Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Open letter to President of India by a concerned citizen of Chhattishgarh

Open letter to President of India by a concerned citizen of Chhattishgarh

Shri.Abdul Kalamji,

Dear Sir,

During your speech at Chhattisgarh "Rajya Utsav" on 7th of this month you recited a poem in which you mentioned about the "Bhumkal" movement started by the Tribals of Chhattisgarh,"Chitrakoot" waterfall,simplicity of the state etc..

Was there a single Tribal leader around you through out your stay in Chhatisgarh?

CM Raman Singh is a migrant from Uttar Pradesh.

Governor KM seth is representing the Biharis.

Other ministers of the State like Brijmohan Lal Agrawal,Prem Prakash Pandey,Rajesh Munat etc are migrants from Rajasthan.

Will the above list of people do justice with the Tribal culture and Tradition?

No sir the Tribals remain either naxalite or untouchables for these Leaders of the State.

How long will Chitrakoot, which you mentioned in your poem survive the onslaught from the Tata Steel which is coming up very close to it?

In the name of planting Jatropha,tribals are being displaced from their forest homeland.

If I am wrong then you can always use your power to find out the Truth.
The tribals need your help sir.

Raipur the Capital is Choking with unplanned industrialization where the crops are also becoming black with the pollution coming out of the Sponge Iron Units.Just imagine what it must be doing to the Children of the Villagers next to the Industries?


Is the Main-Stream Media doing anything about the killings of innocent boys and girls by the crpf and other police agencies in Chhattisgarh in the name of naxalite?

Its was very disturbing for me to see the snap of 17 year old girl shot and killed by the army 2 days back in Bastar.The other injured girl also died yesterday.

My argument is how can anybody kill boys and girl aging from 10 to 20 years and get award from the State Government for doing this Dastardly act?
Why is the main-stream media keeping quiet about this?Would have this happened if a non-tribal is killed in the name of naxalite?

Is the Main-Stream Media/Press hiding the truth from the people of India?Are you guys working under pressure from Indian Government and corporate houses like Tata,Essar,Reliance etc for not writing about the inhuman acts being done to the innocent tribals of Bastar?

Hope the killing of innocent tribals by the State government soon stops


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