Sunday, December 17, 2006

We need capital to fight Capitalism - And it makes no difference as to where it comes from

We need capital to fight Capitalism - And it makes no difference as to where it comes from

When Stalin said
"The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them"

I believe he was implying something deeper.

Of late costs have gone up here, the distribution of books cost's money
and many a time we cannot charge the end user the incurred cost
and while it is always easy to ask people to donate money we have chosen
to pass it for now and have decided to introduce Advertisements on an experimental basis to generate a self sustainable stream of money.

All proceeds will be used to subsidize books and distribution costs incurred
which are currently being done from our own pockets.

Estimates reveal that this website might generate 40-50 dollars in a year
if it growing at the current rate.
Which is nothing big considering the time period but will nonetheless
be appreciated.

Moreever it makes no difference to the end user whether
the money that is used to subsidize his books comes from
our own hard earned money from wage slavery or google adsense.

For those who cannot stand advertisements at all costs
please forgive us and subscribe to our posts by email using

The best way to remove a thorn is by using another thorn
And once the thorn has been removed it
important to dispose of both the thorns.

With that in mind we continue with our regular programming.

Thank you

Team Naxal Revolution


  1. Once you have downloaded Firefox, you can use Firefox add-ons to make sure you do not see Google Adsense if you do not like it! This is what I do . . .

    I am sceptical how much money will be generated this way. I used to have adsense on my blog and it seemed that no-one ever clicked on it, even though it carried interesting links. Blog readers I think just ignore the sidebar – my blogs don't get any traffic from Naxal Revolution anyway!

    But good luck comrade with your fundraising efforts. If you really need money for something, you may wish to email comrades in the West for whom this money may not be a big amount, although they may wish to know what the money is for . . .

  2. "We need capital to fight Capitalism - And it makes no difference as to where it comes from"

    It sounds you doesn't care the colour of cat until it kills mice.

    The concept of fighting against Capitalism with capital actually seeks wayout within ths existing system. No revolutionary can believe in that.

  3. It is a matter of great concern that you concluded, “We need capital to fight Capitalism - And it makes no difference as to where it comes from”. It demands a bit analysis.

    We cans ask three different questions. First, Can we have capital? Second, do we need capital to fight capitalism? And third, Can capital fight against capitalism?

    We can understand you need money for publication and distribution of radical/revolutionary books. But, this money might or might not be capital in Marxist concept. Capital is money, which makes profit. If somebody has some money lying under his bed is not capital. Anybody can argue that it doesn’t happen; people use to keep their money in bank or invest in stock market and then it becomes capital. In reality, when people even invest in stocks big capitalists make profit out of it and gives a small part to the investors. So in true sense these small investors don’t have any control over this capital. The big capitalists really enjoy the control over the capital. That is why our bourgeois intellectual friends are wrong when they claim themselves as ‘Capitalist’. In reality, in today’s world it is very difficult for common people to have capital; as Com Lenin taught us this is the era of imperialism, whose one of the most important features is centralization of capital. Therefore it is illusory to think that we, the common people, radical people, revolutionary people can have capital in this era. If we even think in that way, then we don’t essentially believe that “the era of bourgeois revolution has ended in 1917”.

    There are people who still believe that they could be capitalist in one day. And it is one of the popular propaganda of capitalism or so-called free market that anybody could be a capitalist if he likes. Once we overcome this addiction of popular daydream we become an integral part of revolutionary proletariat, who has nothing to loose, but their chains and have a world to win. Therefore the teachings of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin-Mao is that we need to be vanguard of proletariat to ensure the victory of proletariat and defeat capitalism. We actually don’t need capital to fight Capitalism.

    The most important feature of capital is that it cannot fight Capitalism. It can help fighting among capitalists. If one capitalist has more capital, it can help engulf small capitalist. But, fight against capitalism is absolutely different. The aim of this fight is abolition of Capitalism, which means the changing of the mode of capitalist production, abolition of wage-slavery. Having capital doesn’t help anyway; rather, it helps revisionists and opportunists camp.
    If we consider the arguments of CPM and Buddha we can see that they justify their current policies in the same way--- they need capital investment to ensure the defeat of capitalism. Prachanda and his company also think in the same line. It is pity that we hear essentially the same argument from naxalrevolution team.

    These are all polemics.
    Now come to practical problems of your solution. You wrote, “If the advertisements interest you please click on them
    to show your support for this website.” Comrade, tell me who are the people visiting your blog? They are not the people who surf internet just to pass time. They are here to find some information or discussions on peoples’ struggle. Now, do you think, these people could find anything interesting in the advertisement? I just looked and wasted couple of minutes. I didn’t find any advertisement of the book written by Com Saket Rajan. I didn’t see any advertisement of a rare Marxist text. Then why people who are here could be interested to advertisements? By expecting that people might be interested to the advertisement don’t you abolish the line of demarcation which you have drawn between you and others main-stream websites? People, in the capitalist mode of production are overwhelmed with the concept of commodity. Marx and Engels has been described it as “Comodity fetishism” in their celebrated book, “German Ideology”. Advertisement is to just encourage that fetish. Since work of Com Rajan like other Marxist text is not a commodity, it would not be expected to see as advertisement. That is why it could appear as important message in your blog only.
    Therefore, there is no practical basis that people who visit your blog will be interested to advertisement, and that should not be. Your blog must be a blog of difference. Your blog must be a blog for different people. Here lies your strength.
    To make the end of capitalist-imperialist system, we have to build completely different way of thinking, the dialectical materialistic way of thinking in ourselves and among the people. If we don’t encourage people to change their way of thinking, we won’t be able to abolish this production relation. By exposing all the contradictions of this existing system, we have to learn how we have been preconditioned in different values (and concepts), which actually strengthen this existing system. We have to replace those values with revolutionary ones. It doesn’t match with the appeal “If the advertisements interest you please click on them to show your support for this website.”

    And above all you expect ~$50 in year. It means ~2400 Indian Rupees. Comrade, I can assure you, it is not difficult to raise ~2400 Rs in every month from repressed and oppressed Indian people.

    Comrade, when you write, “it makes no difference to the end user whether the money that is used to subsidize his books comes from our own hard earned money from wage slavery or google adsense”, it hurts revolutionary people. Marxism deeply relies on practice. So it makes the difference. Otherwise, revolutionary organizations could also be “sponsored” by any company just like mainstream political parties.

    I am really sorry for my harsh comment. But, I criticized because I love this blog so much.

  4. Comrades I will come back and reply tomorow

  5. @Anonymous 2

    Comrade I understand your point
    and you have put forth it in
    a very profound manner.

    My reason is simply this
    As maoists sympathisers most of us believe the ends justify the means
    or else we wouldn't be able to see the maoists in favorable light.

    moreover coming to Com Saketh Rajan
    I remember reading vaguely that he had robbed a bank when he first needed money.These options cannot be explored to us.

    I personally don't believe in donations they are not sustainable and seem to dry up when you want them most.Morever there are hundreds of causes that some comrades are fighting for and the donations are hard coming for them.

    So what I am doing here is creating a seperate stream of funding albeit small but nonetheless welcome.

    Also the ads(except for the one on the top) all appear in such a manner that they do not stand out.

    Comrade your words are not harsh
    and are very much appreciated.

    And if it fails we could see it disappear in a month's time.

    Morever with time comrade I am sure I will be able to able to justify this in a better manner, as the results start trickling in.

    At the end of the day I and you are all answerable to the people and the people alone.

    Let us wait and see for the time being.


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