Saturday, June 24, 2006

After Choppers its Cars now - Mining Mafia on shopping spree

After choppers, it's cars now!

This news is some months old but nonetheless relevant


After the recent helicopter-buying spree of the rich mine owners and industrialists of the district, middle, upper middle class , high income citizens here are now making a beeline for buying luxurious cars.(Note - The media uses different terms to describe the assorted scum who constitute the mining mafia that is looting the peoples wealth. )

Though this trend was on the rise for the last two years, for obvious reasons, it has gained momentum after the recent panchayat elections.

As the year 2005 came to an end, expensive cars like Mercedes Benz and Terracan and mid-segment vehicles like Safari, Innova and Bolero have started making a sudden appearance on Bellary roads. Whether the roads, which are in a very bad shape, can handle this traffic or not, new luxurious cars have been queuing up in front of the Regional Transport Office for registration.

The panchayat elections too have contributed to this trend in their own way. The winners and losers alike in the elections have been buying new vehicles. While many of them bought new cars, some changed their old ones.

A new car showroom, which opened just two months ago, sold its 100th car on Tuesday. The showroom did celebrate this in style.

Much of the demand for luxury cars come from Bellary and Hospet. "We get the expensive cars delivered from either Hubli or Bangalore," says Shivaprakash Shirakola, one of the sales executives of a firm.

Attractive bank loan available for car buyers is also helping boost the sales, he adds.

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