Friday, June 30, 2006

Karnataka's Hi-Tech Police

Karnataka's Hi-Tech Police

The revolutionary situation in Karnataka did suffer a mighty blow with the death of Comrade Saketh Rajan.The Karnataka police think they finished off the movement in the state.Little do know about the revolutionary storm that is brewing in the villages and towns.

One reason why I think it will be tough for the Maoists to get a strong foothold in Karnataka is because the Karnataka Police is not like the Bihar or Jharkhand police---both of whom are utterly demoralised and totally useless.
The Karnataka Police is better equipped and better motivated than cops in other parts of the country.

When I say they are better, I say so only in relation to their capabilities, intelligence gathering and motivation ,in terms of corruption,brutality and savagery they are probably equal to the rest of the police in India.

A clear sign of this efficiency and superior capablities
can be found on the internet.

Mr B.Dayananda IPS who is the
Superintendent of Police Dakshina Kannada District
maintains a blog
It is in Kannada and English
He started this blog in December last year and has won a lot
of praise,recognition and applauds for his efforts.

This blog eventually inspired the Los Angles Police Departement( L.A.P.D )
to follow his example and start their own blog
at on May 11,2006.

News Article
This blog inspired LA police

MANGALORE: One of the largest police forces in the United States - the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) - has taken a leaf out of Dakshina Kannada district police. It started its own official blog - on May 11.

Dakshina Kannada district police launched their blog on December 8, 2005.

While the purpose of launching the blog is well documented, what perhaps has gone unnoticed is that this local initiative has attracted attention from news agencies abroad. Andrew Glazer of Associated Press, Los Angeles, sent an e-mail questionnaire about the blog to B. Dayananda, Superintendent of Police, Dakshina Kannada, recently.

"His intent," Mr. Dayananda said, "was to make a study about police blogs elsewhere in the world. The e-mail questionnaire sent to me was part of the study for a news report. While the focus of news report available on is about the official blog of LAPD, there is a reference to our effort in that report along with other such efforts."

Full Article

The Superintendent of Police Mr Dayandana surely has
my respect and it has been rightly earned.
That however does not mean we must allow a few honest cops to delude
us into believing the system is not rotting.For every honest efficient
IPS officer like Mr Dayananda we have IAS officers like Iqbal Khanday.

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