Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hindustan Times - Banana News

Hindustan times recently carried a news report about this
and another blog.It was one real shoddy article( not that we expected
anything better from these coloured rags that masquerade
as national newspapers).You can read it below.

Naxals and police take battle to blogosphere

Aditya Ghosh
Mumbai, November 24, 2006

The war between Naxals and the police has found a new stage — the blogosphere.

On October 1, Naxalites took their ideology to cyberspace through Afraid of losing the online battle, officers attached to the anti-Naxal wing launched a counter-blog —

The Naxal blog contains comprehensive articles about their ideology and objectives. The content, in well-written English, attacks the political system and claims to have registered 3,196 page views in the last two months. Besides India, there were hits from the US, mainly New York, Chicago and Washington. There were also many hits from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

The blog has a list of other radical left-leaning blogs too. In its acerbic articles, the blog describes large corporates as "legal psychopaths" and criticises Nepal Maoists for getting influenced by the "dark side of the force". It also lampoons the Indian Left by describing Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Sitaram Yechury as a "stooge and stormtrooper".

"Naxals took to blogging after the government banned their website. There is nothing we can do about it, but we are trying to develop a strategy on how to tackle the menace," said Inspector General of Anti-Naxal Operations in Maharashtra Pankaj Gupta.

The anti-Naxal blog is anonymous, but some officers who declined to be named confirmed that it was set up and is being run by anti-Naxal authorities. The blog claims to “monitor all terror activities of Indian naxals”. It claims that the aim of the People’s War Group is to destablise India and the sub-continent “through a well-coordinated strategy with international revolutionaries, and support from Pakistan and China”.

"I am not sure who runs the counter-blog. The Union Home ministry may have an idea,” said Gupta. Additional Secretary (Union Home Ministry, Anti-Naxal Wing) Vinay Kumar declined to comment.

This blog also lists police achievements in containing the Naxal violence and details achievements of policemen, describing those who died in Naxal attacks as martyrs.

Home Ministry sources who declined to be named said setting up the counter-blog was one of the first decisions taken by the Anti-Naxal Wing after it was formed a couple of weeks ago. "The aim of the wing was to monitor and curb Naxal operations and to have a central one-point agency to coordinate the efforts,” said a senior home official.,0008.htm

Now, how about we get the Facts right ?

1.This blog was not started in October but in June 2006 while Naxalwatch
was started way back in November 2004.

2.Naxalwatch was not started in response to Naxalrevolution but the other way round.
We just got tired of listening to the lies of liars.

3.Naxalwatch has some relation to IPCS - Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
a new delhi based think tank and is not connected to the anti-naxal authorites.
The person who regularly updates Naxalwatch is a RSS agent.

And now the disclaimer , which the reporter choose to ignore
even though it is placed in the right side index and has high visibility.


The views expressed on this blog are personal. We do not claim
to be a representative voice of the views of any organization
whatsoever. We are not responsible for the content present on the
links that go out from this blog.

Presence of links on this blog, to websites of certain political organisations/persons do not imply endorsement or affiliation.

This blog is purely for educational and informational purposes and
is not connected to, nor does it support or condone any particular
organisation or movement. Information published on this blog is
reproduced from various public domain
media and academic sources.

If you find any content objectional or offensive please get
in touch with us through email.

Thank You

Team Naxal Revolution

In it's race to the bottom with the
TOIlet Paper(a.k.a Times of India),
Hindustan Times can count on
reporters like Aditya Ghosh to lend them the winning edge.


  1. It is much easier and cheaper – and hence more profitable for our friend the capitalist media combine – to whip up a story based on surfing the internet rather than going out, spending money and working up a sweat actually looking for news. And so, slowly but surely, the capitalist press dig themselves into a hole from which they can see nothing.

  2. hi...
    With all the sympathies to the Naxal ideologies (often suporting them too in the back of my mind), I appreciate the feeling what the 'revolutionaries' must be feeling. Had I not seen and expereinced some of the failed naxals od original Naxalbari who later leaped so high and long that common man could never see them. Many of such brilliant intellectuals are now spending their retired lives in the safe haven of European and American countries.
    Many of these failed or retired Naxals found place (often plum positions) in the 'so-called' Bourgeoisie newspapers.
    The romanticism has a nuisance value but beyond that, I have seen ideologies getting diluted in wine glasses. Why the Naxalbari failed to achieve what it had set out to is a known fact --- if only the leaders had not been sold-off -- maybe we could have seen a better society today.
    Revolution is a seious word, but has lost its weight with time. We all know that the existing bunch of politicians and Left leaders are intolerably corrupt. But can the naxals show us some hope?
    An Admirer of naxal movement

  3. @Mark - You hit the nail on the head.

    Thank you for the kind words.
    I understand that the Indian revolution has had many betrayers.

    I think the struggle and sacrifices
    of the generation of 1970's,80's will not go in vain and a whole new generation inspired by them today stands all set to elevate the struggle and lead it to it's ultimate conclusion.

    Keep reading.




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