Friday, February 06, 2009

Interactive Genocide..- IDF and SLA raise the bar

Long ago... Genocide used to be something you did without publicity,
under the cover of secrecy but all that seems to have changed now.

The Israeli Defence Forces not long ago launched their own official
youtube channel to show the latest footage of bombing of Gaza.
Elaborate videos taken from air show how exactly they killed
thousands of civilians

IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The Sri Lankan Army too seems have learnt a lesson or two
in online propoganda and has quite some detailed reports of
genocide of Tamilian People in Sri Lanka.

The SLA's Interactive Website now offers a live flash Map
which is updated daily showing the various butchering hubs
of the SLA.

Their website is even Wap enabled so that you don't
have to miss even a minute of their genocide and can follow
it on your mobile !

Interactive Flash Genocide Map

You can click play on the animation button to watch the
elaborate manner in which the SL Army has pushed back
the LTTE into a corner.You can also watch videos and
pictures in the above map by clicking on suitable options.

In case some of you are wondering where the LTTE Stands
as of today you can take a look at these maps.

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