Monday, September 08, 2008

Popular Front of India Rally - Mangalore- Pictures

Mangalore, Aug 15: There were spectacular scenes at the Mangala Stadium on Aug 15, 2008 Friday afternoon as the Popular Front of India (PFI) organized 'Freedom Parade' commemorating India's 62nd Independence Day.
"This parade will bring optimism for all those who are disappointed with the current situation in India. The truth and adventure goes together with them. You can fight any kind of problems facing the nation. Even nature will support you in such cases" said well known columnist from Bangalore Shivsunder , during his speech after the Freedom parade.

"Those politicians who are supposed to protect the nation are today engaged in 'Horse' trading. In this situation youngsters must come forward to protect and fight for our nation. Today’s huge number of youth who took part in this parade are real soldiers. I appreciate and salute them" he said.

The Freedom Parade was earlier inaugurated by vice chairman of the Popular Front, K M Shareed. In his address he said , " The Muslim community in India even today are living under the same conditions that prevailed during the pre-independence era. Equal rights for each and everyone still remains a distant dream. To win independence for every citizen, the Popular Front's fight will continue.." he said.

"We have marked this independence day in a much different way from other celebrations around the country through this spectacular parade" he continued. The Karnataka Front for Dignity (KFD) state president Dr Mahaboob Shareef presided over the event and accepted the oath from the cadets. Atoor Madaras' Syed Ibrahim Alhadi Tanjal, Mangalore University's lecturer Pattabhirama Somayaji, PUCL state vice president Suresh Nath Bakrabailu, Jayan Malpe, Khateeb SB, Dharimi, A. Muzafar Ahmed, Udupi Minority Cell district president M Kamaruddin were guests of honor.

KFD State secretary K Abdul Latif welcomed the gathering and KFD vice president Ilyas Mohd proposed the vote of thanks More than a thousand cadets with uniform took part in March past.


  1. why this fanatic fellows are considered as revolutionary.....thi is crap

  2. Please remove this post. The muslim fanatics have nothing to do with revolution. They are a reactionary bunch. similar like RSS. Agents of imperialism.


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