem in admitting that Mahendra Karma was a bad man. The problem starts only when you de-personify the fact and start going into the root. In this blog, as a follower, I expect the politics not just a news without an analysis linking the state behind. Otherwise, it appears like a terrorist announcement without any ideological vision. If you really want to reach to the people, use this blog for analysis - analyze state and make it evident to the people that it is the state, not the person whom you are targeting. A person sometimes (like in this case) is just manifestation of the terror already in state. Come what may, you can not rule out the importance of culture and media in this globalized world. History has taught us the lesson. If I am arrogant, I would say cultural revolution must precede the revolution (Is it PDR or SR can be debated).

    1. Naxalrevolution5/27/2013 09:29:00 PM

      Thank you for your feedback...

      Analysis takes time and I am currently short on it...

      The last time I wrote a well analysed post was more than a year ago...

    2. dear brother,
      Remember that no revolution has ever been successful through bullets.CRPF/army is deployed in first hand to stop violence.If there is no violence there wouldn't be any CRPF or army.Everybody has complaints against this too.But remember Guns beget guns and violence ends with violence.

    3. It appears from the stylization and matter that the second comment is not related to this thread.

      About the first comment reply
      Here is the point I am making. Why do you, I mean as a collective conscious subjective force you, give so little attention to the subjective or may I say the cultural need? Is it not equally important along with the objective on the ground fight? Everyday, people are facing hundreds of issues. They look upto the subjective force for an analysis. Subjectivity is not left blank. While you take an year - (obviously I understand and appreciate the reasons behind), reactionary forces are there to confuse people with their ideology. These people, while they join you out of sheer compulsion, are already corrupt unknowingly of course, with reactionary politics. What I am trying to say, a detailed analysis is not very useful for most of the people. Instead, what is needed, is short say about 500-700 words article strong enough to encapsulate the politics. Though demanding too much, still I would say, you can do it.

      Lal Selam.

    4. Naxalrevolution5/28/2013 09:59:00 AM

      I have had a few topics on mind that I wanted to put in the public domain.. will do it in the coming months. So watch this space.. !

  7. dear brother,
    Remember that no revolution has ever been successful through bullets.CRPF/army is deployed in first hand to stop violence.If there is no violence there wouldn't be any CRPF or army.Everybody has complaints against this too.But remember Guns beget guns and violence ends with violence.

    1. Bro, why don't you tell Uncle Sam I mean US and Israel to stop manufacturing and trading of arms for 5 years? If there is no gun, nobody can kill anyone else no matter what they are taught in that "EXTREMIST LITERATURE". Btw, it has a nice by product too. No further Bauxite mining will be required. Solves another big issue globally isn't it?

    2. think only guns and drones kill innocents??? ..people die of words too..

    3. Congratulation to "NAXALIST" Such type of incident should be done all over India because many of leaders,Dalal, Captlist and Uppercast persons are harassing poor and backward personals. All Dalit, Backwards and Depressed should co-operate the "NAXALIST".

  8. this is failure of indian court ,representation system which never care for poor hapless and weaker

  9. So i don't like you so can I kill you ... Killing Innocents can never be justified

  10. Mr. Naxalite, as an ordinary Indian, waking up everyday going to my mundane work so that the members of my family could escape starvation and looking up to the calendar in order to calculate the number of days before which my debts could be paid off so that I can restart them, let me tell you that between you and the government we are dying. On one hand, Naxalites force us not to pay our taxes. They tell us not to cooperate with the government, and anyone who does otherwise is labelled a traitor. On the other hand the Government sends its police knocking on our doors to ask for your location and anyone who does not know (sincerely) is called a sympathiser. Mr. Naxalite, in your hand we see a gun pointing at us and telling us that it is for our good, in the hands of the police, we see a gun pointing at us and telling us that it is for our good. You know what, we used to call you "Anna" meaning big brother. As a kid I remembered my parents celebrating you coming into our villages. But today, even the smell of that damp earth that was once my mother is a distant memory. Mr. Naxalite, thanks to you and the government, we have been pushed away from our villages. Mr. Naxalite, I don't know what is good for me, please leave me alone so that I can unite with my mother once again. Please leave me alone so that my kids remember the tender face of my mother that I once used to hug dear to my heart whenever I go to bed.

    I doubt you would post this comment Mr. Naxalite. But kudos to you if you did. At least here you show me that you are different from you enemy.

  11. Why do u target para military forces when you well know that they dont harbour personal enemity with individual naxalite or whole concord of naxalism.Do u even feel the grief of a mother, daughter, wife to see her son, father, husband shunned by bullets.Why are u waging war with crpf wen u know they are only earning butter bread for thier family.If they wer given a chance to work in some other part of country they will obly to dat decision too happily.Please dont orphan children and think of the future of ur children..Conciliate and hand your child a book dan a weapon.
    The war is bw the govt and u, den why target innocent men of paramilitary.
    I totally sympathise with the plight of tribals but violence can never terminate the problem it will only aggrevate it.Love ur children and throw weapons for them!


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