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P Rajan - A Naxalite Sympathiser devoured by Khaki Rakshashas

To commomerate" Martyrs week " this blog will carry profiles and the struggles of our comrades and sympathizers for the whole of this week.

P.Rajan - Tale of a naxalite sympathiser who was devoured by Khaki Rakshashas.(Demonic Police Forces)

Rajan was a student of REC Calicut during the emergency period. In the 1970's the Naxalite movement had become very strong in north kerala. Almost any idealistic, young man/woman in those days were attracted to that ideology.

College hostels were probably full of sympathizers to the "cause". It is generally accepted that Rajan was not in the movement but likely was a sympathizer but so were thousands of others. However, what allegedly bought him to the attention of police was a play which he acted/directed (i am not sure about the specifics) during a college festival which made fun of a minister in the kerala cabinet.

After he was tortured, murdered and burned (allegedly) in the kakkyam police camp, the government and the police steadfastly maintained that he was never even taken into custody.

Prof Eachara Warrior, Rajan's father, could not even approach the courts during emergency as "habeus corpus" was suspended. After emergency was lifted, he filed a case against the government which ultimately led to a judgement by the high court against the government. karunakaran who was the home minister at the time of the murder (and chief minister when the judgement came out) had to resign.

Jayaram Padikkal IPS,the man in charge of the camp and Pulikkodan Narayanan, the SI who tortured and killed Rajan were prosecuted but never rally paid for their crimes. Rajan's mother, who was mentally ill, was never told about his murder. She lived for more than 25 years in the fond hope that her only son will one day return.

Even today, exactly what happened to Rajan is a mystery. Was he burned with sugar (to ensure that not even burns will be left behind) or dumped in a dam? Will the perpetrators ever confess? I hope some one will tell the true story like the retired constable who confessed to the killing of Vargheese so that the old man will gain some peace of mind in the twilight of his life.

I once had the privilege of hearing Prof Eachara Warrior speak about his experience. A humble man, he spoke simply but movingly about his futile attempts to get his boy back. As he spoke, I tried to imagine his sufferings but failed miserably. He has written a small book on his experience.

The incident should remind us of the excesses that a supremely powerful government can commit if the "checks and balances" are removed. During emergency, trains ran on time, governent service was efficient, civil servants were afraid to strike but personal liberty, "due proces" and fundamental human rights were trampled upon. In the quest for achieving the former nobody should have to give up the latter.


Comrades even as we remember P.Rajan's sacrifice there are many more Rajans being
devoured under the protection of the draconianChattishgarh Public Security Actby the CRPF Rakshashas in Chattishgarh.
They even have a name for it and it's called "Salwa Judum".

And Greyhound Rakshashas are devouring young and old naxalite sympathisers
in Andhra Pradesh.

Nothing much has changed in all these years since the emergencies.
Naxalite sympathisers still continue to disappear at night and
mysteriously reappear in jungles where the Rakshashas claim
an encounter killing.

Generation now is all so excited about RTI (Right to information) Act.
They spend their faltu time sending SMS's exhorting and encouraging the
use of RTI to news channels.

I was wondering , that if I decided to file a RTI petition tommorow
will they inform us about the truth of what happened to 10,000 of our comrades(majority of them non-combatants) and how they were really
killed and why they disappeared,in the last 40 years ?

If it cannot
then the RTI is useless to me.

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