Monday, January 15, 2007

Shocking but true quotes on Naxalites / Maoists

"Yes. I want to become a Maoist if this is the model of development. But I can’t at this age."-V.P Singh (Former Prime Minister of India)

"Maoists are good human beings with a lot of dedication and commitment for the country...... they could do what others cannot." - Sri Sri Ravishankar ( New Age Guru )

"I have no hesitation in saying that many of them(Maoists) are highly motivated.They are convinced that they are fighting for a cause. They are far better than the criminals who have managed to infiltrate assemblies and Parliament and even become ministers. "-Prakash Singh (Former Director-General of BSF.)

"Even at this age my secret wish is to become a Naxal and fight for change." - Maloy Krishna Dhar(Former Joint Director of Intelligence Bureau) reveals the secret desire of most intelligence bureau officials.


Mark my words, the day is not far when they(Maoists) will rule a grand majority of India. These 200 districts will become 400 in no time, and inch towards more. No government in India will be able to stop their growth through police, Salva Judums or army.
- Arindam Chaudhari (Management Guru and author of The Great Indian Dream )

"Hang corrupt people in public" - Supreme Court gives thumbs up to Jan Adalats (Maoist Judicial System)

"Dalits must be armed" - R R Patil (Hypocrite Home minister of Maharashtra) admits arming the oppressed masses is the only way forward.

"Naxal flag will soon fly in delhi" - George Fernandes (Former Defence minister of India) waits in eager anticipation.

"The Maoist movement is a symbol of the divide between rural and urban India. The movement cannot be solved by police action at all. There could be a time when they (Maoists) could overrun urban citadels," - M K Dhar (Former Joint Director of Intelligence Bureau) predicting that Maoists are soon going to capture entire cities.

"Every five years, it is the masses who determine who will form the government. And in between those five years the classes determine what that government will do. "- Mani Shankar Iyer (Minister for Panchayati Raj ) exposing the UPA government.

Aurobindo Ghosh on War, Destruction and Violence 
War and destruction are not only a universal principle
of our life here in its purely material aspects, but also
of our mental and moral existence.

It is self evident that in the actual life of man
intellectual, social, political, moral, we can make no real
step forward without a struggle, a battle between what
exists and lives and what seeks to exist
and live and between all that
stands behind either,

It is impossible, at least as men and things are to,
to advance, to grow, to fulfill and still to observe
really and utterly that principle of harmlessness
which is yet placed before us as the highest
and best law of conduct.

We will use only soul force and never destroy by war
or any even defensive employment of physical violence ?

Good, though until soul force is effective, the Asuric force in men
and nations tramples down,breaks,slaughters,burns,pollutes,
as we see it doing today,but then at its ease and unhindered,
and you have perhaps caused as much destruction of life by
your abstinence as others by resort to violence...

It is not enough that our hands should remain clean
and our souls unstained for the law of strife and
destrction to die out of the world.

- Sri Aurobindo Ghosh (1872 - 1950)


  1. Just like any philosophy that says that change can be brought about if you just arm the oppressed the Naxalite philosophy is also doomed.

    If such a change comes about it will not bring equality and peace it will only bring further discrimination and an ever lasting war.

    Let us remember the Law of Karm, it will find a way of fulfilling itself.

    The only way to bring peace and prosperity to my poor Bihar, Andra Pradesh, Orissa and other states is a joint peaceful effort by all Indians. They are the heartland of India and they have been ignored for a long time by the successive governments but peace and prosperity will not come through this madness. We need to join the peaceful mainstream and make changes from there.

    Jai Hind, Jai Bihar.

    Vijay Kumar

  2. There can be no peaceful effort in a society divided into two contradicting classes.

    All Indians cannot join together, since there are pro-imperialist bosses, murderers and fascists among them. Their rule must be destroyed by force, by arms.

    If the Maoist's do not use force against their oppressors, they would lose.

    No war between nations, no peace between classes!

  3. Always remember than can never be peace without justice. This is a lesson held dear by even the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

    "No justice, no peace"!

  4. Sorry - communism doesn't work. Even China is abandoning Maoism. The old idiot and his little red book. Today Wen Jiabao said he is reading Adam Smith's books about how to build capitalism.

    Sorry Naxals, you are built to fail even if you succeed.

  5. "Sorry - communism doesn't work. Even China is abandoning Maoism. The old idiot and his little red book. Today Wen Jiabao said he is reading Adam Smith's books about how to build capitalism.

    Sorry Naxals, you are built to fail even if you succeed."

    So the Chinese bureaucratic leadership is abandoning socailism. How does that prove the inevitability of socialist degeneration? China never had a true socialist democracy that allowed the people to determine the course of their society. You're nothing but an ignorant fascist reactionary.

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  7. "Sorry - communism doesn't work. Even China is abandoning Maoism. The old idiot and his little red book. Today Wen Jiabao said he is reading Adam Smith's books about how to build capitalism."

    have u been to China? obviously not. I live there.
    They're cleverly fooling the Indian media who fool people like u.

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  9. revelution is good but today naxilites get supports from bloody pakistan and china to destabilize our home country
    and its not for communism and socilaism its some thing else tht as a true indian i cant support

  10. i agree,revolution is ok to some extent but how can u justify killing of innocent tribals, just because they support salwa judum.tribals r trapped.for maoists tribals r either with them or against joining hands with l.t.t.e and i.s.i they have proved beyond doubt that they r not patriots.naxalism started with a good cause but today its not the same.they r in cross roads.

  11. it is so stupid to feel that maoist r going to rule this country...the first quotation given by former pm chandrashekar who was undoubtedly weakest of all prime ministers of india..he could not properly rule the country but can quote some useless quotations...

  12. i mean vp singh not chandrasheksar

  13. This is my very,very favorite part of the site thanks for providing.
    In regard to China that somebody with all due respect have repeatedly said negative things, while i personally am not an educated fellow enough about China and, have my strong negative feelings in regard to results of its development but, let's also be fair enough. Dear anti China's revolution, ever read for example books like Mother by Pearl C Buck, daughter of some christian missionary parents who exposes what China was toward women before revolution or, Red Candle, one of the stories of Joy Luck Club book of Amy Tan, an Chinese American author? Relatively speaking this half of the world's human beings had improvements in their rights or did they not and can they for example drive a car (in Saudi Arabia - the most favorite friend of mother of democracy, the US women cannot - are not allowed to drive) And hey, amongst Adivasis, do the Naxalites bring about more equality for women or, does it not? For general India in fact look at the June 2011 issue of National Geographic Magazine that exposes it is not a solely Islamic problem neither... do you love current democracy?


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