Sunday, December 17, 2006

American War Paar da(Check out the American War) -A anti-war video made by Indian Director KP Sasi

This is a personal favorite of mine.
I recommend all readers to view this.

American War Paar da(Check out the American War)

A 4-minute music video directed by KP Sasi and based on Kamaan Singh Dhami's anti-war song "American War Paar Da! (Check Out the American War!)." It is a satirical and is a severe indictment of America's role in escalating world conflict.

Originally written following the post-9/11 bombing of Afghanistan by the USA, and developed to address the occupation of Iraq, the song comments on various aspects of the American empire - its stockpile of nuclear bombs, its cozy relation with fanatical and dictatorial regimes, and in fact, the very notion of American peace and liberty. Copy left right & Center!

Watch it on the google website

SIZE: 49MB. Copy left right & Center!

Download American War Paar da(Check out the American War!)

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