Friday, February 06, 2009

COBRA reaches Bastar - Maoists all set for some serious Snake Charming

Raipur: Commando Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA) personnel have reached Chhattisgarh’s tribal Bastar region, one of the worst Maoist affected regions in the country, to join the anti-Naxalite operations.

As many as 400 personnel of the CoBRA force are now based at a camp of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) at Masgaon and the remaining 657 personnel of the battalion are expected to be in Bastar by April this year, official sources said.

The Centre has agreed to provide two battalions of this newly raised commando force to tackle the growing Maoist threat.

The new force has young personnel with peak combat fitness, with specialised training, and who carry modern equipment for guerrilla tactics and jungle warfare.

The Bastar region, in the southern part of Chhattisgarh, has emerged as the epicentre of Maoist activists with the rebels stepping up violence in the region since June 2005 following the launch of anti-Naxalite movement Salwa Judum by the locals which allegedly enjoys the support of the state Government.

Official figures indicate that more than 1,400 people, including civilians and security personnel belonging to the state police as well as para-military, have lost their lives in Naxalite-related violence in this region during the last three years.

Maoists have their presence in all the five districts of Bastar region while they are proactive in south Bastar - the areas bordering neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

A major portion of Dantewada district falls under the so-called “liberated zone of Dandakaranya”, where the rebels are said to be virtually running a parallel government. The government, however, describes the region as an “area dominated by the Maoists”.



  1. Yes, great. A government of the Jungles, by the Jungles and for the Jungles and Junglis. That's where most of India lives as per this revolution.

    The common man of India is an unfortunate person. The Jihadi terror kills the common people with bombs in public places, his own government kills him/her by starvation with the huge corruption scams, incompetent governance & massive price rise.

    But the most unfortunate part is that even the self proclaimed revolutionaries are only known for derailing trains carrying the common man,blowing tracks,or attacking your avg common man including the poor/helpless policeman. Wouldn't it be great if they could be focusing their energies (in a peaceful manner) against a few corrupt individuals involved in hundreds of mega scams in India. Scamsters who roam fearlessly because the justice system is broken. A mere gesture of (peaceful) protest by these revolutionaries against these champions of corruption, grain hoarders etc would help improve their image in the eyes of common people, swell their ranks in no time without much effort or strategy because the common man is looking for a saviour..any saviour.

    Even countries like Tunisia & Egypt could be liberated with the support of the common man. The security forces don't attack people seen on the side of the common man. All the common man wants is someone to stand up against these corrupt people.

    But like I said India's common man is unfortunate with no saviour in site. Therefore I say down with this useless, pointless, jungle revolution.....please keep dying in jungles without much impact because you deserve it. If you had even little concern for the common man you would be helping her/him out in his fight against corruption. Within weeks or months India would be the next Egypt...but it's unfortunate!!!

  2. Don't try to act like a well wisher of common men, you have exposed yourself to be the filthy reactionary that you really are. Your hatred of the "junglis" whom you want to keep dying in the forests is extremely appalling. The only thing that troubles you is that they don't keep to peaceful protests to be shot like sitting ducks by the government. It is well known despite state propaganda that the evidence regarding the train derailment points to a certain parliamentary party. Also, it has been seen that most of the poor people in red regions constitute the Maoist militia and governing bodies. So please stop adhering to those lies of yours, they won't help you in any way.


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