Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Art of Living Propaganda Video on Naxalites

Courtsey: Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri ( Does anybody know how many sri's should
be used ? ) Ravishankar

Art of Living Foundation propaganda video on Naxalites

Link to Video


  1. good video from the agent of mnc's,cia,government-politician mafia and vested intrests of capitalists of today. can this agent ask the corporates and the governemt to improve the lot of poor of the poorest people who are taking up arms for just justice?

  2. The so called wise supportes of Maoist want to say that govt. should not use force against the poor people who have taken up arms as Maoist and who are killing policemen, the innocent villagers in name of being police informers, who are blasting school buildings meant for tribal children,who are raping women and girls of poor villagers while taking shelter in their homes,and even killing children 8-10 yrs old who try to identify the killers.Their concept is obsolete based on rural revolution against kingship.
    Let them look into data of economic status of those people they have killed so far.All were extremely poor.They cannot kill the rich as they are living in cities and the Maoist will surround them only when they have won the rural areas.These so called intelligentia are foreign agents.They have nothing to loose. Only poor people are getting killed either from police side or Maoist side.The life style of Arundhati Roy says the rest story.It would have some credence if such armed struggle comes up against dictatorship.Why dont they go for revolution in Pakistan, Afganistan, Burma.They wont do so bcoz they remember the Tianmen Chowk incident of China. India cannot do that to Maoists or Arundhati Roy like people wont be able to live such a luxurious life.

  3. Yes, Maoist should not be limited or bounded only in rural area, they should come and capture Urban area too, then kill to those richest and corrupted people,Yes I know some about Maoist notion,that firstly captured the rural then attack to the urban, as urban are are powerfull there are intelectual people, strong economic background and Police and other forces are present there.I think, according to the maoist idea it will be take more time to enter the urban as they has not been spread throughout the Indian rural properly.Whatever we should salute and appreciate about the Arundhati Roy's notion.She has proved about the relation between a communist and haves nots.

  4. Non Violence was a tactic to remove recently attacked disease, the British colonialists from the land. Fine. It was like a new virus that started to exploit the nation. But then, when they left, the Brits left behind their disease that drove the older diseases, feudalism, caste system, abusing the original peoples of the land as lesser humans with the power of a new virus to kill further. When on video a brother talks about "Now we ....Love" I feel sad for him. Of course some money is given to ex fighters to come and make up videos but, with every one who turns his back to true freedom and equality, hundreds and thousands go for the better path. It took three decades to reach to something that can be referred to as "strategic equilibrium" that stands for a living and lasting movement. Re Urban, I suggest readers to read an essay called Urban Perspective that gives a general guideline about how to properly bring city people into the struggle for justice and equality.


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