Monday, August 06, 2007

Joke of the day

Joke of the Day

If everything works out as planned, the Naxals will be uprooted in a month or two
- Malnad Hyenas a.k.a Anti-Naxal force of Karnataka in this news report

First on reading that statement my instant reaction was to yawn
but then after a while when the absurdity of the statement sunk in
I couldn't help laugh hysterically.

It is always good to laugh early in the morning... it keeps you healthy
by releasing endorphins which are good for your body and also boosts
your immune system.

If the Malnad hyenas keep cracking such jokes everyday then we will all remain
healthy for a long time to come, laughter after all is the best medicine.

Laughing Malnad Hyenas - Laughing at themselves ?

True to their hyena nature they make us all laugh.. but that must not make
us forget that they are half mad... and in fits of extreme madness they are
know to even kill their own members to cover up their crimes ,like they
did recently in Agumbe where they murdered their
own colleague PSI Venkatesh...

Maybe this was done because Venkatesh was planning to expose
his seniors who masterminded the massacre of 5 civilians recently ?
We will never know...

It is only on rare occasions that they kill each other while most of the time
they prefer to gang up on social workers, civilians and murder them
ruthlessly for which their masters award them medals.

Its like a dog show... where the dog which performs the most
number of tricks and the best tricks wins medals.

The only difference here is that here the performers are
hyenas and the criteria is how many social workers you kill.

This year my bets are that Shankar bidri the officer
who released the Naxal Sympathiser Merit List (Provisional)
in Karnataka will rewarded for his loyal service to his masters.

The list however was withdrawn after people complained
that it was a joke in poor of now a updated final list
is expected to be released by the end of this year.There
is great excitement among naxal sympathisers as to who
will make it to the final list.

One such hyena who assassinated Comrade Saketh Rajan
and was awarded a Presidents medal
is currently rotting in jail for beating his wife
unconscious because she refused to polish his shoes !

A year ago we heard similiar statements from Mahendra Karma
the notorious butcher of bastar who has masterminded
dozens of massacres of tribals and is the chief planner of
Salwa Judum(State Sponsored terror campaign )

In May 2006, he told Tehelka in an interview that Salva Judum
would be able to finish the Naxals by June 2006.Interview

Now it is august 2007 , far from finishing off the naxalites the
civil war in chhattisgarh has reached epic proportions and
threatens to engulf the whole country slowly but surely.

For the last 40 years , ruling class tyrants, their lackeys and
their ever growing in number of faithful hyenas have
been saying that they will finish of the naxalites in two months.

Its the same every two months you ask them...
We will finish the naxalites
in two months ... in two months ..... two months..

A whole generation of journalists and readers have
lived and died writing and reading about unnamed
sources in the police and intelligence department
claiming the movement will be finished in two months.

The problem with these people is that they think killing
people kills the movement.

They are unable to discriminate between
Naxalism- The idea and Naxalite- The upholder of that Idea.

They have murdered more 10,000 supporters of this idea
in the last 40 years but have yet to make a
single dent on the idea itself.

Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory is what forms the core of Naxalism.

It is not just a idea... it is the idea
and a very dangerous one too.

Dangerous because it asks uncomfortable questions
that long enslaved masses have forgotten to ask.
It makes people think for themselves.

History has shown us that you can kill people
but you can never kill ideas.

For Ideas live on , evolving ,spreading, learning
from their shortcomings and taking root in
new minds and bodies.

Naxalism is one such idea whose time has come.

It has to be taken to its legitimate conclusion in
the coming years manifesting itself in every
single nook and corner of the country..

As for killing Naxalite Revolutionaries.. .go on... go ahead
and try and kill them all , just don't be surprised when you
find 10 in the place of every single one that you kill.


Whenever there is decay in truth.. Wherever injustice prevails,
Whenever the humiliation of humanity ensues ,
There......... A naxalite is born again and again.

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