Friday, February 06, 2009

India's best and brightest continue to kill each other - India's Human resource goes down the drain

Engineer-MBA Upendra always wanted to be a cop

AMRAVATI: It wasn’t easy for Dhananjay and Rajani Guladekar to accept the fact that their only son was no longer alive. Like any other parents, they also harboured a dream that their only son Upendra will lead a successful life. But destiny played a cruel joke and broke their dream.

Police sub-inspector Upendra Guladekar, a bachelor, posted at Gyarpatti police assistance centre, in Gadchiroli district was among the cops killed in Naxal ambush in Markegaon jungle of Dhanora tehsil on Sunday. Upendra was heading a team of 14 cops on an investigation mission when Naxals ambushed the party.

Upendra’s father is a manager with Union Bank of India in Warud and his mother Rajani is a home-maker. The Guladekars have two daughters Deepti, undergoing airhostess training in Nagpur, and Sakshi. A pall of gloom descended on the family as the news of Upendra’s death reached Amravati. Many of Upendra’s friends started gathering at their residence.

Upendra always wanted to join the police force. Perhaps that’s why despite being very good in academics, he preferred to build a career in police. He did his schooling from Dnyanmata English High school and completed engineering from MIT, Pune. After that he did MBA from Symbiosis Institute, Pune.

“He had taken up a job in a private company but he didn’t get any job-satisfaction from it. Hence, he prepared for MPSC and got selected as PSI (in Gadchiroli) in 2006,” said Milind Borode, a close friend of Upendra, in a choked voice.

“Simplicity was the hallmark of Upendra. Yet, he was brilliant and well-natured. But what made him stand out was his helping nature. He was always there to help you, if he could,” Milind said.

“After his posting in Gadchiroli, we often used to talk over mobile. Invariably he would talk about the tragic and pathetic situation prevailing in Gadchiroli. Recently (on January 13) Upendra had come to Amravati. I had met him at that time. I never thought it would be our last meeting,” he said.

Upendra’s body was brought to Amravati at around 11 pm on Monday. The last rites were slated to be held later in the night.



  1. How come title is "India'a best and Brightest..." A Bright young man killed by useless people believing in a pipedream sounds more apt....

  2. If they were useless .. then they wouldn't have been fit to kill him.. It takes skill to kill a smart bright man and you have to give it to them on that... or instead you can agree that he was dumb enough to join an organization like the Indian Police Force...

  3. India's brightest are killed by rampant corruption in the country but even more by the cowardice of so called revolutionaries who fail to step up and show some guts to stop it.

    These Jungle revolutionaries (i.e people who liberate jungles) live and die in Jungles while all the corrupt people live peacefully in the cities and the common man weeps in the cities thinking if only these fools could learn to fight a handful of corrupt people. Put fear in their hearts and remove it from the hearts of the common man. Down with such a useless jungle revolution!!

    We prefer to continue to die at the hands of the fearless, brave and relentlessly corrupt people like the Kalmadis, A.Rajas and many others....but at the least we don't want people living in Jungles to claim they are fighting for us...are they really? where, in the jungles? fighting whom? Helpless security forces. What will they get out of that besides ill will of common man by killing our brave soldiers. If you are the sons of this would be fighting corruption and the corrupt in places where billions and trillions are looted..not in Jungles.

    After we fight this battle on our own we will inform you in the jungles..then you can come part of our success. Till then please stay safe there in jungles while we bleed and sacrifice to death in an effort to get back trillions in looted wealth.


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