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Parlimentary Maoists play musical chairs

Large Scale Defections from Liberation Group to CPI(ML) in Tamilnadu

The amended party programme adopted by the ‘8th Congress’ of CPI(ML) Liberation group claiming possibilities for ‘peaceful transition’ in India (See Red Star, Feb. 2008 issue) and still depicting China as a socialist country has led to large scale defections in it in all the states it is functioning. As reported earlier, the entire organisation of Liberation group in Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu had already joined the CPI(ML).

In continuation to it, led by com. P.A. Arumugam, district secretary of Virudunagar district, 300 party members of Liberation group from Virudunagar, Dindigal, Kancheepuram and Tuttukudi districts have now joined the CPI(ML), denouncing the ‘peaceful transition’ line and the leadership’s line of still repeating the Chinese question as a ‘puzzle’, refusing to recognise its degeneration to capitalist path.
They have denounced the leadership of Liberation group for toeing the right opportunist line of CPI(M) in essence, while claiming to continue Naxalbari path.
The Virudunagar district committee was reconstituted with seven members and with com. P.A. Arumugam as its secretary.

The area and district committees are also reorganised. On 20th July a general body of the party members was organised in the erstwhile Liberation office at Dindigal in which com. P.A. Arumugam and com. Paulraj, state committee member explained the degeneration of Liberation group from revolutionary line. The meeting decided to join CPI(ML) and carry forward the activities in all fields. A five member district committee is formed with com. Arogyam as secretary in Dindigal district. Later the TU activists met and formed a three member TUCI district committee also. Active steps are taken to form organising committees in other districts also. Already the 20,000 strong construction and general workers union in Kanyakumari district has disaffiliated with AICCTU and affiliated to TUCI.

In Coimbatore district, all the trade unions under the leadership of Dalit Viduthalai Kachi (DVK) led by com. Chenkotayan has also decided to become part of TUCI. The DVK has decided to expand its activities for the social and economic liberation of the oppressed castes and classes in close unity with the CPI(ML) Tamilnadu state committee. These developments in Tamilnadu is continuation to developments in Punjab, as earlier reported in Red Star, reflect the internal crisis in Liberation group from the time the draft documents for its ‘8th Congress’ were published. As it is deviating more and more to the right opportunist positions, it is bound to get manifested soon in other states also.

Red Star

Some months ago in April a large section of the same CPI(M-L)Kerala unit joined the

CPI(M-L) faction splits, many headed for CPM
Posted online: Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kochi, April 7: A big chunk of cadres of the CPI(M-L) Red Flag in Kerala is likely to migrate to the CPI(M), next fortnight.

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This follows the Red Flag expelling a group of its leaders in Kozhikode, where the outfit has its largest presence, for “anti-party activities and ideological deviations”, which translates to sidling up to the CPI(M).

K T Kunhikannan and K K Mammu, senior members of the Red Flag’s state secretariat, and its Kozhikode district secretary, K Soman, are among those the state secretary ordered out.

Red Flag Central Committee secretary M F Jayakumar told The Indian Express that the expelled led by Kunhikannan had been openly questioning the “very relevance” of the outfit’s ideology in recent months, and working in tandem with the CPI(M) in a way that the Red Flag’s identity was being compromised.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Kunhikannan said he did raise “realistic questions” about the relevance of the party’s ideology largely rooted in the 1969 Lin Biao precepts that the M-L groups held fast to. “We have formed an ad hoc independent group for the moment, and will take a definite direction after presenting an alternative ideology document at a convention we have called on April 18,” he said.

K Soman, expelled with him, said they had initiated a debate in the party about “cooperating with the CPI (M) to further its national role”, and the expulsion was unilateral. He claimed that about half the state’s Red Flag cadre — the state committee claims they number “thousands”, the expelled leaders say “hundreds” —are now likely to go with them into the CPI(M).

CPI(M) sources said the issue has already been discussed, and most of the Red Flag men will be accommodated in the party and its arms like the Purogamana Kalasahitya Sangham (Progressive Writers Forum), which has been losing people both to desertions and expulsions.


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