Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pro-Naxal Bloggers scare the living daylights out of the Government

This is not the first time the fascist goverment has tried to restrict free speech.
The first to fall victim was the pro-maoist website


which was taken down on 15th May2006 after the server hosting company recieved instructions from the government to block the site.

The Archives of peoplesmarch.com is available Here
Note:Click on the cached link to view pages

This action against peoplesmarch was initiated after a question was asked in the Rajya Sabha



Will the Minister of HOME AFFAIRS be pleased to state:-

(a) whether it is a fact that the naxalites have now become `hi-tech` by launching their own website and have issued serious threats from website to the State and Central Government;

(b) if so, the details thereof; and

(c) how his Ministry propose to effectively face this situation?




(a) & (b): Certain websites with pro-maoist/naxalite contents are found to be hosted on Internet. These websites are largely hosted outside India.

(c): Besides intercepting any information transmitted through any computer resource in relation to interests of the sovereignty or integrity of India, security of the State, Public order etc., the Central Government can also issue instructions to Internet Service Providers for blocking of such websites in India.

Undetered by the fascist onsalught of the state on free speech.P Govindan Kutty relaunched peoplesmarch on googlepages.

On the shifting of peoplesmarch to googlepages,the editor had this to say.

"We believe that an individial has an unalienable right of speech and expression, by virtue of his birth. We will exercise that right, and this site is a step in that direction."
---P.Govindan kutty, Editor, People's March

It can now be accessed here


Meanwhile several pro-naxal bloggers present on the blogosphere decided to get there act together and launched a pro-naxalite blog called


Naxal Revolution was vocal in exposing the hypocricy of bourgeoise democracy,the fascist nature of the government and exposed the atrocities conducted by the government in the name of Salwa Judum.

Some of the important issues reported by Naxal Revolution were

1.The brutal massacres that went un-reported in the mainstream media like the Devarpalli Massacre
The Devarpalli Massacre is the first incident in post-independent India's history where the state has deliberately bombed its own civilian population.

2.We collected videos of Salwa Judum Terror Atrocities Video released by the CPI(Maoist) which can be accessed below.
Part I of Salwa Judum Atrocities Video

The remaining three parts can be accessed here

3.Last month we exposed
how the mining mafia in collusion with the
political leaders were looting and exploiting the people of bellary in Karnataka
BJP Scum buys helicopter

Minefield of Exploitation

Children of the Pits

Eventually the story was picked up by NDTV in the last week and the government was forced to react.This incident has sent shockwaves throughtout the entire state putting the coalition government led by H.D Kumarswamy in turmoil.

Unable to counter the fast growing naxal movement and afraid that pro-naxal bloggers would expose the other unlawful and illegal activities that the government is carrying out in various corners of the country,the government decided to put a blanket ban on the entire Indian Blogosphere.

The buck now stops at India's CEO Joker Manmohan Singh

Joker Manmohan Singh

Blogs are more powerful than guns.We don't allow our enemies to
have guns then why must we then allow them to have blogs ?
- Joker Manmohan Singh

UPA's Common Minimum Program is based on the following three slogans



(Dead Soldier , dead farmer.)

Big Brother is watching you.
Don't let the thought police get to you.

Article on Censorship Wiki
Which was deleted from the main page by the Indian Blogger's Collective who are supposedly fighting for the rights of bloggers.

But they won't think twice about censoring a fellow bloggers post.


  1. Take heart comrade: the only way the Indian government will be able to censor you effectively is to ban access to the internet, which would of course not suit a neoliberal agenda! You will always be able to put information into cyberspace, and people who want to will always be able ultimately to find it. Of course, the masses will not find information this way, but that is not something you can change by putting information on the internet – that is something for which you need to put information on the streets. But in terms of informing cadres and intellectuals, they cannot stymie the internet!

  2. You are right comrade in your assessment.
    The Internet indeed is out of reach of the masses right now in India.

    Anyways the government hasn't banned feedblitz so people can always subscribe for email updates.

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  4. what make you call yourselves revolutionaries....if you have some issues then come out and have discussions and if these discussions fail then again discuss....but killing innocent people is never justified...you people have transformed yourselves from revolutionaries to terrorists..only god can help you now..


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