Friday, June 30, 2006

Comrade Saketh Rajan's Diary Still Eludes the police

How much every high-tech the Karnataka Police might be they failed to crack Comrade Saketh Rajan's Diary.Technology does have its limitations.

After Comrade Saketh Rajan was killed in Treacherythe police recovered a digital diary from him.
Today even one year after his death they have still not been able to crack it.

Naxal diary beats hi-tech State

The police department has failed to unlock the secrets hidden in the digital diary which was found at the site where Naxal leader Saketh Rajan was killed. The crucial inside information of Naxal activities in the Western Ghats, which the police was hoping would be theirs with the cracking of the digital diary password, will remain out of their reach.

The police claim to have left no stone unturned in trying to get the information in the diary, which was found in a handbag at the encounter site. The diary belonged to Casio company and the police took the diary to various branches of the company and technology centres in India, including IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Bangalore; Cyber Centre, Hyderabad and even Delhi. But the obsolete technology used in the diary worked against the police and even the company concerned failed to unlock the diary.


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