This blog was started in June 2006 mainly because the only other website that used to carry information about the Maoist movement in India was banned by the government of India.Read here.

Initially this blog only reproduced articles about Maoists from the mainstream media but later on we have also posted press releases of Maoist groups in India and other original articles.

Later on due to harassment from various sources and an increasing hostile environment this blog was not functional for varying durations in 2007 and 2008.

In 2009 the author of this blog claimed in a post that he differed with the Maoists on various issues and chose to go on a self imposed exile.

This blog was restarted partially in June 2010 due to increase in online traffic that this blog witnessed due to the offline activities of Maoists..i.e dantewada massacre,spo bus blown up..etc

In June 2011, the blog author again announced that blogging will be suspended until further notice. Since then the blog has seen sporadic posts.

In March 2016, the blog author made one final post.

Current Blog Status : Inactive 

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