Monday, August 06, 2007

Intelligence bureau playing dirty tricks with Pro Maoist Bloggers

Intelligence bureau playing dirty tricks with Pro Maoist Bloggers

An inquiry by a two member commission that we ordered to look into the
hacking of is over.

While there is no proof to implicate the Intelligence bureau, they continue
to remain the primary suspects.

It must be noted that the hacking of resistanceindia was not out of
some brilliance on part of hackers but carelessness on the part of blog admin.

This latest attempt to subvert the growing voice of revolutionary bloggers is
nothing more than an indication of the desperation of certain elements.

The account was hacked by creating a dummy login page that looked
like a gmail account page.Hence we advise users to always type in
the web address of the service
than logging in by clicking on links.

IMPORTANT : Now that they have control of resistanceindia it is possible
that they are monitoring all visitors to that blog. Hence we recommend
users not to visit it and all those who have linked up
the blog to remove the links from their website.

Also do not email or respond to emails
received from the same email address.

It is also possible that they are now scanning all emails sent and received
from that id for whatever it is that they are looking for.

In our Disclaimer .. we have put that

This blog is purely for educational and informational purposes and
if you find any content objectionable or offensive please get
in touch with us through email or leave a comment towards the
end of this post

So what this means is that if you have any objections to our blog
then please make them clear to us and give us reasons to
back them up.

Preferably in a written letter under the official letterhead
complete with seal and signature.

We assure you we will respond positively.


For Team Naxalrevolution

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  1. That's crazy stuff!

    Thank you so much for the heads up. Nothing electronic is really secure, especially blogging on commercial services.

    In the United States, there has been big scandal over the compliance of telecommunications companies with the "National Security Agency" tasked with monitoring communications.

    It's worth being aware that the USA just passed a law legalizing the spying (without warrant or judicial approval) of ALL communications internationally that may even pass through electronic "hubs" in the USA.

    That doesn't even mean when you communicate directly into the USA, one of the problems with how imperialism underdevelopes the world is that many of the "switches" international communications go through follows the same lines as trade – to and through the imperial metropole.


    Unrelated, but readers here may be interested in a small discussion that has started on the redFlags site regarding the May 1 Declaration on Anti-Revisionism and the GPCR, signed by the CPI-Maoist, among others.


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