Thursday, January 04, 2007

Karkala Encounter of Naxals - Comrades Vow to Take Revenge

Karkala Encounter of Naxals - Comrades Vow to Take Revenge

Karkala, Dec 4: While the Naxalite movement is gaining ground in the state, the administration is set on a mission to curb it right at the bud. The result has been bloody. A few Naxalites have been killed in encounter while some of the police personnel to have laid down their lives. But the solution to this ever-increasing problems seems not be arriving soon. The recent death of Naxal Dinakar in an encounter has once again resulted in hyper activities in both the camps.

A recent press note signed by one Gangadhar on behalf of Maoists Naxal Committee is a clear indication that the Naxalites are not budging. They still believe that bullet is stronger than ballet. The press note said that the Naxals would avenge the death of their comrades. "The police have behaved worse than animals by firing at the group which was holding a meeting in the deep forest area. They could have surrounded the group and arrested the comrades. Instead they resorted to firing in the name of encounter. The police who were involved in this heinous crime and the government led by chief minister H D Kumaraswamy which supported this would pay dearly for this," the press release stated.

The press release further stated that Dinakar was a true revolutionary who fought for peace and justice. But the government killed him terming him to be an anti-social element. "However, these setbacks would not deter us and our motives. Instead these will make us still strong and more determined in our fight against the stagnated system," stated the release.


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