Saturday, June 24, 2006

Salwa Judum Atrocites Video Part I

Watch never before seen pictures and footage of
State Sponsered terrorist campaign Salwa Judum - an atrocious campaign in which innocent villagers and sympathisers of CPI(Maoist) are targeted by gangs of armed police and tribals.Hundreds of innocent tribals have been killed and hundreds of tribal women have been raped.50,000 tribals have been hounded out from their homes and now live in refugee camps.

This video was made by the Janata Sarkaar(Peoples Government) of the
CPI(Maoist) in the Dandakaranya region of Chhattisgarh


Video Courtsey --
Anoop Saha is blogger based in bangalore.He blogs at The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul
Note: Anoop Saha has no relation with the groups that made the video.
He is not a sympathiser of the naxalite movement and has publicly criticized
them in the past. He is just sharing a publicly available video with others.

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