Thursday, August 31, 2006

Public Meeting against Salwa Judum in Bangalore

I would like to invite everyone living in and around BANGALORE
to a Public Meeting against Salwa Judum.
Try and make it to this meeting.
I think I will be there.

A Public meeting Against Salwa Judum

Date: 2 September, 2006,

Timing : 4.30 PM

Venue: Aniketana, ( Basava Bhavan, old CET cell office)

Beside Kurubar Hostel, Gandhinagar, Bangalore


A Documentary about the Atrocities of Salwa Judum,

Cultural Program By Aadivaasis from Chatisgarh,

'Salwa Judum' Why & How - Dr. Darshan Pal,

Raaj Kumar, Aadivaasi Natya Manch, Chatisgarh,

Speakers from Karnataka,

Prof. Hasan Mansur, President PUCL,

Ms Gauri Lankesh,

Mr. Indudar Honnapur,

Mr. Sanatkumar Belagali,

Mr. Chukki Nandundaswamy ( President Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha),

Presided by Prof.Babaiah

There will be no posts for the next three days.

September 2, 2006,International Day of Solidarity with the People's Struggle in Nepal

September 2, 2006
International Day of Solidarity with the People's Struggle in Nepal


### Britain-LONDON--->Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2006 Time: 2P.M. Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1 (Close to Holborn Tube Station)

#### Germany-FRANKFURT/M.--->Date: Sonday, 3nd September 2006 Time: 2P.M. Venue: Haus der Jugend, Sachsenhausen-Frankfurt,

####Belgium-LUEVEN(Near Brüssel).--->Date: Sonday, 2nd September 2006 Time: 2 p.m Venue: Ons Huis Goudsbloemstraat 27, Leuven## NPPF-B: 0484/18 13 21 – Gurung Ram Bahadur, NINCF-B: 0497/04 68 28 – Gurung Gam Bahadur

##WPRM-Belgium:0484781882- Subedi Chitra ## OSLO-Norwegen Demonstration 2nd september in front US Embassy

### BERLIN:A rally in Berlin in front of the US embassy on Sept. 2nd at 2pm, and evening program(more info:


1st.September 2006

###ITALY-PALERMO, MASS MEETING 1st.September 2006,
Contact:WPRM-ITALY, Via Maione da Bari, 49/A, 90100 Palermo, Italy;

2nd September 2006

###Britain-LONDON Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2006 Time: 2P.M.
Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1 (Close to Holborn Tube Station)

###BERLIN:A rally in Berlin in front of the US embassy on Sept. 2nd at 2pm,
and evening program (more info: )

####Belgium-LUEVEN ,Date: Saturday, 2nd September 2006 Time: 2 p.m
Venue: Ons Huis Goudsbloemstraat 27, Leuven Org. by Stop USA & NPPF-B & WPRM-Belgium:0484781882- Subedi Chitra

###OSLO-Norwegen Demonstration 2nd september in front US-Embassy ; Org. by South Asia Solidarty Group- Norway

SWITZERLAND-ZURICH; 2nd September 2006; Hohlstrasse 500,8048 Zürich-ZKD Dernegi Lokali 5 pm

PARIS, ATHEN, Coming Soon...

3rd September 2006

####GERMANY-FRANKFURT/M.--->Date: Sunday, 3nd September 2006 Time: 2P.M.
Venue: Haus der Jugend, Sachsenhausen-Frankfurt,

Slick Naxalites slip out of the hands of clumsy demoralised Anti-Naxal Force

Slick Naxalites slip out of the hands of clumsy demoralised Anti-Naxal Force

A group of 8-10 Naxalites who had resided at a house at Kadegundi near Shringeri managed to escape by a whisker from Anti-Naxal Force (ANF) during the combing operations on Tuesday August 29 morning.

The ANF and Shringeri police staff had gone for a combing operation at Kadegundi on Monday August 28 night. Kadegundi which is near Bukyadi Bail near Nemmar is surrounded by woods and rivulets. Police had reached the place by walking more than 13 kilometres via Yedagunda and Mundodi.

Having received a sure tip-off that Naxals were residing in a hide-out, the ANF and police team had managed to reach the spot by crawling their way. It was after 8 am on Tuesday morning that the police spotted a sentry keeping vigil at Kadegundi. He was busy reading newspaper of Sunday. Since the place is surrounded by rivulets and a small water fall, sentry could not hear the sound of the police surrounding him from all corners. The only difficulty that was faced by the police that they had climb up a hillock.

It was when the police were just 7-8 feet away from him that he saw the them. He immediately signaled the coming of the police and warned his associates. He also passed a message to the next sentry and fled the place. Another person who was on a tree, also managed to escape. Though police carried out extensive search operations in that area, the Naxalites who have thorough knowledge of the forests, managed to escape.

The police found Sunday's newspaper, a pair of footwear, a biscuit pack and a chocolate pack on the spot. The 10 inch Bata footwear is similar to the one police seized from Mallika, a Naxalites who had been arrested some time ago.

The police are still carrying out search operations in the area.


Police Blog wins award

Mangalore Aug 24: The Dakshina Kannada District Police Blog has been chosen for the egov Award for Innovation, 2006 by the egov magazine, which is the only monthly print publication on trends and practices in e-Government.

The award was presented on 23 Aug 2006, during the international conference on e-Governance being held at Delhi.

SPDK Mr.B.Dayananda received the award on behalf of the district police which was handed over by Mr. Manishankar Aiyer Hon'ble Minister for Panchayat Raj and Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. The conference has been co-organized by the Department of Information Technology GOI and UNDP.


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I wept twice amidst the cry of corruption

I reproduce a fine post by Amit at Struggleforsurvival

I wept twice amidst the cry of corruption

I'm revealing some of my experiences for those middle class people who think that they are struggling very hard in the life despite their good education, food and health - well, if not good then much better than millions of people - and blame the corruption as the biggest demon for their 'appalling' condition; weed out the corruption and we'll get the most perfect world.

It was my last day at an institute in Kanpur where I was working for a non-productive job for the past ten months; most of the educated middle class people do non-productive job and I was not an exception. Some of them also do productive jobs by selling their freedom; had they done it for the general masses then it would've been a little bit bearable but they do it for a very few at the top. By the way, it was a research job on 'Study of flow over a half-cylinder'. During all my stay at Kanpur, I was dependent upon a productive worker for washing my clothes who used to take care of all my dirty belongings twice a week.

We have a name for this type of worker - Dhobi, we usually consider him as a representative of people belonging to a menial class, as if he has not any personal quality except a group quality called washing. He was an old man in his seventies accompanied by his old wife. Both used to wash and press mine as well as others' soiled dirty clothes. Day before my departure, he came to my room unaware of the fact that tomorrow would be my last day.

As usual he asked me whether I'd any cloth, I instantly replied - "Here, my job is over now and I will be leaving tomorrow." No sooner did I speak these words than his eyes started to say something, probably he had guessed that, but he didn't express those speaking eyes in words. Since I was busy in packing I didn't notice them exactly. We exchanged some departing words and then he moved out of the room very slowly. Then the very next day he came again to my room and now I was able to feel that he wanted to say something.

We started the interaction together and suddenly he said, "Since I'm old now and nobody likes very much giving his/her clothes to me, you were giving me the clothes all these bad times and now you'll leave, but we are going to face real financial trouble after your leaving." Hearing these words, I started to think that I pay only 100 Rs p.m. to this man, get his very productive labor so cheaply because market decides the rate and it was not me but he was obliged, why, because I was a source of job for him. No, there is more than job; people in Bihar, where I belong to, call their employer 'maalik' - the owner.

And here also the difference between mine and his socio-political-economic status was making him obliged. I started to weep but tried very hard so that he can't see me. People could label this act as sentimental and shrug their shoulders off because they might have experienced it several times, but could they answer why he was so dependent upon middle/upper class people like me? Could they explain why his job is considered menial? Could they convey to me how corruption comes into this incident? Probably society and hence everybody is corrupt and corruption is human nature - this would be their answer. It means that only possible alternative to eliminate corruption is eliminating the human race!!!

It was my first day at Gaya, my home town, after the departure from Kanpur. Unfortunately I had my foot broken, a plaster was cast on that innocent foot, which was hurt because of my mind and the technology called motorbike, and you can't rely upon these two at extremely bad times like accident, though it was minor. So I wasn't walking since the last 5 days. Fortunately, it gave me enough time to think and finish some books, which I realized later. My father and friends came to the station to receive me.

They hired a wheelchair for me at the cost of Rs 50. This amount of money is nearly 5 times the consumption made per day by nearly 400 million people of India. When I came out of the station, I was still on that wheelchair. Suddenly my father got some little work to do at the station and he left me, my friends were busy in handling my luggage and here I found myself alone. Sitting on the chair I started to wait for them. I tried to move my eyes around, and I saw that a person with both legs cut off was sitting over the back of his friend, might be relative.

When he came near by and saw the wheelchair upon which I was sitting, he said in a desperate voice to his friend pointing towards me, "I was telling you that I needed exactly this type of chair. Look, how he can move by himself. Probably, by the end of Aghana (a Hindi calendar month, 2 months were still remaining for the end of Aghana) I'll be able to buy this chair." Injustice! I almost cried out. He is going to wait for almost 3 months more, probably he is doing the usual waiting job for years. I do nothing but I've been able to hire this, a few are capable of hiring the whole railway station, but here who actually needs it, has only the right to dream, sometimes this right is also snatched away.

This time I also tried hard not to bring water into my eyes. He was not telling only his story but a millions and millions of people share similar stories. Needful they are, but who is going to listen them? Charity workers, NGOs, state or corporates- those who exploit a lot by their respectful job in the society and then wash their sins or put themselves one step higher in their self-defined spiritual domain or become satisfied and happy for a good night sleep or oblige the voters sometimes by fulfilling their promises or distribute the wheelchairs as a part of health-beneficial scheme of the company if the workers cut off their legs while working with some machines for more than 10 hours.

Yet their conduct has not been able to solve these problems for ever, yet we find people struggling for better health facilities. Probably everything is in order, one has to just tight the corruption prevention thread and then we are going to get happiness everywhere! Probably create more wealth and see the dying dream to get it grabbed by/distributed to the needful, whereas all the tools for creating the wealth i.e. land, labor and capital (science/technology) is controlled by very few in this highly hierarchal system.

It was my 3rd day of stay at Gaya, my home-town incapable of solving many contradictions because of this present but historical order. In my neighbourhood stays a farmer, advocate and going-to-be teacher. He is well respected in the society but he also has many problems like he is a single man in the family and therefore he has very little time to control and prosper all his properties.

The main problem comes when he has to go somewhere out of the town to look after his other works - historically he owns good cows and buffaloes but who is going to feed them or milk them when he is out of station? Anybody at this stage needs a domestic helper, incidentally he is known as 'naukar'(in English - Slave, a domestic slave) here, which is widely used in reference; one doesn't call him by his name but by a distorted name.

He himself doesn't remember his actual name and if he has got over with his youth then he won't pay any attention when you'll call him by his real name. And by caste if he comes out to be a 'Yadava', then euphemestically with some respect you can call him 'mahto'.

For those who would like to know what govt. defined caste he belongs to, then OBC is the correct answer. Well, coming back to the incident, I was watching the dusk that time when I heard the noise of some children. It was 'mahto' who was the center of attraction and kids and women were making fun of him. Basically 'mahto' was unmarried despite crossing the age of almost 40. And now like some of his previous days, he had fasted for the whole day praying for his marriage and after breaking the fast he was distributing 'prasad' (sweets) to the people.

He was still in the hope that some girl would come for him despite the fact that he has no property except his labor, no social status except his caste, no relatives (all have ditched them in his childhood and took away whatever he had) except his too many 'maaliks' and 'malkinis' (Yes, every higher caste person in the mohalla was either his 'maalik' or 'malkini'), no youth except his romantic feelings. Well, I also prayed apart from my complete disbelief in God and I knew that many others were praying too irrespective of their fun.

He is living in this world with a single hope of his marriage and we all know that his long dream is going to be shattered. One day he'll realize this and then what hope he would strive for? Isn't the private property responsible for this? He could've fulfilled his dream had he shown the society a glimpse of his private property. How criminal can the private property become, we can get a feel only if we become devoid of it or interact with such people. Sans private property the life is like a hot bed full of thorns, all our standings depend upon this thing and people are seen lower to this in the present society.

Has corruption come into the picture in this so visible but at the same time invisible exploitation, as if its natural? Isn't private property a bigger demon than the corruption? Why is it so invisible then? No, it will be the only thing one sees when one becomes aware of the human history, its struggles and contradictions.

Where does corruption actually lie? Why do we see it only in those situations where educated middle class people work, beauraucrats handle the government offices, politicians and corporates serve each other interests? Because it is our quality, the middle class quality. We don't see the corruption when a mechanic fixes our cars/bicycles, a carpenter makes a chair for us, a farmer grows the grains and vegetables, a hair-cutter cuts our hair and makes it stylish. We don't see it in the situations where life is really moving on, we don't see among those who are really driving the whole economy but we see it where life is rotten, where one person is sucking the blood out of the other person.

I'm sure that we can find many more real incidents testifying the sign of the antagonisms between rich and poor as a class, as a group. It is there the root of our problem lies. Much better article has already been written over this subject, and here also the ideas are not mine, only the experiences I can claim that I share it with few people. You might not agree upon many realities which I've tried to cover here, but after disagreeing please tell me why there is such a wide status gap between a rich and a poor ?


Do click on the link above and let the author know what you thought
of his post.

We are Naxalites- We don't die We Multiply !

To use a phrase from Blackmanwithalibrary
We are Naxalites - We don't die- We Multiply !

I would like to use this occasion to introduce other pro-naxal bloggers
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But before that let me define who a Pro-Naxal Blogger is

Pro-Naxal Blogger(PNB):

A pro-naxal blogger is essentially a blogger who views the Naxalite
movement favorably even though he may not agree with everything
that the Naxalites do.He may not be actively involved in the
movement but does not rule out active participation when the
circumstances are more favorable or the movement undergoes
a favorable transition.He usually has a small group of
like minded friends who are sympathizers to the cause and has no
contact whatsoever with the Armed Naxalite Squads(dalam's,dasta's).

This defination may be subject to revision in the near future.

Now I would like to introduce you all to some fine pro-naxal bloggers.

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Nepal : Changes in society are chiefly due to the development of Internal contradictions

Got this in my email today from peoplesmarch

From P.Govindan Kutty, Editor of People's March
Website - Peoplesmarch


(Comment on January 1996 document and June 2003 Document)

What caused the development of society? Internal contradictions.

Chairman Mao Zedong has said that,
"Changes in society are due chiefly to the development of the internal contradictions in society, that is the contradictions between the productive forces and the relations of production, the contradiction between classes and the contradictions between the old and the new; it is the development of these contradictions that pushes society forward and gives the impetus for the supersession of the old society by the new." Note 1

This analysis of society is Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, it is universally true for every country, for Germany as well as Nepal.

As regards Germany, it is an imperialist country, the third most powerful in the world and the most powerful in Europe. The development of German society has been, is, and will be, due to the development of its internal contradictions in the main and not to anything else.

In Nepalese society, the development of this society during the last seven to ten years has also been due to the development of the internal contradictions and this development has been very rapid. Why has it been very rapid?

This is due to the correct leadership of the CPN(M), the waging of People's War, and the formation of the united front in Nepal during the past seven years from 1966 to 2003. The objective conditions for People's War existed and with the subjective reaction on these objective conditions, the revolution made rapid progress.

This is due to the correct ideological and political line in launching People's War and not indulging in any monarchical parliamentarianism. The CPN(M) has also implemented a correct military line in establishing base areas and surrounding the cities from the countryside and seizing political power by armed force. What kind of ideological line and political line is this? It is the ideological and political line of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It is the military line of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

As early as January 1996, Chairman Prachanda in his "War Policy of Nepalese New Democratic Revolution in the Context of Historical Development" wrote clearly and firmly, " It is necessary on the part of the people to use force to accomplish New Democratic Revolution by destroying the existing semi-feudal and semi-colonial state system to liberate from acute problems of economic subjection, cultural perversion and political stagnation the Nepalese society is facing. In the present situation our Party has firm belief that a new system can be established only by applying the method of protracted People's War according to the objective situation of Nepal and that under the leadership of the Communist Party based on the strategy of encircling cities from countryside."

He further concluded, "We have Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the invincible ideological weapon that the international proletarian class has developed as a highest synthesis of knowledge of the human being. We have a universal proletarian military theory of People's War which being developed amidst intense storms of class struggles have proved the best. Our Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party is the one which has developed amidst long and intense ideological struggle against different forms of opportunist and mainly right revisionism seen in the Nepalese communist movement.

"Apart from this, what can we say from the experience of the
history is that the tactics of encircling the cities from the countryside
goes well not only with the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory of
protracted People's War but also with the historical development
process of Nepal. There can be no talk of a new type of Party and a
new society in the countries like ours without the protraccted process
of People' War.

The experience of class struggle has elucidated the
fact that the People's War does not have any alternative in today's
world. Shattering the opportunist illusions that deceive people by
saying that the mass movement and parliamentary struggle is
principal, now it has become a historical necessity to enter into the
course of People' War.

People are the creators of history. To provide
leadership to the Nepalese people that (who) have a glorious
history of heroism is the duty of the communists today" Note 2

From a position of having not even one soldier, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism the CPN(M) through the courageous pursuit of People's War and struggle on many fronts under the aegis of People's War, is now having a People's Liberation army of tens of thousands (thirty thousand) and a militia of much more, and a liberated area of eighty percent of the country, that is the greater part of Nepal, other than some of the big cities and towns, in trust for the people of NepaL.

The United Front of the party has been very closely and widely knit, encompassing even some of the servers of the monarchical regime, (while the main leaders of the parliamentary parties retain their reactionary class character). This is a shining example of the efficacy of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist social science. This is the greatest victory so far in the history of the Nepalese people and a great contribution to the proletarian world revolution regardless of what may happen next.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is universally true and invincible against all odds. The New Democratic Revolution is the common path that will be traversed by all semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America however much the reactionaries may try to hold back the wheel of history, the New Democratic Revolution will break out and will inevitably triumph!

What about external causes affecting the development of internal contradictions?

Materialist dialectics "holds that external causes are the condition of change and internal causes are the basis of change and that external causes become operative through internal causes. In a suitable temperature an egg changes into a chicken, but no temperature can change a stone into a chicken because each has a different basis. There is constant interaction between the people of different countries. In the era of capitalism and, especially in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution, the interaction and mutual impact of different countries in the political, economic and cultural spheres are extremely great. The October Revolution ushered in a new epoch in world history as well as in Russian history. It exerted influence on the internal changes in other countries in the world and similarly and in a profound way, on internal changes in China. These changes were effected through the inner laws of development of these countries, China included. " Note 3.

The external causes do affect the development of the internal contradictions. But the effect is not decisive or determinative as the development of the internal contradictions. These external factors affect; but not as internal contradictions; and only through internal factors do external factors affect the development of internal contradictions.

For instance in Germany, the internal principle contradiction is between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat of Germany. It is the development of the class contradiction between the two classes that pushes German society forward and gives the impetus for the supersession of the old German society --- the imperialist-capitalist society, by the new socialist society.

External influence may affect the development of the internal

contradictions but these will play only a minor and secondary role.

For instance, when the German proletariat with its class allies

rise in insurrection against the German imperialists, whatever

external help that the U S may give to their class allies in Germany

cannot and would not be the decisive factor in the determination of

the struggle between the German imperialists and the German


Of course, the U S imperialists may intervene directly, send its

own soldiers into Germany and take over the fight from the German imperialists, for them and with them, when the fight is going badly for he German imperialists. Then the U S imperialists become the invaders and their contradiction with the people of Germany become the principal contradiction and the fight will be between all the people of Germany against the U S invaders!

As it is in Nepal, up to the 2003, the U S imperialists have sent military advisors and military and economic aid to the reactionaries in Nepal. The Indian expansionists have also aided the reactionaries in Nepal. But so far these aid and assistance has been externally given to the reactionaries.

All the roar of the U S imperialist tigers and all the manteras of the Indian expansionists wishing Maoism's death and CPN(M)'s failure and all their personnel and material aid have not stopped the People's War in Nepal. In fact People's War in Nepal has grown and is growing. The progress of history go against their intentions, no matter what they do. Their aid and assistance have caused difficulties to the people, but these difficulties are difficulties on the road of progress.

Is it not evident the that thus far, up to 2003 it is the development of the internal contradictions, the fight led by the CPN(M) that has produced the revolutionary situation in Nepal despite the aid and assistance given by the U S Imperialists and the Indian expansionists to the reactionaries? Can there be any doubt that the further development of the internal contradictions will lead the Nepalese people through to the stage of strategic offensive in the People's War and to final victory in the New Democratic Revolution?

A document entitled Present Situation and Our Historic Task, adopted by the Central Committee of the CPN(M) in June 2003 has the following basis for its thinking. We quote: "Today the great Nepalese People's War (PW) is in a specific stage of strategic equilibrium and in preparation for strategic offensive. Theoretically, this stage is very complex and sensitive by itself. In imperialist era, whenever any country's people's revolution advances up to this stage of development then it becomes obvious that it starts clashing with world imperialism" Note 5

On what ideology is this thinking based?

We wish to say that objectively, the Initiation of the People's War in Nepal in 1996 (February 13) must have shocked the reactionaries and their retained masters, the imperialists and the expansionists to the marrow of their bones! Similarly, in imperialist era and proletarian revolutionary era, the Naxalbari Uprising jumbled the innards of the Indian reactionary classes. Likewise when the flag of Uprising was raised over Chingkangshan, the Guomindang was dumb struck! The initiations were the start of the end of the paradise of the reactionaries on earth! How can they fail to feel first shock and then anger.

Thus the clash with the internal enemies is also at the same time with their retained masters. It begins from the beginning to the end of the fight, that is, until final victory because the help given by the retained master to the reactionaries is hostile and antagonistic to the people. It does not begin only to matter only from the stage of strategic offensive to final victory.

Of course from the initiation, the fight to strategic equilibrium and also to strategic offensive and final victory is with the internal enemy (supported by their retained masters). The victory of the New Democratic Revolution in China is the principal case in point.

But the imperialists, especially, the U S imperialists and Indian expansionists may intervene directly in the on-going war in Nepal on the side of the reactionaries. This is possible. Why?

Imperialism, especially US imperialism is the enemy of the people of the world. It has led the imperialist powers of Europe in dismembering Yugoslavia and attacking and occupying Afghanistan and also invaded and occupied Iraq with its coalition of the willing. It threatens a number of countries of the world. It has military bases in many places of the world. To use a phrase from a country that has fought the U S and other imperialists to a standstill, it is an evil empire. Thus, it is possible that the U S imperialists may intervene in Nepal.

Why is it that U S imperialism will have the capacity to intervene?

Because it is the sole super power. Though it is still occupying Afghanistan and Iraq; and threatens many other countries, it will have the military might and men to intervene in Nepal.

On the question of whether or not the U S imperialists and the Indian expansionists will intervene, it is better to prepare for their intervention. On the question of whether they will intervene singly or jointly, it is better to prepare for their intervention jointly. On the question of whether or not that they will intervene on a small scale or a large scale, it is better to make provisions for them to intervene on a large scale. Timely and adequate preparation is the basis for carrying on the fight against the invaders without let up.

At the start of the intervention, the invaders will as a whole be tactically superior in arms and attack many parts of the country. But as they spread out their finger to grapple with the people's war in the whole country, their forces would be gradually tied down and thinned out. The Nepalese people's forces would be able to attack the U S imperialists' or Indian expansionists' weakest parts first and then go on to cut off their fingers one by one, or in other words to eat up the other stronger parts mouthful by mouthful. It is imperative that the effective people's forces at the start of the invasion by the U S Imperialists and Indian expansionists be moved out harm's way, out of their frontal attack and let the land of Nepal take the brunt of the attack. U S tomahawk missiles and the bombs and aerial and artillery attack look terrifying but would only create a number of holes in the mountains of Nepal! The hills and mountains of Sagarmartha fame can withstand the onslaught of U S imperialists' weapons. The tens of millions of sons and daughters of Nepal who have fought the reactionaries of Nepal to strategic equilibrium can go on to overwhelm any invading force that the U S imperialists and/or Indian expansionists may send. In the final analysis, the people will be proven to be stronger than any invading force that the imperialists and expansionists may send for the following reasons:

a. Nepal is in the era of progress, of ascendancy, it is moving toward New Democracy and then Socialism for the people, It is a movement which cannot be stopped. While on the other hand, U S imperialism is in her dying days, like the sun setting in the west. It is old and decaying, moribund and beset with a thousand crises which cannot be overcome. This is also a movement which cannot be stopped,

b. The aid and assistance given by the U S imperialists and other imperialist powers and the aid and assistance given by the Indian expansionists to the reactionaries of Nepal are unjust and any invasion of the country by them either singly or jointly would be unjust and condemned by the world. On the other hand, the Nepalese people fighting for their freedom up to now is just and fighting against invasion would be doubly just. Fighting a just cause merit the help and assistance of the revolutionary people of the world including the revolutionary people of the U S. It is certain that the people and the Maoists of India in the various states of India would not stand by with folded arms while U S imperialists and/or Indian expansionists ravage the land and kill the people of Nepal.

c. The people Nepal have experience in carrying out the strategy and tactics in waging People's War against the reactionaries, they will be able to apply the strategy and tactics of People's War against the invaders.

d. Though the invaders at the start have a preponderance of weapons, fire power and men; as the war expanded over the whole country and they occupy cities and towns and have to garrison them, their men would be thinned out and tied down; and their weapons and fire power, used.

Through perseverance in the protracted war against the invaders, the tide would turn in favour of the people and against the invaders until they are driven out. The Korean War, 1950 to 1953, and the Vietnam War in the Sixties and Seventies are instances in point.

The U S would be fighting simultaneous wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Nepal and may be more. Can they really fight many wars all at the same time?

Chairman Mao has said, "In any contradiction the development of the contradictory aspects is uneven. Sometimes they seem to be in equilibrium, which is only temporary and relative while unevenness is basic. Of the two contradictory aspects, one must be principal and the other secondary. The principal aspect is the one playing the leading role in the contradiction. The nature of a thing is determined by the principal aspect of the contradiction, the aspect which has gained the dominant position.

"But this situation is not static; the principal and the non-principal aspects of a contradiction transform themselves into each other and the nature of a thing changes accordingly.." Note 3

In the contradiction between U S imperialists and the people of the world, because of its present strength, imperialism, especially U S Imperialism constitute the principal aspect of the contradiction and the people form the secondary aspect. The world is known by the principle aspect---an imperialist world; simultaneously the subsidiary aspect is the proletariat and people of the world --- the era of proletarian revolution.

These aspects do not stay unchanged over time. Through struggle by the proletariat and the people of the world, the presently secondary aspect of the contradiction can and will transform itself into the principal aspect and the presently principal aspect will be transposed, to be relegated to the secondary aspect.

Through the struggle of the people of the semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries of the world and the proletariat of the imperialist countries, the day will dawn when the imperialists will be relegated to the secondary aspect to make its downward slide into oblivion.

At the moment, the U S imperialism call the shots and run riot all over the world. The CPN(M) in its Document "The Present Situation and Our Historical Task" state the following:

A "Because of the development of the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution, the favourable and unfavourable international situation will be playing a strategic role in determining the success of specific country's democratic revolution." Note 5

Is this ccorrect?

The Marxist-Leninist-Maoist basis of thinking is that favourable and unfavourable international situation can only playing an influencing role in the New Democratic Revolution of a country and the influence can only be through internal causes. However, the document states that these will play a strategic role. It implies that no matter how well you fight in a semi-feudal and semi feudal country you are bound not to win in that country. So why fight? This is even so when the people of Nepal have won over 80% of the country? It this not telling the people not to fight any more.? Is there an iota of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in this? It is pure capitulationism.

B "On top of it the development of science and technology in the 21st century has qualitatively enhanced the international situation in determining the success of the revolution of any country."

The development of science and technology is an enhancement in the development of material production. It intensifies the class struggle between the producers and the appropriators of the product of labour and brings the day nearer when the appropriators will be done away with. There have been improvements in science and technology throughout the centuries, not only the 21st century. It would be ludicrous just to mention only the 21st century. The reactionaries make use of the development in science and technology to make more powerful and destructive weapons against the people. That is true, But the revolutionary people who refused to be cowed and enslaved will give them tit for tat struggle.

The contradictions between the people and the reactionaries is a class struggle. The improvements in science and technology cannot do away with the nature of class struggle. Class struggle will go on in spite of the improvements in science and technology. The outcome, victory in the New Democratic Revolution will still be decided by the internal class contradictions in each and every country in the semi-feudal and semi-colonial world. The international situation cannot be the determining factor in the success of the revolution in any country. Conversely, it is also true that a revolutionary international situation may not prevent a socialist country from being restored into capitalism as in the case of China in 1976.

There may be a case though in the future when many of the semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries have become New Democratic societies and some imperialist countries have become Socialist, that the overwhelming revolutionary strength of the people of the world swamp the might of the remaining reactionary countries and revolutions in these countries will be less arduous as it is now. But this is class struggle on a world scale and has got nothing to do with development of science and technology enhancing the international situation in determining the success of the revolution in a country. Is this an opportunity for giving an excuse for not going on with People's War to achieve total victory. What logic is this?

C "In today's conditions, any ups and downs in the revolution of in any country are related with the ups and downs that occur in the world situation. The development of revolution in the last seven years amply explains this reality" Is this correct?

The ups and downs in the revolution in any country are chiefly due to the development of the internal contradictions in that country. The international ups and downs will influence the development of the internal causes but are not determinative of them. Even though influenced by international causes, the revolution in a country has its own causes of development and may yet push society forward into New Democratic society even though internationally, overall, the world situation is not favourable to the revolution in that country. It is guidancce by this Marxist-Leninist-Maoist philosophy that the revolutionaries in each country carry on the struggle against the reactionaries and their retained masters in each country. Otherwise, following the line laid down in the document above, each one will be playing a waiting game. Let us wait until the international situation is favourable and then and only then go into action! Is this not tantamount to saying that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is good, efficacious, invincible; But let us wait until to-morrow to adopt it? Is this not saying that People's War is good; but only to-morrow? Is this not saying that strategic offensive is marvellous; but only to-morrow?

D "However, at present there is no revolutionary wave under the leadership of the proletariat"

Is this the talk of revolutionaries, and Maoist revolutionaries at that? Revolutionary wave under the leadership of the proletariat does not exist all at once for the taking. Neither does it drop from the skies. It has to be fostered, nurtured, created. It has to be created from many parts of the world, from a number of countries before the isolated ripples can form a wave. Is it not a requirement before the formation of a revolutionary wave that the revolutionaries of each country do their part?

Though in Germany, we are reminded of a poem by Robert Burns entitled "Bruce of Bannockburn"\;


Lay the proud usurpers low,

Tyrants fall in every foe.

Liberty's in every blow.

Let us do or die."

With imperialism and U S imperialism especially, running riot all over the Middle East and the world, the day cannot be too far away when the people will rise in revolt. The revolutionary people of Iraq is giving the U S invaders and occupiers a hard time in Iraq; The awakened fighters in Afghanistan is gradually taking on the U S and other imperialists. There are other theatres of war.

It is up to the revolutionaries to organise the people and create the revolutionary wave.

E "In the present context, when along with the restoration of capitalism in China there is no other socialist state existing when despite objective condition turning favourable, there is no advancement in any strong revolutionary movement under the leadership of the proletariat and when world imperialism is pouncing on people everywhere like an injured tiger. Is it possible for a small country with specific geo-political compulsion like Nepal to gain victory at the point of capturing central state through the revolution? This is the most significant question being put to the Party today"

There has been Lenin and the Bolsheviks who were mountain eagles deplete with revolutionary vigour and vitality who ushered in the victory of the October Revolution in the Land of Russia.

Other than Leninist and Bolshevik mountain eagles there must be Himalayan eagles with equal revolutionary strength and stamina who will usher in the victory of the New Democratic Revolution in Nepal.

Geography is an important factor in war; but not the decisive factor. Mountainous and land locked country has both advantages and disadvantages in war and struggle. Advantages and disadvantages exist as one. We must look not only at the disadvantages but also at the advantages as well. How has the People's War been prosecuted from Initiation up to the stage of Strategic Equilibrium? By the own efforts of the Nepalese people and their fighters. By self reliance.

It is true from the stories of some of the people of Nepal that to get salt and kerosene they have to travel many kilometres. It is difficult. But these are difficulties waiting to be overcome. The decisive factor in victory in the People's War is the political consciousness of the people. Conscious people are a gigantic force. Conscious people get their things other than from their enemies in war; also from the earth, from the mountains, in peace times.

As regards the issue of being a small country, we say that there are big countries and small countries. The people of all countries, big and small, want revolution, that is, the New Democratic revolution and the Socialist Revolution.

Can a revolutionary say that those in a small country must wait for those in a big country to be victorious before they will fight? Is this not playing the waiting game?

The victory in the New Democratic Revolution in any country, whether big or small, decisively depend on the unity of its United Front, on the solidity of the People's Liberation Army and the quality of the leadership of the Maoist Communist Party. In a word, it depends chiefly on people not the size of the land.

As regards the injured tiger pouncing on the people, what must the people do? Simple. Put it to sleep.

As regards there being not even one socialist country, a revolutionary and a good Maoist revolutionary should take a look at the world and see for himself. We are reminded by a description in a recent poem by Abdullah Iraq entitled "Onward Leap To Marxian Science" that New Ideas world wide retained.


Form was crushed, ideas remained.

Old ideas turn scales again.

Change of colour base domains;

New ideas world-wide retained!"

At first there were only two – Marx and Engels.

There was no socialist state.

Then there was Lenin and no socialist state, no USSR prior to October 1917. But it came to fruition in the victory in October 1917 in Russia. We lost that in 1956…

Then there was the People's Republic of China in 1949. We again lost it in 1976.

It has been 30 years since we lost it. The reactionaries all over the world say we have lost everything, there is not even one socialist state. Are you not repeating what they have said? Why this repetition? Why do you cry over spilt milk and ever so often? If you had tears, you should have shed them in 1976.

The poem above remind us that new ideas, ideas of New Democracy and Socialism are world wide retained. This is the progress. This is the diamond.



Note 1 "On Contradictions" August 1937, Selected Works Vol. 1 p314.

Note 2 "War Policy of Nepalese New Democratic Revolution In the Context of Historical Development P&P OTRIN pp193 to 203

Note 3 "On Contradictions" August 1937, SROW from MZD p89

Note 4 "On Contradicctions" August 1937, SROW from MZD


Note 5 "The Present Situation and Our historical Task" SIDOT CPN(M) pp129 to 149


(Comment No 1 on the Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Of Nepal (Maoist))

Erstwhile Maoists having reached the stage of Strategic Equilibrium in the People's War in Nepal, that is having fought the reactionaries in Nepal who were aided and assisted both by the imperialists, especially the U S imperialists and the Indian expansionists, to a standstill have been having second thoughts about the Strategic Offensive, that is going ahead with the People's War to capture total state power. Since June 2003, from the adoption of the Document " The Present Situation and Our Historical Task", they have passed one resolution after another up to the present resolution in justification of their present day actions. As documented in "The Present Situation ..." in 2003, they are stating in the recent resolution that, "Today, any national liberation, democratic or socialist movement is not possible to succeed in any country of the world unless it does not (if it does not) advance as an inseparable part of the world people's resistance movement..."

What are the second thoughts that these people have? The people of Nepal face the possibility of direct intervention of U S imperialism and Indian expansionism. These people looking at the U S imperialists conquest of Iraq together with the British imperialists and the imperialist conquest of Afghanistan and the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, are scared stiff, like the chick seeing the rattle snake, any moment to be cobbled up by it!

These people have used the argument that now at the stage of Strategic Offensive, the People's War will clash with imperialism and by implication will invite the direct intervention of the U S imperialists and the Indian expansionists.

Whether the U S imperialists and Indian expansionists directly intervene or not does not depend on the Nepalese people. The Nepal people are after all not their general staff and cannot decide for them. But these people state that the revolution will clash now with imperialism and expansionism but does not say whether or not they are prepared for the clash. In fact if and when the revolution moves forward it more likely than not that the U S imperialists and expansionist will intervene directly as they have done so indirectly. These people are keeping quiet about this. Is this the mark of revolutionaries or Maoist revolutionaries at that? Why do they act in this manner?

In the stead of People's War they have proposed since June 2003, reaching the victory of New Democratic Revolution through bourgeois democracy:

An Interim Government with the Parliamentary Parties

Election to a Constituent Assembly and

A New People's Constitution

And these people have named this as a sub-stage of the New Democratic Revolution.

In fact, this is, as Comrade Azad of the Communist Party Of India (Maoist) (CPI M) says in his email to the People's March, " is hobnobbing with all the reactionaries." These people regard revisionists like Yechari of CPM of India as friends. This is in essence, trying to establish a bourgeois republic in a semi-feudal semi-colonial country which the imperialists and expansionists are loathe to allow for they want semi-colonies and colonies and not independent countries. The era of independent bourgeois republics have long gone since 1917.

The nature of the semi-feudal and semi colonial state and that of the New Democratic State is diametrically opposite. It has to be one or the other. The semi-feudal and semi colonial state cannot peacefully evolve into the New Democratic State. Hence they deviate from MLM guidance by saying that the sub-stage will evolve into the New Democratic State. They are deviationists in MLM clothing.

In proposing that there is a sub-stage before the New Democratic State, these people say that they are strategically firm and tactically very flexible.

Any fool can say that. What is the real situation?

These people are very fond of stating the concrete analysis of the concrete situation and one thousand quotations from MLM. What is the concrete situation?

No Interim Government (as agreed in the 12-Point Agreement). Hence these people cannot participate in it.

The Seven Parliamentary Parties are the so-called Government. They have called upon these people to negotiate. They are more equal than these people. This is the reality as regards the Interim Government.

As regards the Constituent Assembly elections. That is in abeyance.

As regards the New Constitution, if it ever come to pass it must be a constitution of the various existing classes the servers of the king and the representatives of the comprador and bureaucrat classes and perhaps some concessions to these people.

This is the reality on the ground. This is the concrete situation.

And this is the model that these people recommend to the Indian Maoist revolutionaries and all the Maoist revolutionaries in the semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries in the 21st century. This is the road to "paradise on earth"? The path to hell is paved with good intentions!




(Comment No 2 On the Resolution of the Central Committee of the

Communist Party Of Nepal (Maoist))

Revolution occurs as a development of the contradictions between the forces of production and the relations of production, the contradictions between classes in each country and not to any other cause. There is no doing away with the contradictions between the forces of production and the relations of production in imperialist-capitalist societies and the contradictions in semi-feudal and semi colonial countries. Hence revolutions will take place and will inevitably triumph, no matter how long it takes. A hundred or even a thousand years!

Proletarian revolution is a cause of a hundred or even a thousand years. Those who expect quick victory in the cause or who are impatient or want the fruits victory before the fruition or are fearful of the enemy had better look elsewhere. Revolution is no place for these people.

In the confines of one country, in a semi-feudal and semi-feudal country, victory occurs through the establishment of base areas in the countryside, in waging people's war on the basis of a united front of revolutionary classes under the leadership of the vanguard of the proletariat, the Communist Party. It occurs through the process of winning in one base area after another in different parts of the country and then linking up all the base areas as a whole in launching the assault on the main cities and towns, thus smashing the semi-feudal and semi-colonial state and establishing the New Democratic State for the revolutionary classes. The victory is achieved in one base area after another, This is due to the initially overwhelming strength of the enemy and the weak position of the revolutionary forces. By the exertion of the revolutionary forces led by the Communist Party, the people gradually acquire strength and turn the scales on the reactionary classes. Hence, victory does not happen all at once all over the country.

Sometimes, there is a ding-dong battle in base areas and also cities and towns. A base area is established. However, the enemy concentrating their forces may counter-attack it. It may be more prudent to go away from that base area or town and preserve the effective forces than defending it with great losses. Thus the base area or town may be lost but the effective forces of the people are preserved. It does not mean that the revolution is lost when one base area or town is lost.

In an imperialist-capitalist country, the model is first the insurrection in the towns and then spreading to the countryside. It still goes through a process.

And there could be also direct external intervention which would delay total victory. But total victory there will be.

Hence, victory will occur in one semi-feudal and semi-colonial country after another or a number of semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries after others. And victory will occur first in one or several countries in the imperialist-capitalist countries.

Taking the world as a whole, the successful revolutions of each country form a base area of the world revolution. Linking up the base areas together and launching the final assault on the remaining enemies in the remaining non liberated countries is the task of the proletariat of every country led by their Chief of Staff in cooperation with all the other Chiefs of Staff of all the other countries. Our mission is the liberation of all mankind from the scourges of exploitation and oppression.

However, the resolution states that "Today, any national liberation, democratic or socialist movement is not possible to succeed in any country of the world unless it does not (if it does not) advance as an inseparable part of the world people's resistance movement..." It states that it is not possible to succeed in any country unless the worlds' people resistance movement is there and it advances with it.

This all at once negates Marxism-Leninism-Maoism which says that internal causes are the chief reasons for revolution in each country, that external cause only play an influencing and minor part. But the resolution has interposed it by stating the external cause will from now on, in the 21st century be the cause of internal development of each country.

These people have given so many interviews and passed so many resolutions to try to peddle their perfidious theory world revolution in the 21st century to try to cover up their putting a brake on the People's War in Nepal.

Are not the reactionaries also trying to stop the People's War in Nepal? They do. They say stop. But we know who they are. And they do not say it with much fanfare and swagger and do not wear the mantle of MLM.

But history will proceed according to Marxist-Lenisnist-Maoist theory and will refute the deviationists thoroughly.



Naxal Revolution - Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

To promote and disseminate information about the raging
Naxalite/Maoist Movement in India, counter burgeoise propoganda
and aquaint readers with the theory guiding India's masses towards
ultimate victory- Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Vision Statement

An insurrection of subjugated knowledge that shall spark
praire fires on the virtual and real world.


As this blog is read,our martyred comrades will awaken their readers.
In them we catch a glimpse of the glorious past.But not just that .

They also comprehensively epitomize the future too.
As the revolution rages across our land,the fascist rulers and
their state will discover more and more that the memories of
the dead are not as easily erased from the hearts
and minds of the living. That is what history - the history of
class struggle,is also about.

Our comrades learned this lesson well.They remind us of it
always, only because they generously gave away the one most
precious thing they had when it was asked of them - their
pulsating life - for the cause of the oppressed.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Chariman Mao

Chariman Mao

All reactionaries are paper tigers. In appearance, the reactionaries are terrifying, but in reality they are not so powerful. From a long-term point of view, it is not the reactionaries but the people who are really powerful. - Chairman Mao

Demoralised Indian Police Forces face massive desertions !

Khaki Rakshashas on the retreat !
The Indian police force is today totally demoralised and their morale has
gone for a toss and
all over India we are witnessing large scale defections.
This comes at a time when India's ruling classes are planning to
double the anti-naxal forces throughout the country.

At the same time
the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army is facing an upsurge in
support throughout the country.
Recruitment is at an all time high throughtout the country with
women signing up in large numbers.

29 Indian Reserve Police constables desert force for fear of being
posted in Naxal-hit Chhattisgarh

Aizawl: Twenty-nine Indian Reserve Police constables who were undergoing training at the Counter Insurgeny and Jungle Warfare School at Lylapur in Assam's Cachar district have deserted for fear of being posted at Naxalite-hit Chhatisgarh.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Zorammawi said the constables, belonging to the second battalion, were being given orientation training before being sent to various places in Naxalite-infested Chhattisgarh.

The Deputy Commandant of the second battalion of Indian Reserve Police, Kima, said the constables were afraid that they would be posted in Chhatisgarh, because of which they deserted on Monday.

They had even demanded advance travelling and daily allowances, he said.

The training was being held in Assam because of accommodation constraints at the Counter Insurgency and Jyngle Warfare Training School at Vairengthe in Mizoram, he added.

A detailed report on the whereabouts of the constables was awaited.


Naxalites have once again struck at Kerekatte near Shringeri

Daijiworld News Network - Karkala (GA)

Karkala, Aug 23: After a long hiatus, Naxalites have once again struck at Kerekatte near Shringeri in the early hours of Wednesday August 23. The reports said that a group of 10-12 Naxalites attacked forest department office at Kerekatte, destroyed all records and even set a jeep on fire.

The Naxalites, who came to the forest department office on Wednesday morning, assaulted the night duty staff and chased them out. Later they destroyed many files, records from the office. Before going, they set the department jeep on fire.

The Naxals have left many pamphlets and other materials related to Naxal movement in the office. The forest department files which were destroyed by Naxalites contained details about encroached land and also about the forest department land in the area.

Since Kerekatte is a small and remote place, there are not many persons travelling in the area in the night or in the early mornings. Moreover, the area has been regarded as the Naxal hamlet and government has declared it as reserve forest area. All these facts have made it quite impossible for the people to go around the area in the odd hours.

Taking advantage of this, Naxalites attacked the office around 1 am on Wednesday and after completing their work, left the place at about 4 am. However, police came to know about the entire episode only in the morning.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

"All men recognize the right of revolution: that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, or to resist, the government when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable."

- Henry David Thoreau

'Mainstream politics is all rubbish' - Interview with K G Kannabiran, president of the People's Union of Civil Liberties

'Mainstream politics is all rubbish'
By R Akhileshwari, Deccan Herald, 10 Aug., 2006

K G Kannabiran, president of the People's Union of Civil Liberties
(PUCL), has devoted his life to fighting for people's rights. He is
one of the leading lawyers in Andhra Pradesh, and has taken up the
legal cudgels against the state's attempts to suppress the people's
movements and curtail the people's right to protest. He has been
involved with the Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee since its
inception 38 years ago and has fought every major legal case involving
revolutionary poets, balladeers, fighters and sympathisers.

He was the moving spirit behind the setting up of the Concerned Citizens'
Committee that facilitated peace talks in 2004 between the government
and People's War Naxalites, as the Maoists were known then. Deccan
Herald spoke to Kannabiran (72) on the fallout of the war being waged
by the Andhra Pradesh government against Maoists and the consequent
mowing down of eight Maoists, including the state committee secretary
of CPI (Maoist) Madhav in the Nallamalla forests on July 23.

What do you make of the Nallamalla encounter?

For the last 35-40 years, the government has been gunning down people
and terming them encounters. This episode is nothing new. It was
started by (former Chief Minister Jalagam) Vengal Rao – the Naxalite
problem was handed over to the police department. Today, the police
department is not neutral. It has a vision which is anti-Naxalite.
This is no different from Hitler's strategy of converting the police
department into a political organ that hounded Jews. This policy is
despicable and dangerous to democracy and human rights.

How have the AP police silenced people's protests?

The political character that the police department has assumed has
reached the point that vigilante groups have been engaged to kill
Naxalite supporters. They use indigenous weapons like the axe and
sword and leave the weapon on the body (apparently as a warning to
others). It's a deliberate act to terrorise people and silence them.
After the murder of (rights activist) Kanakachary in Mahbubnagar (two
years ago) the superintendent of police told the APCLC's vice
–president Hargopal to close down the Karuvu Vyatireka Samiti. It's
very unfortunate that an anti-hunger, anti-drought group was closed
down. Everybody has lost the courage to protest.

Do you think the peace talks of 2004 between the Naxals and Congress
government worked to the disadvantage of Maoists?

The Congress cleverly used the promise of talks with Naxalites by
incorporating it in its manifestos to come to power. The people wanted
peace – this issue was one of the factors for the TDP's defeat. After
the elections, the Congress, which is experienced in skulduggery, used
the period of peace talks to go over Nallamalla forests (their
hideout) with a toothcomb. The government behaved in a dastardly
manner. Right from the beginning, they wanted to take advantage of the
`peace time'.

On hindsight, do you now think it was not the right thing to do to
pursue peace talks?

No, not really, but we unwittingly played a treacherous role in
believing the bonafides of the government. While the Naxalites were
here (in Hyderabad) for the talks, the (anti-Naxal police force)
Greyhounds went to Nallamalla, spotted the hideouts and gained a
strategic advantage. What is objectionable is that this happened after
the Naxals were involved in the peace talks.

Was nothing achieved by the talks?

I won't say we achieved nothing. It was the people's pressure that
brought the government and Maoists to the table to talk peace. That
was a victory for democracy.

Did the Maoists really believe they would achieve anything through talks?

The Maoists honestly thought something would come out of the talks.
They hoped to achieve at least land distribution. It they had achieved
this then they would have achieved one of their main objectives
without firing even one shot.

Will the elimination of Maoist leaders hit the movement?

No, the movement won't be affected. This has gone on for 38 years.
There will always be people driven by a desire for a better life,
better society and a better country through alternative methods
because mainstream politics is all rubbish. Nobody can call this
government, either at the State or the Centre, a democracy. It is an
anarchic situation.

Were you hopeful after the peace talks?

Somewhere along the way, I felt once we initiated a democratic process
it might have a multiplier effect. And the eight months of peace talks
were the most peaceful period in the state. The peace talks gave me
hope that we would be able to have genuine democracy, improve
conditions of the people and fight against globalisation.

Do you think of late the various people's movements have been weakened
in some way?

After economic reforms and globalisation, the human rights movement
has split… some think globalisation is good, some think it isn't. The
movement has not only stagnated but also become fragmented like child
rights, dalit rights, women rights and so on. Human rights is not
perceived as an indivisible whole. All these issues are not linked
holistically with the human rights structure.

Then should all the issues be brought under one umbrella?

Each issue has become something like property. The competitive ethics
permeate the civil society movements. Each is confined to its own area
and to its own fights. They should remember that a fragment cannot
inspire democratic culture. Besides, the government has incorporated
NGOs under various guises which is part of a strategy to silence
people's voices and concerns.

Police continue to harrass and intimidate progressive peoples movement's in karnataka

Police continue to harrass and intimidate
progressive peoples movement's in KARNATAKA

Police planning to stage Fake Encounters.

A report

In the year 2001 when people started dying because
of hunger, People's Union for Civil Liberties, went
to the Supreme Court with facts and figures and
argued that in spite of excessive stock of rice /
wheat and other food grains people are dying out of
starvation. Supreme Court ordered that it is
Governments responsibility to see that nobody dies
of starvation.

From then on a movement known has
"Right to Food" campaign headed by one Belgian by
name Jean Dreze, started. This campaigner while on
such a campaign in Chattisgarh was beaten up by the
police saying that he was a Naxalite. Police simply
wanted an excuse this man who had become
inconvenient to the Government.

In Chikamagalur on 01-October-2005, a Librarian was
arrested because Police found some Naxal pamphlets
in the library. Nobody knew who had placed them
there. In all likelihood they were planted by the
Police and a fake case was booked.

On 28-September-2005 Shri. B.S. Sial, the present
D.G. and I.G.P. of Karnataka, said in Mysore, that
"Naxalite ideology without violence cannot be
faulted". He also said that it is a social problem.

We say the same. Nothing less, Nothing more. He
further said that some intellectuals and professors
are supporting Naxalite ideology. This amounts to a
crime. See the contrary and confused mind of the
Police. On his own argument Sial should be arrested
because he is supporting Naxalite ideology. But
while saying their ideology cannot be faulted, in
the same breath he calls professors and
intellectuals who support Naxal ideology as

In the year 2003 two social workers (young ladies)
were murdered by the Udupi Police in Eedu village of
Karkala. Several human rights organizations came
together in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Bangalore,
prepared their own fact finding reports and found
the police guilty.

In Mangalore various groups came
together and arranged for "awareness programmes" in
Eedu village and Mangalore University and the Town
Hall. The Corporation Authorities and University
authorities sponsored these progammes. 'Gadar' the
famous Telegu 'balladeer' was invited to grace the

From then on the Police have interrogated
several professors, social activists and virtually
threatened them.

From then on Police have started preparing a list of
various sympathizers, human rights organizations,
etc. and others who blamed the police for their fake
encounters and are making arrangements to brand some
of then as Naxalites and plans are afoot to include
the names of some of them as accused in the
encounters that are likely to take place in the
future anywhere in the state or outside the state.

This happened to Prof. Nagari Babbayya of Bangalore
University, already. Incriminating evidence, arms,
literature is likely to be created and planted in
their house and offices and taken into custody under
fabricated cases.

To protect the genuine activists in various
movements and causes this is the right time to plan
a action plan to counter the Police menace and
Police mischief. Some professors of Bangalore and
Kuvempu Universities have been continuously harassed
by the Police just because they discuss about Naxal

Maoists retaliate against the killing of CPI (Maoist) State Secretary Madhav

AP Govt. condemns cops' killing, vows to fight naxals

Hyderabad, Aug. 19 (PTI): The Andhra Pradesh government today strongly condemned the killing of three policemen by Maoists in Nalgonda district and resolved to deal firmly with the naxal menace.

Chief Minister, Y S Rajasekhar Reddy, visited the government hospital in Nalgonda district, about 110 km from here, to meet the family members of three policemen, who were gunned down in Atmakur police station Friday night.

Home Minister K Jana Reddy, accompanied by DGP Swaranjit Sen, visited the Atmakur police station and said the government would firmly deal with the Maoist menace.

The slain policemen were identified as Sub-Inspector Chand Pasha, Assistant Sub-Inspector Moinuddin and Home Guard Lingiah.

The Home Minister announced an ex-gratia of Rs 9 lakh each for the families of SI Pasha and ASI Moinuddin and Rs 5 lakh for the Home Guard beside providing land and a government job to the family members of the deceased.

In an apparent retaliation to the killing of CPI (Maoist) State Secretary, Madhav, and seven others in an encounter last month, a group of armed Maoists attacked the Atmakur police station killing three policemen including the SI and injuring a constable.

The injured constable was admitted to a hospital here and his condition is stated to be critical.


Centre to double anti-Naxal forces

New Delhi, Aug 22: The Home Minister, Mr Shivraj Patil today informed the Lok Sabha today that the Centre has decided to nearly double the strength of Sashastra Seema Bal to 38 battalions and quickly complete border road construction work to check Naxal violence in Nepal bordering districts in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, West Bengal and Sikkim.

"We will be able to control Naxal violence arising from infiltration of Maoist and other militants and smuggling of sophisticated weapons from Nepal," Mr Patil said while replying to a debate on a calling attention motion raised by Mr Raghunath Jha and Mr Devendra Prasad Yadav (both RJD).

The minister said the SSB had identified 657 km of roads in the border districts of Bihar which were of operational significance to it and these would be constructed or upgraded in consultation with the state government. Consultations were also on with other state governments for similar steps.


Women join Naxals, score 35

Posting this for the archives on Karnataka.
5 November, 2005

BANGALORE: It's a recruitment drive that could possibly drive the Karnataka police up the wall. To gain a stronger foothold and spread their tentacles, Naxals have started augmenting their women cadres by signing up young SC/ST girls covertly.

Intelligence inputs put the number of women currently in Karnataka's Naxal camps at around 35, a seven-fold increase in two years. "This means Karnataka is next to Chhattisgarh which tops the list of Naxal-affected states where recruitment of women is high," sources told The Times of India.

Majority of women taking to Naxal ideology are from the SC/ST belts of Mudigere, Tarikere, Shimoga, Sringeri, Kudremukh, Thirthahalli, Someshwara and Hebri areas of Malnad region (active Naxal areas). "They have been recuriting women for quite some time.

Already, there are some on their rolls," DG&IGP BS Sial said. When Naxal commander Saket Rajan was gunned down in February, the police found the names of 38 women members in his diary. But why recruit women?

While the general perception is that women are used as cooks and motivators in Naxal camps, Sial said: "By recruiting women they want to convince people that they enjoy social acceptability." Last month, a group of 12 Naxals, including five women, warned a landlord at Kotukuli in Kundapur taluk against harassing labourers.

"When women issue such warnings, female labourers naturally see Naxals as their saviours," an officer pointed out. Further, female Naxals can move into neglected tribal areas and convince the poor, especially women, about their fight without being suspected by the police.

They are also used to ferreting out information from lower rung police personnel about operational strategies. Once in, the women are trained in jungle warfare and motivational techniques. Sources said Naxals have brought in two female leaders from outside the state, possibly from Andhra Pradesh, to train them.


Life inside the Naxalite camp

Thursday, July 27, 2006 (Dantewada):

The People's Liberation Guerrilla Army in Dantewada, Chattisgarh was raised on December 2, 2000 by the Maoists to create pockets of liberated zones.

A state of constant war is how the Maoists define survival and expansion as they take on the Naga Battalion, the CRPF and the local police.

Village Sangham is the basic unit of the Maoist organisation. Dalam or people's militia is raised from the Sanghams.

Dalam has full timers involved in organisational work and organised into platoon, companies and battalions.

Female fighters

Among the members are Lakki and Buddri - trusted soldiers very comfortable with home made rifles. At times they use self-loading rifles and sten guns.

Their weapons are from the police armory seized during raids.

Buddri was on sentry duty in February when Naxals raided the Baila
Dila mines ammunition dump. They fled with over 20 tonnes of explosives.

Lakki's role was to ambush the policemen.

"I was on sentry duty when we raided the Baila Dila mines and carried away ammunition," Buddri said.

On the ground in Dandakaranya - divided into five divisions or districts, a divisional secretary commands actions approved by the top leadership.


Hare Ram, an adivasi, joined the force when he was 12 years old and
he is now an area secretary as head of a local organisation squad.

The squad visits hundreds of villages, motivates and recruits full timers into the Dalam and later screens them for the fighting force.

"First when the Naxalites came into the forest villages they were called kuppalor or dacoits. Slowly they gained the confidence of the people," Ram said.

"We intervened when the forest guards threatened to set the village on fire and sought goats and bribe".

He added, that Naxal Dalam members beat up the forest guards and
patwari and gradually the movement gained ground.

"We don't have good weapons. We know fully well the weapons cannot win us this war. It is only people's love that can sustain the movement," Ram said.

"Its been one year since Salwa Judum began harassing the villagers in the name of the Naxal army. But the Dalam is where it was and villagers have not given us away," he said.

The young men and women return after a day's patrolling to dance and sing in their own Gondi language.

They sing of the martyrs who died so that others could live with dignity.

And the Chetna Natya Manch performers are proof that the war the Maoists are waging is not just with weapons.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it
you would have good people doing good things
and evil people doing evil things.
But for good people to do evil things,
that takes religion."
-Steven Weinberg

Stop this madness !

Madness grips Hindu's !

A baby fights for survival at his mothers shrivelled breasts.

The above picture is from Africe but then we don't even have to look that
far we have had starvation deaths in India a week ago in Muzzafar hunger drove a Mother to sell her 3 day old baby for 21 Rs(approximately 50 US cents)

She was unable to feed herself and her new-born child and therefore decided to sell her and settle at her native place, reports said.

Muzaffarpur district, incidentally, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons for the last over two months. Two Dalits including a woman killed themselves for want of food in two separate incidents. The third starvation death occurred in Begusarai district.

And what do upper and middle class Hindus do to alleviate the
hunger of the suffering masses(dalits,tribals and adivasi's) ?
They feed milk to their gods.

Got Milk ?

Idols across India begin drinking Milk!

And as if that wasn't enough

In Maharashtra where more than 700 farmers have commited suicide in just
one small region of Vidharba
,the sai baba temple which
plans to build a solid gold throne for holy man Sai Baba,
whose statue is housed there.This temple is barely 200km away from
the farmer suicide belt of Vidharba

About 251kg (553lb) of gold will be needed, at an estimated
cost of nearly $4.8m (220m rupees,£2.5m).

Silver is out.Gold is in
Saibaba needs a gold throne or else he won't be cool enough
for the brain washed masses!

Golden Throne for Indian Shrine

Who will stop society from further decay ?

Why I am an atheist - by Bhagat Singh

Why I Am An Atheist?
By Bhagat Singh

Photo of Bhagat Singh at the age of 21.

A new question has cropped up. Is it due to vanity that I do not believe in the existence of an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God? I had never imagined that I would ever have to confront such a question. But conversation with some friends has given me, a hint that certain of my friends, if I am not claiming too much in thinking them to be so-are inclined to conclude from the brief contact they have had with me, that it was too much on my part to deny the existence of God and that there was a certain amount of vanity that actuated my disbelief. Well, the problem is a serious one.

I do not boast to be quite above these human traits. I am a man and nothing more. None can claim to be more. I also have this weakness in me. Vanity does form a part of my nature. Amongst my comrades I was called an autocrat. Even my friend Mr. B.K. Dutt sometimes called me so. On certain occasions I was decried as a despot. Some friends do complain and very seriously too that I involuntarily thrust my opinions upon others and get my proposals accepted. That this is true up to a certain extent, I do not deny. This may amount to egotism.

There is vanity in me in as much as our cult as opposed to other popular creeds is concerned. But that is not personal. It may be, it is only legitimate pride in our cult and does not amount to vanity. Vanity or to be more precise "Ahankar" is the excess of undue pride in one's self. Whether it is such an undue pride that has led me to atheism or whether it is after very careful study of the subject and after much consideration that I have come to disbelieve in God, is a question that I, intend to discuss here. Let me first make it clear that egotism and vanity are two different things.

In the first place, I have altogether failed to comprehend as to how undue pride or vain-gloriousness could ever stand in the way of a man in believing in God. I can refuse to recognize the greatness of a really great man provided I have also achieved a certain amount of popularity without deserving it or without having possessed the qualities really essential or indispensable for the same purpose. That much is conceivable. But in what way can a man believing in God cease believing due to his personal vanity?

There are only two Ways. The man should either begin to think himself a rival of God or he may begin to believe himself to be God. In neither case can he become a genuine atheist. In the first case he does not even deny the existence of his rival. In the second case as well he admits the existence of a conscious being behind the screen guiding all the movements of nature. It is of no importance to us whether he thinks himself to be that supreme being or whether he thinks the supreme conscious being to be somebody apart from himself. The fundamental is there. His belief is there. He is by no means an atheist. Well, here I am I neither belong to the first category nor to the second.

I deny the very existence of that Almighty Supreme being. Why I deny it shall be dealt with later on. Here I want to clear one thing, that it is not vanity that has actuated me to adopt the doctrines of atheism. I am neither a rival nor an incarnation nor the Supreme Being Himself. One point is decided, that it is not vanity that has led me to this mode of thinking. Let me examine the facts to disprove this allegation.

According to these friends of mine I have grown vain-glorious perhaps due to the undue popularity gained during the trials-both Delhi Bomb and Lahore conspiracy cases. Well, let us see if their premises are correct. My atheism is not of so recent origin. I had stopped believing in God when I was an obscure young man, of whose existence my above mentioned friends were not even aware. At least a college student cannot cherish any short of undue pride which may lead him to atheism. Though a favorite with some professors and disliked by certain others, I was never an industrious or a studious boy. I could not get any chance of indulging in such feelings as vanity. I was rather a boy with a very shy nature, who had certain pessimistic dispositions about the future career. And in those days, I was not a perfect atheist.

My grand-father under whose influence I was brought up is an orthodox Arya Samajist. An Arya Samajist is anything but an atheist. After finishing my primary education I joined the DAV. School of Lahore and stayed in its Boarding House for full one year. There, apart from morning and evening prayers, I used to recite "Gayatri Mantra" for hours and hours. I was a perfect devotee in those days. Later on I began to live with my father. He is a liberal in as much as the orthodoxy of religions is concerned. It was through his teachings that I aspired to devote my life to the cause of freedom. But he is not an atheist. He is a firm believer. He used to encourage me for offering prayers daily. So, this is how I was brought up. In the Non-Co-operation days I joined the National College. it was there that I began to think liberally and discuss and criticize all the religious problems, even about God. But still I was a devout believer. By that time I had begun to preserve the unshorn and unclipped long hair but I could never believe in the mythology and doctrines of Sikhism or, any other religion. But I had a firm faith in God's existence.

Later on I joined the revolutionary party. The first leader with whom I came in contact, though not convinced, could not dare to deny the existence of God. On my persistent inquiries about God, he used to say, "Pray whenever you want to". Now this is atheism less courage required for the adoption of that creed. The second leader with whom I came in contact was a firm believer. Let me mention his name-respected comrade Sachindra Nath Sanyal, now undergoing life transportation in connexion with the Karachi conspiracy case. From the every first page of his famous and only book, "Bandi Jivan" (or Incarcerated Life), the Glory of God is sung vehemently. In the last page of the second part of that beautiful book his mystic-because of Vedantism – praises showered upon God form a very conspicuous part of his thoughts.

"The Revolutionary leaflet" distributed- throughout India on January 28th, 1925, was according to the prosecution story the result of his intellectual labor, Now, as is inevitable in the secret work the prominent leader expresses his own views, which are very dear to his person and the rest of the workers have to acquiesce in them-in spite of differences, which they might have. In that leaflet one full paragraph was devoted to praise the Almighty and His rejoicings and doing. That is all mysticism.

What I wanted to point out was that the idea of disbelief had not even germinated in the revolutionary party. The famous Kakori martyrs –all four of them-passed their last day in prayers. Ram Prasad Bismil was an orthodox Arya Samajist. Despite his wide studies in the field of Socialism and Communism, Rajen Lahiri could not suppress his desire, of reciting hymns of the Upanishads and the Gita. I saw only one man amongst them, who never prayed and used to say, "Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness or limitation of knowledge". He is also undergoing a sentence of transportation for life. But he also never dared to deny the existence of God.

UP to that period I was only a romantic idealist revolutionary. Uptil then we were to follow. Now came the time to shoulder the whole responsibility. Due to the inevitable reaction for some time the very existence of the Party seemed impossible. Enthusiastic comrades – nay leaders – began to jeer at us. For some time I was afraid that some day I also might not be convinced of the futility of our own program. That was a turning point in my revolutionary career. "Study" was the cry that reverberated in the corridors of my mind. Study to enable yourself to face the arguments advanced by opposition. Study to arm yourself with arguments in favor of your cult. I began to study. My previous faith and convictions underwent a remarkable modification. The Romance of the violent methods alone which was so prominent amongst our predecessors, was replaced by serious ideas. No more mysticism, no more blind faith. Realism became our cult. Use of force justifiable when resorted to as a matter of terrible necessity: non-violence as policy indispensable for all mass movements. So much about methods.

The most important thing was the clear conception of the ideal for which we were to fight, As there were no important activities in the field of action I got ample opportunity to study various ideals of the world revolution. I studied Bakunin, the Anarchist leader, something of Marx the father of Communism and much of Lenin, Trotsky and others the men who had successfully carried out a revolution in their country. They were all atheists. Bakunin's "God and State", though only fragmentary, is an interesting study of the subject. Later still I came across a book entitled 'Common Sense' by Nirlamba Swami. It was only a sort of mystic atheism. This subject became of utmost interest to me. By the end of 1926 I had been convinced as to the baselessness of the theory of existence of an almighty supreme being who created, guided and controlled the universe. I had given out this disbelief of mine. I began discussion on the subjects with my friends. I had become a pronounced atheist. But, what it meant will presently be discussed.

In May 1927 I was arrested at Lahore. The arrest was a surprise. I was quite unaware of (he fact that the police wanted me. All of a sudden while passing through a garden I found myself surrounded by police. To my own surprise, I was very calm at that time. I did not feel any sensation, neither did I experience any excitement. I was taken into police custody. Next day I was taken to the Railway Police lock-up where I was to pass full one month.

After many day's conversation with the Police officials I guessed that they had some information regarding my connexion with the Kakori Party and my other activities in connexion with the revolutionary movement. They told me that I had been to Lucknow while the trial was going on there, that I had negotiated a certain scheme about their rescue, that after obtaining their approval, we had procured some bombs, that by way of test one of the bombs was thrown in the crowd on the occasion of Dussehra 1926. They further informed me, in my interest, that if I could give any statement throwing some light on the activities of the revolutionary party, I was not to be imprisoned but on the contrary set free and rewarded even without being produced as an approver in the Court. I laughed at the proposal. It was all humbug.

People holding ideas like ours do not throw bombs on their own innocent people. One fine morning Mr. Newman, the then Senior Superintendent of CID., came to me. And after much sympathetic talk with me imparted-to him-the extremely sad news that if I did not give any statement as demanded by them, they would be forced to send me up for trial for conspiracy to wage war in connexion with Kakori Case and for brutal murders in connexion with Dussehra Bomb outrage. And he further informed me that they had evidence enough to get me convicted and hanged.

In those days I believed – though I was quite innocent – the police could do it if they desired. That very day certain police officials began to persuade me to offer my prayers to God regularly both the times. Now I was an atheist. I wanted to settle for myself whether it was in the days of peace and enjoyment alone that I could boast of being an atheist or whether during such hard times as well I could stick to those principles of mine. After great consideration I decided that I could not lead myself to believe in and pray to God. No, I never did. That was the real test and I came, out successful. Never for a moment did I desire to save my neck at the cost of certain other things. So I was a staunch disbeliever : and have ever since been. It was not an easy job to stand that test.

'Belief' softens the hardships, even can make them pleasant. In God man can find very strong consolation and support. Without Him, the man has to depend upon himself. To stand upon one's own legs amid storms and hurricanes is not a child's play. At such testing moments, vanity, if any, evaporates, and man cannot dare to defy the general beliefs, if he does, then we must conclude that he has got certain other strength than mere vanity. This is exactly the situation now. Judgment is already too well known.

Within a week it is to be pronounced. What is the consolation with the exception of the idea that I am going to sacrifice my life for a cause ? A God-believing Hindu might be expecting to be reborn as a king, a Muslim or a Christian might dream of the luxuries to be- enjoyed in paradise and the reward he is to get for his sufferings and sacrifices. But what am I to expect? I know the moment the rope is fitted round my neck and rafters removed, from under my feet. That will be the final moment, that will be the last moment. I, or to be more precise, my soul, as interpreted in the metaphysical terminology, shall all be finished there. Nothing further.

A short life of struggle with no such magnificent end, shall in itself be the reward if I have the courage to take it in that light. That is all. With no selfish motive, or desire to be awarded here or hereafter, quite disinterestedly have I devoted my life to the cause of independence, because I could not do otherwise. The day we find a great number of men and women with this psychology who cannot devote themselves to anything else than the service of mankind and emancipation of the suffering humanity; that day shall inaugurate the era of liberty.

Not to become a king, nor to gain any other rewards here, or in the next birth or after death in paradise, shall they be inspired to challenge the oppressors, exploiters, and tyrants, but to cast off the yoke of serfdom from the neck of humanity and to establish liberty and peace shall they tread this-to their individual selves perilous and to their noble selves the only glorious imaginable-path. Is the pride in their noble cause to be – misinterpreted as vanity? Who dares to utter such an abominable epithet? To him, I say either he is a fool or a knave. Let us forgive him for he can not realize the depth, the emotion, the sentiment and the noble feelings that surge in that heart. His heart is dead as a mere lump of flesh, his eyes are-weak, the evils of other interests having been cast over them. Self-reliance is always liable to be interpreted as vanity. It is sad and miserable but there is no help.

You go and oppose the prevailing faith, you go and criticize a hero, a great man, who is generally believed to be above criticism because he is thought to be infallible, the strength of your argument shall force the multitude to decry you as vainglorious. This is due to the mental stagnation, Criticism and independent thinking are the two indispensable qualities of a revolutionary. Because Mahatamaji is great, therefore none should criticize him. Because he has risen above, therefore everything he says-may be in the field of Politics or Religion, Economics or Ethics-is right. Whether you are convinced or not you must say, "Yes, that's true". This mentality does not lead towards progress. It is rather too obviously, reactionary.

Because our forefathers had set up a faith in some supreme, being – the Almighty God – therefore any man who dares to challenge the validity of that faith, or the very existence of that supreme being, he shall have to be called an apostate, a renegade. If his arguments are too sound to be refuted by counter-arguments and spirit too strong to be cowed down by the threat of misfortunes that may befall him by the wrath of the Almighty, he shall be decried as vainglorious, his spirit to be denominated as vanity. Then why to waste time in this vain discussion? Why try to argue out the whole thing? This question is coming before the public for the first time, and is being handled in this matter of fact way for the first time, hence this lengthy discussion.

As for the first question, I think I have cleared that it is not vanity that has led me to atheism. My way of argument has proved to be convincing or not, that is to be judged by my readers, not me. I know in the present, circumstances my faith in God would have made my life easier, my burden lighter and my disbelief in Him has turned all the circumstances too dry and the situation may assume too harsh a shape. A little bit of mysticism can make it poetical. But I, do not want the help of any intoxication to meet my fate. I am a realist. I have been trying to overpower the instinct in me by the help of reason. I have not always been successful in achieving this end. But man's duty is to try and endeavor, success depends upon chance and environments.

As for the second question that if it was not vanity, then there ought to be some reason to disbelieve the old and still prevailing faith of the existence of God. Yes; I come to that now Reason there is. According to. me, any man who has got some reasoning power at his command always tries to reason out his environments. Where direct proofs are lacking philosophy occupies the important place. As I have already stated, a certain revolutionary friend used to say that Philosophy is the outcome of human weakness. When our ancestors had leisure enough to try to solve out the mystery of this world, its past, present and the future, its whys and wherefores, they having been terribly short of direct proofs, everybody tried to solve the problem in his own way. Hence we find the wide differences in the fundamentals of various religious creeds, which some times assume very antagonistic and conflicting shapes. Not only the Oriental and Occidental philosophies differ, there are differences even amongst various schools of thoughts in each hemisphere.

Amongst Oriental religions, the Moslem faith is not at all compatible with Hindu faith. In India alone Buddhism and Jainism are sometimes quite separate from Brahmanism, in which there are again conflicting faiths as Arya Samaj and Sanatan Dharma. Charwak is still another independent thinker of the past ages. He challenged the authority of God in the old times. All these creeds differ from each other on the fundamental question., and everybody considers himself to be on the right. There lies the misfortune.

Instead of using the experiments and expressions of the ancient Savants and thinkers as a basis for our future struggle against ignorance and to try to find out a solution to this mysterious problem, we – lethargical as we have proved to be – raise the hue and cry of faith, unflinching and unwavering faith to their versions and thus are guilty of stagnation in human progress.

Any man who stands for progress has to criticize, disbelieve and challenge every item of the old faith. Item by item he has to reason out every nook and corner of the prevailing faith. If after considerable reasoning one is led to believe in any theory or philosophy, his faith is welcomed. His reasoning can be mistaken, wrong, misled and sometimes fallacious. But he is liable to correction because reason is the guiding star of his life. But mere faith and blind faith is dangerous: it dulls the brain, and makes a man reactionary.

A man who claims to be a realist has to challenge the whole of the ancient faith. If it does not stand the onslaught of reason it crumbles down. Then the first thing for him is to shatter the whole down and clear a space for the erection of a new philosophy. This is the negative side. After it begins the positive work in which sometimes some material of the old faith may be used for the purpose of reconstruction.

As far as I am concerned, let me admit at the very outset that I have not been able to study much on this point. I had a great desire to study the Oriental Philosophy but I could not get any chance or opportunity to do the same. But so far as the negative study is under discussion, I think I am convinced to the extent of questioning the soundness of the old faith. I have been convinced as to non-existence of a conscious supreme being who is guiding and directing the movements of nature. We believe in nature and the whole progressive movement aims at the domination of man over nature for his service. There is no conscious power behind it to direct. This is what our philosophy is.

As for the negative side. we ask a few questions from the 'believers'.

If, as you believe, there is an almighty, omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God-who created the earth or world, please let me know why did he create it ? This world of woes and miseries, a veritable, eternal combination of numberless tragedies: Not a single soul being perfectly satisfied.

Pray, don't say that it is His Law: If he is bound by any law, he is not omnipotent. He is another slave like ourselves. Please don't say that it is his enjoyment. Nero burnt one Rome. He killed a very limited number of people. He created very few tragedies, all to his perfect enjoyment. And what is his place in History? By what names do the historians mention him? All the venomous epithets are showered upon him. Pages are blackened with invective diatribes condemning Nero, the tyrant, the heartless, the wicked.

One Changezkhan sacrificed a few thousand lives to seek pleasure in it and we hate the very name. Then how are you going to justify your almighty, eternal Nero, who has been, and is still causing numberless tragedies every day, every hour and every minute? How do you think to support his misdoings which surpass those of Changez every single moment? I say why did he create this world – a veritable hell, a place of constant and bitter unrest? Why did the Almighty create man when he had the power not to do it?

What is the justification for all this ? Do you say to award the innocent sufferers hereafter and to punish the wrong-doers as well? Well, well: How far shall you justify a man who may dare to inflict wounds upon your body to apply a very soft and soothing liniment upon it afterwards? How far the supporters and organizers of the Gladiator Institution were justified in throwing men before the half starved furious lions to be cared for and well looked after if they could survive and could manage to escape death by the wild beasts? That is why I ask, 'Why did the conscious supreme being created this world and man in it? To seek pleasure? Where then is the difference between him and Nero'?

You Mohammadens and Christians : Hindu Philosophy shall still linger on to offer another argument. I ask you what is your answer to the above-mentioned question? You don't believe in previous birth. Like Hindus you cannot advance the argument of previous misdoings of the apparently quite innocent sufferers? I ask you why did the omnipotent labor for six days to create the world through word and each day to say that all was well. Call him today. Show him the past history. Make him study the present situation. Let us see if he dares to say, "All is well".

From the dungeons of prisons, from the stores of starvation consuming millions upon millions of human beings in slums and huts, from the exploited laborers, patiently or say apathetically watching the procedure of their blood being sucked by the Capitalist vampires, and the wastage of human energy that will make a man with the least common sense shiver with horror, and from the preference of throwing the surplus of production in oceans rather than to distribute amongst the needy producers…to the palaces of kings built upon the foundation laid with human bones.... let him see all this and let him say "All is well".

Why and wherefore? That is my question. You are silent.

All right then, I proceed. Well, you Hindus, you say all the present sufferers belong to the class of sinners of the previous births. Good. You say the present oppressors were saintly people in their previous births, hence they enjoy power. Let me admit that your ancestors were very shrewd people, they tried to find out theories strong enough to hammer down all the efforts of reason and disbelief. But let us analyze how far this argument can really stand.

From the point of view of the most famous jurists punishment can be justified only from three or four ends to meet which it is inflicted upon the wrongdoer. They are retributive, reformative and deterrent. The retributive theory is now being condemned by all the advanced thinkers. Deterrent theory is also following the same fate. Reformative theory is the only one which is essential, and indispensable for human progress. It aims at returning the offender as a most competent and a peace-loving citizen to the society. But what is the nature of punishment inflicted by God upon men even if we suppose them to be offenders. You say he sends them to be born as a cow, a cat, a tree, a herb or a best. You enumerate these punishments to be 84 lakhs. I ask you what is its reformative effect upon man? How many men have met you who say that they were born as a donkey in previous birth for having committed any sin? None. Don't quote your Puranas. I have no scope to touch your mythologies. Moreover do you know that the greatest sin in this world is to be poor. Poverty is a sin, it is a punishment.

I ask you how far would you appreciate a criminologist, a jurist or a legislator who proposes such measures of punishment which shall inevitably force man to commit more offences? Had not your God thought of this or he also had to learn these things by experience, but at the cost of untold sufferings to be borne by humanity? What do you think shall be the fate of a man who has been born in a poor and illiterate family of say a chamar or a sweeper. He is poor, hence he cannot study. He is hated and shunned by his fellow human beings who think themselves to be his superiors having been born in say a higher caste.

His ignorance, his poverty and the treatment meted out to him shall harden his heart towards society. Suppose he commits a sin, who shall bear the consequences? God, he or the learned ones of, the society? What about the punishment of those people who were deliberately kept ignorant by the haughty and egotist Brahmans and who had to pay the penalty by bearing the stream of being led (not lead) in their ears for having heard a few sentences of your Sacred Books of learning-the Vedas? If they committed any offence-who was to be responsible for them and who was to bear the brunt? My dear friends: These theories are the inventions of the privileged ones: They justify their usurped power, riches and superiority by the help of these theories. Yes: It was perhaps Upton Sinclair, that wrote at some place, that just make a man a believer in immortality and then rob him of all his riches, and possessions. He shall help you even in that ungrudgingly. The coalition amongst the religious preachers and possessors of power brought forth jails, gallows, knouts and these theories.

I ask why your omnipotent God, does not stop every man when he is committing any sin or offence? He can do it quite easily. Why did he not kill war lords or kill the fury of war in them and thus avoid the catastrophe hurled down on the head of humanity by the Great War? Why does he not just produce a certain sentiment in the mind of the British people to liberate India? Why does he not infuse the altruistic enthusiasm in the hearts of all capitalists to forgo their rights of personal possessions of means of production and thus redeem the whole laboring community – nay the whole human society from the bondage of Capitalism. You want to reason out the practicability of socialist theory, I leave it for your almighty to enforce it.

People recognize the merits of socialism in as much as the general welfare is concerned. They oppose it under the pretext of its being impracticable. Let the Almighty step in and arrange everything in an orderly fashion. Now don't try to advance round about arguments, they are out of order. Let me tell you, British rule is here not because God wills it but because they possess power and we do not dare to oppose them. Not that it is with the help of God that they are keeping us under their subjection but it is with the help of guns and rifles, bomb and bullets, police and millitia and our apathy that they are successfully committing the most deplorable sin against society- the outrageous exploitation of one nation by another. Where is God ? What is he doing? Is he enjoying all I these woes of human race ? A Nero; A Changez : Down with him.

Do you ask me how I explain the origin of this world and origin of man? Alright I tell you. Charles Darwin has tried to throw some light on the subject. Study him. Read Soham Swami's "Commonsense". It shall answer your question to some extent. This is a phenomenon of nature. The accidental mixture of different substances in the shape of nebulae produced this earth. When? Consult history. The same process produced animals and in the long run man. Read Darwin's 'Origin of Species'. And all the later progress is due to man's constant conflict with nature and his efforts to override it. This is the briefest possible explanation of this phenomenon.

Your other argument may be just to ask why a child is born blind or lame if not due to his deeds committed in the previous birth? This problem has been explained away by biologists as a more biological phenomenon. According to them the whole burden rests upon the shoulders of the parents who may be conscious or ignorant of their own deeds led to mutilation of the child previous to its birth.

Naturally you may ask another question though it is quite childish in essence. If no God existed, how did the people come to believe in him? My answer is clear and brief. As they came to believe in ghosts, and evil spirits; the only difference is that belief in God is almost universal and the philosophy well developed. Unlike certain of the radicals I would not attribute its origin to the ingenuity of the exploiters who wanted to keep the people under their subjection by preaching the existence of a supreme being and then claiming an authority and sanction from him for their privileged positions. Though I do not differ with them on the essential point that all faiths, religions, creeds and such other institutions became in turn the mere supporters of the tyrannical and exploiting institutions, men and classes. Rebellion against king is always a sin according to every religion.

As regards the origin of God my own idea is that having realized the limitations of man, his weaknesses and shortcoming having been taken into consideration, God was brought into imaginary existence to encourage man to face boldly all the trying circumstances, to meet all dangers manfully and to check and restrain his outbursts in prosperity and affluence. God both with his private laws and parental generosity was imagined and painted in greater details. He was to serve as a deterrent factor when his fury and private laws were discussed so that man may not become a danger to society. He was to serve as a father, mother, sister and brother, friend and helpers when his parental qualifications were to be explained. So that when man be in great distress having been betrayed and deserted by all friends he may find consolation in the idea that an ever true friend was still there to help him, to support him and that He was almighty and could do anything. Really that was useful to the society in the primitive age.

The idea of God is helpful to man in distress.

Society has to fight out this belief as well as was fought the idol worship and the narrow conception of religion. Similarly, when man tries to stand on his own legs, and become a realist he shall have to throw the faith aside, and to face manfully all the distress, trouble, in which the circumstances may throw him. That is exactly my state of affairs. It is not my vanity, my friends. It is my mode of thinking that has made me an atheist. I don't know whether in my case belief in God and offering of daily prayers which I consider to be most selfish and degraded act on the part of man, whether these prayers can prove to be helpful or they shall make my case worse still. I have read of atheists facing all troubles quite boldly, so am I trying to stand like a man with an erect head to the last; even on the gallows.

Let us see how I carry on : one friend asked me to pray. When informed of my atheism, he said, "During your last days you will begin to believe". I said, No, dear Sir, it shall not be. I will think that to be an act of degradation and demoralization on my part. For selfish motives I am not going to pray. Readers and friends, "Is this vanity"? If it is, I stand for it.

Bhagat Singh (1930)