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American student becomes first foreigner to win JNU election

American student becomes first foreigner to win JNU election
Saturday November 11, 08:13 PM

New Delhi, Nov 11 (ANI): A U.S. citizen on Saturday became the first foreigner to win a student election at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) after mounting a campaign critical of American foreign policy.
(Williams delivering his speech)

Tyler Walker Williams, a Hindi student, has been elected to the post of Vice-President in the student's union elections of JNU, famous for producing Left wing politicians. Williams has been active in student politics for the past three years. He represented AISA, a union affiliated to CPI (ML), which has held sway over the university's student body for decades. "I see this as a symbol of the growing partnership and growing solidarity of student movements all over the world.

Whether it be the students in France protesting against the anti-worker policies of the government, the students in the United States protesting against the imperialistic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and students in this country who are protesting against the neo-colonial policies that the UPA government is the agent of. I see it as the symbol of solidarity," Williams said.

In his campaign, Williams voiced opposition to the Iraq war and said most Americans were against President George W. Bush's foreign policies, as was evident from this week's U.S. congressional elections. Williams believes politics in both India and Unites States is monopolized by two major parties, but Indian voters still have more choice, as there are several political groups and factions in India, to represent the interests of diverse sections of society. Notwithstanding, he adds governments in both nations are turning a blind eye to the labour issues.

"Compared to America, there are more factions and more political groups here, but just as American government is attacking the rights of the workers, people's rights, similarly the Indian government and its agents here are attacking the worker and farmer rights and to tell you the truth the ruling United Progressive Alliance, and its allies, are agents of American imperialism and neo-liberal policies.

So, what is happening here is also happening in America at this time," Williams added. Williams, in his late 20s, has been at JNU for six years, pursuing his research in Hindi. Students wing of almost all major political parties fielded their candidates for the elections, which is considered to be a ticket to mainstream polity. (ANI)


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