Thursday, October 31, 2013

Interesting Links

A very interesting interview with Mr Yogendra Yadav, valuable lessons in it for all activists. The wise learn from the experiences of others. Pay special attention to The third problem with our revolutionaries and radical social movements

Meanwhile, the PMRD Fellows who had all gone underground after the abduction of Alex Paul Menon , are now slowly emerging from their respective districts, now that their tenure coming to an end. You can read about their subjective experiences for what it might be worth at


  1. In today era Naxalites are doing what the ordinary person has to do,No matter what the administrators of India thinks.They itself are white-collar criminals.

  2. They kidnapped my girlfriend from the University...she is now in chains. How can we get her back?

    1. Which university asshole? And how do you know that she is now in chains? Instead of spreading BS, you better tell that to Mr. Chidambaram and other bastards like him.

  3. How are PMRDFs related to Alex Paul Menon incident?

  4. yah vo bharat 'nahi hai '..jisaka sapana ' swatantryaviro '

  5. Thanks for sharing this information


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