Monday, April 23, 2007

Rape of Chhattishgarh - 60 years of Slavery

Chhattishgarh - While adivasis kill adivasis , criminal corporations and the bania merchant class thinks they can laugh all the way to the bank.. Will they ?

Chhattisgarh in Pictures.

A government hospital in Chhattisgarh.This has been the state of affairs for the last
60 years of sham independence that Chhattisgarh has suffered under.People prefer to risk death at the hands of some witch doctor and his primitive medicine for the government hospitals
mean sure death with their lack of competent doctors and high levels of infection.

A school in bilaspur,chhattisgarh .This is the state of affairs in most parts of Chhattishgarh.
33 % of the kids you see in this picture will die before they reach adulthood from malnutrition and easily preventable diseases. 33% will end up as Maoists or Maoist sympathisers.22% will be forced to join an anti-maoist campaign.11% will become beggars in their own land.

A class in progress.They haven't seen a teacher in years.

School or Dust bin ?

These men who have been recruited to Salwa Judum to serve as shields for the brave
armed forces and cannon fodder think fighting maoists is like how Dhoni hits sixes.What they don't understand is that they are condeming their entire tribe and clan to total destruction by waging war against the last hope of the adivasi's.They will most likely end up like the Salwa Judum activist below.

Young Maoist soldiers fight against poverty and exploitation.Its sad to see that
they are yet to sprout any facial hair.They must be 17 or 18.

It is important to quote General Secretary of the CPI(Maoist) on young soldiers

As regards training minors under 18 years in the use of arms, we wish to make it clear that our policy and the PLGA constitution stipulate that no one should be taken into the army without attaining 16 years of age. And this age limit is strictly followed while recruiting. In the specific conditions prevailing in the war zone children attain mental and political maturity by the time they complete 16 because they are directly or indirectly involved in the revolutionary activity from their very childhood. They receive basic education and political training early in their lives and have organisational experience as members of balala sangham (children’s associations).

But now the enemy has changed the entire situation in this region by pursuing a policy of “kill all, burn all, destroy all” not sparing even children and old people who are forced to flee the villages and stay in forests and have to arm themselves for their self-defence. When the enemy is erasing every norm of international law, the oppressed people have the full right to arm themselves and fight.

Making a fuss over age makes no meaning in a situation where the enemies of the people are targeting children too without any mercy. If the boys and girls do not do resist with arms they will be eliminated completely. The intellectuals of the civil society should understand this most inhumane and cruel situation created by the enemy and take the side of the people instead of pushing them more into defensive by raising all sorts of idealistic objections.

-Ganapathi(Geneneral Secretary of CPI(Maoist) in leter to ICI )

The Maoists killed his father in a truck blast... the young boy is all set to
become a part of salwa judum.

The child of a police officer killed in action(do not know whether it was with Naxalites) is
given a ceremonial role in a police station .When they think he has come of age he will have the option to fill his fathers shoes.Looks like Cannon fodder is being cultivated across generations.

Vultures of Chhattisgarh

These three vultures TATA,Essar And De Beers hope to
exploit the wealth of the Adivasi's. These adivasi's are
multi billionaires on paper.The land that their ancestors have
lived on for centuries are rich in mineral ores and diamonds
and are worth 100's of billions of dollars yet they continue
to live in poverty and are being made into slaves in their
own land by criminal corporations who now wish to
exploit it.

The Maoists today represent the last stand of the adivasi
masses , their inspiring resistance against the loot by
criminal corporations and bania cartels will truly go down
in the People's history of India as one of most
important struggles of our times.

A turning point it shall be....

In the absence of the Maoists.. the adivasi's by now would be
all set to join the Red Indians of North America....
but there is still hope that the Maoists will lead the people of
Chhattisgarh to ultimate victory and overthrow their
tyrannical rulers and free them from the inhuman economic
system and barbarian social order.

And hope dies last...

Only after every single one of us is dead...

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  1. what an excuse? Because adivasis are sitting on the land whcih is rich in minerals, they are billionares...Mr. i am a man living in an indian city but here also i see corruption and oppression. That doesnt mean that i will go and kill everyone. These people are dying of hunger beacause of you people. If you are so concerned about them , why dont you educate them. You will not because with education thay will become think machine and will recognise your dark and heinious side...You cowards acting like monkeys on the orders of foreign powers. One day you will repent, you are fulfilling the purpose of the others foreign countries of ingaging india in its internal security matters..

  2. This is a bitter truth. we have to accept it All outsider come here in chhattisgrah and cheat the innocent Chhattisgrahi people. See the news papers not a single word is their for developments of chhattisgrahi people. All outsider should be punished for Looting Business

  3. Dear Maoist bhaiyom aur behno,

    You cannot win again the Indian state. Indian democracy has given every citizon rights to fight being within the law. Fighting millions strong Indian army and paramilitary,wont take you anywhere. pray to God, army is not pulled into anti naxal ops.

  4. u know wat? all bullshit and cow dung...just like other website u r trying to make money frm all these crappy shit by the end of the end..u (website) r just like these fucking govt or moists who thrives on society by killing the truth..bull shit!!!!!!!!!


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