Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Download Revolutionary Songs from all over the world in mp3

We are putting up a collection of songs that we found online.
These tracks come from diverse countries like
India,Philippines,Turkey,Cuba,Russia,Latin America.

They will be frequently updated as and when we find new songs.

If you have any good song in mp3 format which you would like to see here
please email them to us at
naxalrevolution (at the rate) gmail (dot) com

Revolutionary Mp3 Songs from India and rest of the World

Download them at the links below : 

Internationale (Hindi)
Sung by a group (few stanza's)
(Filetype: mp3, 1.21MB) Download

Mahaan Bastar Bhumkal (Halbi)
It's a song in Halbi language of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, India. This song calls upon the people to fight back the corporate onslaught going on in the hinterlands of India. Bhumkaal means REBELLION. In 1910, Bastar people had rebelled against British colonialists. Now the legacy is being continued

(Filetype: mp3, 9.2MB) Download

Lal - Salaam (Telugu)
A popular Telugu song by the Jan Natya Mandali

(Filetype: mp3, 12.0MB) Download

Mangal Mangal - Agni (Hindi)
A song from the bollywood movie Mangal Pandey - The Rising based on the Great Indian Revolt of 1857 against British Rule.

(Filetype: mp3, 3.3MB) Download

Umeed-E-Shehar By Laal (Urdu)
A song sung by Pakistan based leftist band.

(Filetype: mp3, 4.0MB) Download

Naxalite - Asian Dub Foundation (English)
Live in Concert 

(Filetype: mp3, 4.76MB) Download

Internationale (English)
By Sheffield Socialist Choir
(Filetype: mp3, 3MB) Download

Internationale ( English) Instrumental
Instrumental version by Military Band
(Filetype: mp3, 6.29MB) Download

Lekhin Gerilla (Kurdish)
A song of the kurdistan workers party
(Filetype: mp3, 3.5MB) Download

Hasta Simpere Commandante (Spanish)
Carlos Puebla from marxists.com
(Filetype: mp3, 3.09MB) Download
Pagbati (Filipino)
OST of CPP documentary on NPA - Bigwas
(Filetype: mp3, 2.93MB) Download

Hasta Simpere Commandante (Spanish)
Nathalie Cardone - Pop 
(Filetype: mp3, 3.97MB) Download

'I Lenin Takoi Molodoi' (Russian)
Lenin Is Young Again. OST of the movie October Revolution
(Filetype: mp3, 3.37MB) Download

If you are possession of any mp3 songs which could be added here kindly email us a copy in mp3 format at naxalrevolution@gmail.com

Other Songs :

08 Hum Manavta Ke Rakhwale.mp3

07 Bharat Apni Mahan Bhoomi.mp3

06 Aaya Re May Din.mp3

05 Kya khoya , kya paya.mp3

04 Chale re Chalo Sathiyoan.mp3

03 Inquilab, Inquilab.mp3

Nationalist / Patriotic Songs from Bollywood

Aye Watan (Fast)-1965 - Shaheed.mp3

Aye Watan (Slow)-1965 - Shaheed.mp3

Desh Mere Desh Mere - The Legend of Bhagat Singh.mp3

Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero.mp3

Bharath Hamko Jan se - Roja.mp3

Mere Vatan - Mission Kashmir.mp3

Zindagi Har Kadam Ek Nayee Jung Hai - Meri Jung.mp3

Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi - Bollywood Movie on Maoists





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  2. how do you download them, I tried clicking on the download button but it takes me to a site "savefile.com" and there's nothing there.

  3. these links do not work. we would like to spread these songs. please make them available

  4. The Links have been updated and the files have been re-uploaded.

    Thank you for pointing out the errors.




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