Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Public Rally against Salwa Judum in Dantewada

More than 200,000 adivasi's marched against the genocidal salwa judum campaign
and so called development of the Chhattisgarh government on the 14th November 2006.

A huge rally was taken out in Dantewada to protest against Salwa Judum and illegal land acquisition by private firms like Tata and Essar. Adivasis from as far as Konta (200km from Dantewada) walked for days to participate in it. Originally the district administration denied permission to the CPI , under whose auspices the rally was conducted. They had to relent when Chhattisgarh high court asked them to allow it. This is a video of that rally. You can hear the slogans,
'Salwa Judum band Karo" - Shut down Salwa Judum !

"Mahendra Karma chor hai" - Mahendra Karma(leader of SJ) is a thief.

"Essar hai-hai". - Death to Essare Mining company.A notorious mafia conglomerate that has looted thousands of crores of mineral wealth.

Link to video

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