Friday, September 05, 2008

Maoists caught in middle of religious war in Orissa.

“ The Bible is one of the most genocidal books in history"
- Avram Noam Chomsky”

Looks like a Maoist outfit is caught in the middle of the ongoing religious war
in orissa.Though it is not clear to which CPI(M-L) the news article is referring to ....

One thing is for sure killing an 80 year monk in an
orphanage run by him is very bad PR.

Maoists must maintain equidistance at all times
from Hindu,Christian and Muslim fundamentalists.

The strategy of using a thorn to remove a thorn can
sometimes backfire with serious consequences.

Cracks develop in Maoist outfit

Sept. 3: Cracks have reportedly developed in the local Bansadhara committee of the Maoist forces following alleged involvement of some "minority" community cadres in the August 23 killing of Swami Laxamanand Saraswati and his four disciples at Jalespata ashram in Orissa’s Kandhamal district.

According to intelligence reports, the "secular" cadres in the unit are in no mood to forgive some of their "unfaithful" cadres who "violated the secular principle" of the organisation and sided with a few local Christian leader to execute the murder conspiracy on August 23.

Similarly, the cadres belonging to the minority community are also equally angry with the local people who attacked prayer houses and damaged Christian households in the aftermath of the seer’s murder.

These cadres held a praja court (public hearing) at Chandragiri on Saturday and imposed a fine of Rs 1.5 lakh on the residents of Chandragiri.

Unable to bear such kind of behaviour by the "influential" minority cadres, three "secular" cadres — Anand, Ramesh and Sabita — have quit the Bansadhara committee in protest, the intelligence report added.

The reports said that after executing the murder plan, the Maoists had safely returned to their hideout in Chandragiri forest.

The use of AK-47 and SLR rifles had led to the police to suspect Maoists hands in the killing of the seer.

Soon after the incident, the Kotagarh unit of the CPI(ML) had sent a letter to media houses saying that some of its "unfaithful" cadres were lured away to kill Swami Laxmanand Saraswati.

Meanwhile, Paharia Group, the organisation which had served threat letter to Swami Laxmanand 24 hours before he was murdered, on Wednesday circulated leaflets warning people of the majority community to meet the fate of the slain seer if they dared to attack churches and prayer houses.

Maoists warn ‘unfaithful’ comrades


Aug. 31: A letter purportedly written by CPI (ML) Chalatgarh central committee has warned some of its "unfaithful comrades" of serious consequences for "joining hands with a group of local-converted Christians of Kandhamal" and killing Swami Laxamanand Saraswati and his disciples on the evening of August 23.

The one-page letter, a copy of which is with this newspaper, says that the few comrades of Chalatgarh unit were carried away by the "allurement" of some local "influential" Christian missionaries "who wanted to get rid of the seer as they considered him an obstacle to their conversion activity."

The letter, written in Oriya, mentions the name of the converted scheduled caste community and says that its leaders had taken an oath to completely destroy Swamiji and his ashram.

"Without the knowledge of the central committee, a few estranged comrades of Chalatgarh and Tumudibandh units executed the murder conspiracy. This has brought disrepute to us and our organisation," the letter reads. It regrets for the incident.

The handwritten letter also serves a threat to the police.

"The police officials are always blaming us for creating a divide between us and the common people. We will identify and punish such officials," it says.


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  1. There is a clear link between maoists and the christian missionaries in orissa. They have the same catchment area and they are working hand in hand in the tribal parts of orissa. Kandhamal and Sundargarh destricts are the examples.


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